SeaWorld Orlando closing Shamu stadium until Spring 2014, “Blackfish” documentary not noted as cause of show changes

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SeaWorld Orlando has announced they are closing Shamu stadium in early January 2014, not scheduled to re-open until the week of April 7. During that time, they’ll be conducting “routine maintenance on the main performing pool,” according to spokesperson Susan Flower.

Despite a big backlash following the widespread airing of the highly critical documentary “Blackfish,” the upcoming updates are said to be unrelated. However, they are affording SeaWorld an opportunity to fine tune their killer whale interactions and educational programs.

“While our signature killer whale show, One Ocean and Dine With Shamu won’t be available during that time, our guests and fans will see all-new, above and underwater interactions and sessions with killer whales at our new experience called Shamu Up Close,” wrote Flower in a provided statement.

“Throughout each day, guests can experience enhanced presentations designed to give them new and different glimpses into training techniques and the amazing relationships our trainers have with the killer whales. It’s an opportunity to get even closer to SeaWorld’s killer whales and learn more about these unique animals.”

The popular show “One Ocean” debuted in April 2011.

Video: “One Ocean” highlights at SeaWorld Orlando

"One Ocean" debut at SeaWorld Orlando

"One Ocean" debut at SeaWorld Orlando

Shamu Christmas Miracles will continue to be performed throughout SeaWorld’s Christmas celebration in the coming weeks before the stadium closes next year for upgrades.

SeaWorld Orlando Christmas 2013

SeaWorld Orlando Christmas 2013

SeaWorld promises to provide more details about the interim experiences in the coming weeks.


  1. Roddy Barros

    They can say it’s not related but it seems obvious that they’re closing the show to let some of the Blackfish steam blow over. So the PC drones win another round… 🙁

    1. Eli

      PC Drones? Really? Did you actually watch the documentary because that attitude sounds a lot like a predetermined prejudice… Open your mind and listen to what animal activists are trying to tell you about this harmful form of entertainment.

      1. David

        And what if you did watch the documentary? What if you did listen to the experts and disagree? Can you accept tthat?

        1. Sara

          If you think that them keeping those whales that they took from their homes and families to abuse and use them then you are an idiot, jump on in with Tilicum!

          1. Nate

            I think that u should not call someone an idiot for there opinion no matter how stupid there opinion might be my opinion on this is I agree that people should consider not taking animals from there habitat I mean would u like to be taken from your home

      2. MongolsB

        Hey Eli. Was it on Tv? It was?! Was it on CNN? Then it was entertainment my friend. Go back to watching “An inconvenient Truth – Directors Edition” with your mom, and yelling at your cell phone for “killing all the bees.” The only “activism” you were involved with, was “actively” giving CNN bigger ratings. Back to the drawing board elitist.

        1. Tara Green

          Fox News the only “real” news eh?

          1. MongolsB

            right, because anyone that disagrees with you HAS to watch fox news. You’re brilliant. Make sure your helmet is fastened next time you copy paste your point.

          2. Eli

            MongolsB grow up and stop with the personal attacks. Sorry an entertainment form you enjoy watching is under fire but, throwing anonymous shots at “the liberals” in a comments section isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. This isn’t a political issue and your assumptions are uncalled for.

          3. Jackie Ace

            Holy shit your voice dosent even matter on the internet blackfish is right you are not. Seaworld is a business not a fucking non profit organization. -p.s you’re an ugly person… i can tell

        2. LewisB

          Okay then, what about the UK channels that aired the documentary? I have to agree with Eli, I think that people are arguing for self-validation. I like to read the hateful comments that people make about one another – things escalate a bit too quickly when the people are sitting in front of a computer screen. My advice, just calm down, we all have our own views.

          1. SteveX

            Blackfish is absolutely political, it comes from a single point of view, so it is not objectionable, it has a single objective, to paint Seaworld in the worst light possible to further its agenda. I have no problem with press as long as it is objective.

            I have watched the Documentary and I think it does a great job of showing the absolute horrors of Seaworld albeit from a one-sided view. The film does nothing to show or talk about everything that Seaworld does for conservation and to protect wild animals. Simple minded people will only see the facts presented in the movie instead of ALL of the facts which paint a clearly different picture.

