Comments for Win a night’s stay at Walt Disney’s birthplace, historic home to be restored to private museum – with fans’ help


  1. Chaz

    This would have been perfect if it had been done last year, on Disney’s 111th birthday.

    1. Angela

      Who the heck put the current window in all crooked? lol

  2. EricJ

    What’s that big brick building on the left, that they’re going to have a little trouble with if they want to make it the nice spacious picket-fence house from the concept art?

    1. Nicholas

      They just did that for the effect. Mainly the house is too be restored but it would be impossible too restore the whole property size.

  3. Frostysnowman

    Is the Disney company contributing at all?

  4. Clint

    Do you know how many roofing pieces they are planning to give away?

    1. Janet

      Sorry to see the rendering of Walt’s restored birthplace includes a not architecturally accurate bay window! Especially given an early photo of the house exists.

  5. klam_chowder

    Love this idea! I recognized Brent Young’s voice immediately from his podcast, before I noticed his name. Think his background really gives this project “cred”.

    I understand the timing to coincide with Walt’s birthday, but in terms of fundraising, hopefully they will extend it for the drawing and kickstarter campaign. Many people are out of their routines over the holidays, and may have missed this. I’m just back from our vacation and just caught up to this episode.

    Great coverage & interview, Ricky!

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