Comments for Should a “Frozen” musical replace long-running “Aladdin” stage show at Disney California Adventure in Hyperion Theatre?


  1. Rachel

    They should definitely NOT do this! There are a lot of Aladdin fans and Disney rarely does anything Aladdin related…. especially in Disneyland!

    1. Eddie

      Seems like a great idea, Walt always believed in his parks never being finished and continously updating. Its good to always market new properties. Especially those that have been so critically acclaimed. Mot to mention with the Aladdin Broadway show starting up, makes sense to prevent comparisons and only have one version of an Aladdin stage show going on.

    2. Kitty

      Personally, I feel World of Color: Winter Dreams is awful and quite boring but it is likely going to be an annual event. So IF WoC is going to be heavily saturated with the winter Frozen theme then it would be a GIGANTIC mistake to push the same theming into the Hyperior Theater which is in the same park.

      1. Sean

        The winter WOC is only showing through January and Aladdin opens in March, so I don’t think there would be overlap.

    3. Izz

      I totally agree with you. Aladdin is a classic and should stay.

    4. Timmy

      Why not? I think it is a great idea. Me and my girlfriend might enjoy it.

    5. Allison


  2. Bryan

    This is totally a great idea! With The real and FULL Aladdin- The Musical coming to Broadway in 2014, there is no need for a theme park to have a show that will be in “competition” with the larger full show on Broadway. Besides, change is good and Frozen is Fan-Freaking-Tastic!

  3. Ellie

    Where did the concept art come from? So pretty! Aladdin would be missed, but even Walt Disney always wanted change for his parks. Something fresh would be interesting! (It would be great timing too with Aladdin’s imminent opening on Broadway. It’s definitely different from California’s version but it’s still keeping Aladdin around and relevant.)

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Clarified above. It’s artwork for the El Capitan Theatre.

  4. Dogman15

    I’m hearing a lot of people saying the songs in Frozen weren’t that good. Aladdin had songs by the amazing and legendary Howard Ashman, Alan Menken, and Tim Rice. Frozen has songs by… Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

    1. Ellie

      Might want to listen yourself before passing judgement. A lot of people really enjoyed the songs.

      And besides, Alan, Howard, and Tim didn’t start their careers as Disney Legends. You have to begin somewhere. =)

    2. Kitty

      IMO, the songs are “good” but “not great” and, unlike Menken, Ashman and Rice, the musical style retreads over their other work pretty heavily (Nemo Musical, Book of Mormon). So I believe the overhype is due to it being fresh on our minds rather than because they are going to be timeless classics.

      I admit, songs like Let it Go and Love is an Open Door would work wonderfully on stage but I think the direction Disney should go here is to follow what they did with other hits from Disney movies and incorporate the songs into other stages/venues like Magical Map or WoC.

  5. That’s the art for the Frozen run at El Capitan theatre, is it not? Right down to the ice sculptor preshow

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Indeed. Thanks.

    2. Alex

      That is exactly true.

  6. Eric B. Freeman


    1. Eric B. Freeman

      I wonder when’s that going to happened.

  7. Brendan Hillgrove

    Bring on the Frozen!

  8. Trisha

    Awesome idea but they should hold off on it because I need to play Anna and if they do it now I can’t because yknow college and stuff

    1. Jennifer H

      And I def needs to play Elsa, lets chat about it! Not that we know eachother, lol, I swear I’m not a stalker, I’m a sane human being lol 🙂

  9. Kevin

    I’m not sure about this, but maybe they could put this in Walt Disney World or someplace else, But the Aladdin show is too good to be replaced.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      That’s what the fans said when Disney announced the “Toy Story” musical. And nothing has been announced yet… just a concept. Everyone’s feedback could actually help them decide.

  10. Anna

    Yes! This SHOULD happen! Frozen is one of the BEST Disney films EVER made, in my opinion! The music, the story, the characters, the action! It would be just WONDERFUL to see it on stage! Plus, Aladdin’s going to Broadway, so it would be a waste to have the same thing at Disney Land.

  11. Julie

    I don’t think Frozen would have the longevity or appeal that Aladdin has had. The music is not nearly as good as the music of Menken and Rice. Aladdin has a huge fan following and I think people will uproar- just as they did with the plan to put Toy Story in. This will also be a very expensive move for Disney… With no way of recouping their millions of dollars because the show is included with park admission. I had heard rumors of Mary Poppins moving in once the tour close, which would make much more sense since they sets are completed and the Hyperion is rigged for flying. Also seems like an opportunistic time with Saving Mr. Banks. But I love Aladdin and think it’s there for several years more.

  12. Angela

    Where can I audition? 🙂

  13. Chris

    The Aladdin show is probably the best theater show in any theme park, and shouldn’t be replaced by a blatant attempt at corporate cross-promotion.

