SeaWorld Orlando closing Shamu stadium until Spring 2014, “Blackfish” documentary not noted as cause of show changes

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SeaWorld Orlando has announced they are closing Shamu stadium in early January 2014, not scheduled to re-open until the week of April 7. During that time, they’ll be conducting “routine maintenance on the main performing pool,” according to spokesperson Susan Flower.

Despite a big backlash following the widespread airing of the highly critical documentary “Blackfish,” the upcoming updates are said to be unrelated. However, they are affording SeaWorld an opportunity to fine tune their killer whale interactions and educational programs.

“While our signature killer whale show, One Ocean and Dine With Shamu won’t be available during that time, our guests and fans will see all-new, above and underwater interactions and sessions with killer whales at our new experience called Shamu Up Close,” wrote Flower in a provided statement.

“Throughout each day, guests can experience enhanced presentations designed to give them new and different glimpses into training techniques and the amazing relationships our trainers have with the killer whales. It’s an opportunity to get even closer to SeaWorld’s killer whales and learn more about these unique animals.”

The popular show “One Ocean” debuted in April 2011.

Video: “One Ocean” highlights at SeaWorld Orlando

"One Ocean" debut at SeaWorld Orlando

"One Ocean" debut at SeaWorld Orlando

Shamu Christmas Miracles will continue to be performed throughout SeaWorld’s Christmas celebration in the coming weeks before the stadium closes next year for upgrades.

SeaWorld Orlando Christmas 2013

SeaWorld Orlando Christmas 2013

SeaWorld promises to provide more details about the interim experiences in the coming weeks.

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