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  1. E.F.


    And after they finished building a new Harry Potter area at Universal Studios Florida, I would also love if Universal would think of close down the Marvel section at Islands of Adventure and re-theme it into Japanese Manga and Anime. I know you and I did not saw it happening, but what is your opinion about it? Well, my personal opinion is that Universal should close down that Marvel section along with all of its attractions since Disney owned Marvel and secondly Manga/Anime would be a great fit for that park since those Japanese cartoons are so very popular worldwide and even there’s a lot of Anime fandoms. It would be great if Anime would be brought to the world of theme parks like Universal someday even though I know you doubt it.

  2. Peter Parker

    I enjoy Manga/Anime too but the Marvel license is much more valuable for the park and overwhelmingly more recognizable. Bottom line, I want the park to be successful and to build on its great brands. The Marvel contract is still in place for many years and children from around the world will still come to see Spiderman. It would make much more sense to bring Manga & Anime to the Toon Lagoon section of the park if there is a market for it.

    1. E.F.

      Y’know, that’s a good idea for Anime and Manga for being at the Toon Lagoon area. It would be like an attraction or a section with in a section based on Anime/Manga. What’s your opinion on that?

      1. E.F.

        It would be called “AniMetropolis” (a portmanteau of “anime” and “metropolis”)

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