Interview: Disney Legend & Imagineer Rolly Crump Talks Museum of the Weird, Working With Walt, New Marvel Comics

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One might guess that Imagineers who worked directly with Walt Disney have some amazing stories to tell. And one would be right.

In the case of Disney Legend and former Imagineer Rolly Crump, stories are completely unpredictable. Crump worked on timeless attractions including “it’s a small world,” the Enchanted Tiki Room, and The Haunted Mansion back when Walt Disney Imagineering was WED Enterprises. But not everything he designed made it into the parks.

Among his most famous creations was the Museum of the Weird, a series of drawings that depicted bizarre and downright strange artifacts that had their own otherworldly personality. Though the Museum of the Weird was never built at Disneyland (or anywhere, for that matter), no idea ever dies at Disney and today Crump’s concepts are back, now in comic form.

At a signing event in Anaheim this past weekend, Crump joined the Imagineers behind bringing his creations new life in the adventurous “Seekers of the Weird” comic. We sent comic lovers Shawn and Carmelle Marshall of to discuss a few topics including “Seekers of the Weird,” working alongside Walt Disney, and even a sad story about comics. Watch the lighthearted conversation in the video below.

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Video: Interview with Rolly Crump

Issue 1 of “Seekers of the Weird” features a variant cover with Rolly Crump’s own devil clock artwork drawn many years ago. The issue is available now, with four more on the way in the coming months to complete the story.

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