    1. CentralOC

      Uh, Chris, what do you think the original Aladdin show was? In fact, what do you think most attractions at Disney Parks are?

  14. Sophia

    This should TOTALLY happen! Aladdin was a classic but not really the best classic. They should do SLeeping Beauty before that. But I think Frozen would be amazing because i can totally see it transform from movie to play. ESPECIALLY Idina’s/Elsa’s song Let It Go. It would be Fantastic, I say do it!!!

  15. Brielle

    I think they should do this! I really loved Frozen and it definitely have potential to be a live show. However, I do really love Aladdin it would be nice for a new show.

  16. Dallas

    Aladdin is so tired, Bring on Frozen! The only reason Aladdin stuck so long was because of Genie. Its a nice show but dear gods does it lag…

  17. Erin

    I would do it as a seasonal thing. I have thought about it, I can’t lie about that. But during the cold seasons would be best. I would start in November until early February. Sure, it’s not as legendary as Aladdin, but Walt Disney does love the change. I believe that the audience would like some change as well. I always take a trip to see Aladdin, but I know what’s going to happen, and the Genie is sometimes predictable. He’s a nice comic relief, but Frozen has more than Olaf. There are some characters included that do provide comic relief.

    1. Nikki

      This is a good idea. But maybe Late November-Early January along with all the christmas stuff disney puts up.

  18. Dsaf

    Frozen is not replacing Aladdin. Lol. Not at all..

    1. Nikki

      I pray you’re right. Pleeeeeeeeease keep Aladdin around

  19. Juli

    I love the idea of a Frozen stage show but I think it should be at WDW and get rid either the Beauty & the Beast show or the Little Mermaid show at Hollywood Studios. They are getting old and tired and it’s time they were replaced with something new. Disneyland got the Magical Map, it’s time WDW got a new show.

  20. Christian

    No thanks Frozen! How about something ORIGINAL instead.

  21. Kitty

    Has anyone put into consideration this one gigantic issue?


    Seriously though, I watch the Aladdin show all the time and that stage must get pretty warm and they’re in vests, belly shirts and Hammer Pants. So imagine how these actors would be in full Winter gear. 😀


    I think is a awesome idea!

  23. Dallas

    Come on people Aladdin was the worst of the “Big Four”. Move on already, Frozen is a lot better than Aladdin (stronger story, better writing, better songs, less racist). Just let a new show come in besides this a lot better choice than the horrid Toy Story Musical…

    1. Nicholas

      Weren’t you the one too complain of the Viva De Navidad because of it’s Mexican holiday theme? That sounds pretty racist too me, Frozen was set in a European country just as Aladdin was set in the Middle East. It is not racist, it is being geograpically correct.

      I suggest you do more research into the films beyond races or you will become a scruge of these boards.

    2. Everyone's thoughts

      Umm….frozen is NOT at all better then Aladdin. It Doesn’t even come close….so….go home, your drunk.

  24. Laney

    I think it should. I appreciate the Aladdin show but it’s had a good long run. I know people cling to what they love but give the Frozen show a chance. It may just be equally as amazing as Aladdin is. especially if they bring on some of the talented cast in Aladdin! Besides, change is apart of life. Things and places change. I’m personally very excited at the idea to see them do a stage show for Frozen. Worst case scenario, maybe have Frozen be a special stage show shown September-December. Then have Aladdin around the rest of the year.

    1. Nikki


      1. Nikki

        alternating I mean

  25. Kim

    It wouldn’t be replacing Aladdin – The Musical Spectacular at DCA since that moved out several years ago. Aladdin was replace with Mickey and the Magic Map.

    Honestly, I don’t see this one becoming a stage show. The best part of the movie for me was the landscape and Elsa’s powers and I don’t think those will translate well into stage special effects. They already had trouble reproducing Elsa’s ice cape well in the face character’s costume…

    1. Jon

      Ummm…Mickey and the Magical Map opened this year in Disneyland. Aladdin-The Musical Spectacular still plays at Hyperion in DCA

  26. Sam

    I’ve loved the Aladdin show since it began, but the last couple of times I have seen it (both in the last month) I have been very unimpressed. The talent and energy has gone down hill. The ensemble was nothing better than a community theater group and the leads seemed to be uninspired. Yes, Aladdin was a great show and it will be missed but it has been there for ten years and that is an extremely long time. It has gone downhill and the Hollywood Backlot could benefit from something new. Since most disney-goers have seen Aladdin at least once in the ten years it has been there, the only destination spot in that area is Tower of Terror (most people aren’t aware of the muppets show and Monsters Inc never exceeds a 10 minute wait). I’m not saying the replacement has to be Frozen (although I do think it would be exceptional). Tangled and really any disney movie would also translate well to the venue.

  27. Sean

    Why can’t Aladdin be replaced with Mary Poppins?

  28. Matthew

    Ricky I have a question if Disneyland were to create two frozen shows and if the woc has the winter frozen overlay don’t they think that they would be over doing frozen? I mean its a good idea to have the woc and the el capitan but if they have another in the hyperion theatre it would become to much. Please let me know what you think and have a magical week.

  29. Katie

    OMG disney should totally do this!! i myself am a Aladdin and Frozen fan, but i belive disney will gets lots more customers if they were to switch it because they dont get alot of people in the show and i think they will get lots more if they switch to Frozen.

  30. me

    No…For All That Is Walt No! If Were Going To Get Rid Of A Show Take Out Magical Map And Put In Twice Charmed Or Disney Dreams From The Cruise Line.

    Frozen Is Alright But It Can’t Beat Anything That Was Made From 1989 To 1994 And A Few After That.

    And If You Really Want To Put Something On Stage That Includes Frozen, Put Elsa Singing Let It Go In Anything And It Will Be Great. That’s All….No Troll Song Please.

  31. Christian Bosch

    (Before we begin I would love to be a Disney Imagineer and have no idea how or where to begin, so if anyone can give me an inside tip I would really appreciate it!!)

    Now, I believe the idea of a Frozen/Broadway style musical is a great idea. But to replace the Aladdin one im not entirely sure. It would be amazing to have one be adapted for the Disney Wonder that travels through Alaska and thus a snow, ice theater would make more sense. Also it would be interesting to see the Disney Wonder go through a similar change like the Disney Magic, adding futures that would make the Alaska cruise distinguished and more comfortable to the colder environment. I feel if the Aladdin musical would be replace a Tangled, musical or even a Little Mermaid one similar to that of Broadway would be amazing…

  32. Tyler

    Honestly I think a change at DCA Hyperion would be great! And if I had any say in the matter I would suggest it keep changing like a broadway theatre does. I think new exciting shows at the Hyperion would be a major draw for the theatre and Disney enthusiasts such as myself!

  33. Nikki

    Oh no no no pleas don’t! I’m not saying Frozen is a bad movie (in fact it’s really good) but Aladdin has been there and people STILL continue to see it. 2014? WOW 11 YEARS, Aladdin has made it. Frozen in 11 years? But I will say this, Maybe FROZEN should be the movie that should get an ACTUAL broad way show. It’s made for broad way! And even though I love Aladdin, oh my gosh I think the actual broad way show will be a fail. Honestly. But I do love Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular and I wish it would stay.

  34. Disney Fan

    What is everyone’s thought on Frozen becoming a Broadway Musical?

    1. Nikki

      I think that’s what should happen! They should keep Aladdin in the park and make FROZEN the Broadway musical. It’s just perfect for it!

  35. Kirsten

    I think they should do different plays so that it’s not the same shows, so maybe Aladdin from April to September or even October and then & frozen in November to march

  36. Schelle

    I just saw Aladdin a few days ago before it went dark. The real appeal that would set it apart from all other Disney movies in this setting is the Genie. His repore with the audience is unmatched by any other character I can think of because jokes and lines are almost changed daily to keep up with current events/pop culture. He is the perfect character to pull this off and keep it fresh and current. I’m not sure another character would be able to do it as often in the performance as WELL and have it feel authentic to the character. The Genie is part of why you go back and see it more than once-to see how it has evolved a little over the weeks, months or years. Otherwise, it would be just another high quality Disney Cruiseline Musical. It’s a keeper.

  37. Matthew Latham

    Why not bring it to wdw? Then put a new show in. Gosh, it could always switch with finding memo at AK

  38. Auntie Bella

    I have been watching the Aladdin show for over 10years and will always add it to itinerary very time! Although, adding Frozen would be quite spectacular as well! If it’s the same quality as the Aladdin show, I would love to see it. If there is a way to do both,?!? Possibly do Frozen 1/2 the year and keep Aladdin the other half ….. That would be a great if Disneyland California could pull it off. What about Aladdin staying at California Adventure Park and adding Frozen to Disneyland!?!

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  40. revox

    Wait, people LIKE the Aladdin show? I still can’t believe it replaced Blast! and lasted this long.

  41. Moonkid

    They should replace it with a new Disney stage adaptation of Into The Woods!

  42. Trey

    Absolutely not. Aladdin is incredible, and Frozen is incredibly overrated. I’m not entirely against a change, but I am entirely against more Frozen.

  43. Allison

    KEEP THE ALADDIN SHOW! This production is so unique. It’s my favorite attraction ever at Disney and probably not go back for a really long time if Aladdin leaves. KEEP ALADDIN!!

  44. Deitra


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