      3. Roddy Barros

        I have no interest in watching a doc about only one side of the story. Maybe they’d be better out at sea, maybe not. But Blackfish was created specifically to generate your kind of response.

        1. MongolsB

          Ding! Roddy is the logic champion for today.

          1. The middle ground

            I have been to Seaworld and have enjoyed the many shows there.

            I have also watched Blackfish. It’s hard to criticize something without seeing it.

            Much of what is in the documentary is not disputed by Seaworld. I would recommend most even keeled people watch it. Remove the dramatization and there are some things I found interesting.

            I think there is little question that Seaworld could do a better job of looking after their animals. Small changes like hiring trainers with marine biology degrees or more accurately reporting attacks on humans or training staff on actual facts about simple things like “what is the lifespan of a Killer Whale”.

          2. John B.

            OK, if I may interject here. This documentary is spot-on accurate. How do I know? I have worked in and around wild orcas in their natural habitat for 17 years. I am a certified SSAMN marine naturalist, and I can tell you for a FACT that Gabriella (the director of the film) did her best to get SeaWorld to participate in the film. They declined time and time again. Why? Because nearly every “fact” they present is false. Orca whales in captivity have a lifespan of approximately 30 years. In the wild, we have whales living past 100 (J2, known as “Granny” was born in 1911). The Southern Resident Killer Whales, found off the coast of Washington State and British Columbia are the most studied whales in the wild. They exhibit extremely tight familial bonds. Offspring live with their mothers their ENTIRE lives. Yet in the late 60s and early 70s, marine parks decided to go in and remove 49 whales from the SRKW population. Guess how many are still alive. One. Her name is Lolita and she is stuck at the Miami Seaquarium. If you want to voice an opinion, great. But make sure it is actually an informed opinion. Go see wild orcas in their natural habitat. You will see true interactions between mothers and children.

            By the way, you can see some of these wild orcas at the end of Blackfish. Filmed off the San Juan Islands in summer of 2012, the group was a mixture of three families known as J, K, and L Pods. Over 80 whales hunting salmon, mating, playing in clear, cold waters that average over 400 feet in depth.

            As we learn more about killer whales and their complex societies and family structures, we learn that there is no longer a need to “educate” the public with stunts and displays like SeaWorld shows. They claim all their shows feature only behaviors found in the wild, but I have yet to have a whale come over to me and wave or zoom up on shore to spin around…. Thanks for your patience on this posting.

        2. Tara Green

          I forget how many times but it does say it at the end of blackfish but numerous times Sea world was contacted and declined to comment. It may be one sided but not to anyones fault besides Sea World

          1. MongolsB

            Wow Tara. Just. Wow.

          2. Tara Green

            I think one of your own put it in perspective best:
            GINGRICH: Let me — let me say, let me say, first of all, because I think the audience probably is curious about this. I want people to know that I’m disappointed that SeaWorld isn’t representing itself. I’m delighted to have somebody as professional and as competent as Greg, but SeaWorld’s a huge institution. This is a very important movie that raises some very troubling questions.

            They did release a statement. They said, “The film paints a distorted picture that withholds from viewers key facts about SeaWorld, among them that SeaWorld is one of the world’s most respected zoological institutions, that SeaWorld rescues, rehabilitates and returns to the wild hundreds of wild animals every year, and that SeaWorld commits millions of dollars annually to conservation and scientific research.

            Now, I thought we ought to say that in fairness, but let me also say personally, I would like to extend an invitation to SeaWorld, to have a representative come and be on the show one night. Because I think, as a multi-billion-dollar institution, they owe the country some level of transparency and some level of accountability. And I am disappointed that they’re not here tonight.

          3. MongolsB

            Roddy is still in the logic lead. Tara is at the end with the other kids with helmets, and “runner up” ribbons.

          4. Tara Green

            Yep- darn stupid me with my sources and quotes and having actually watched a film before criticizing it… stupid stupid stupid.

          5. MongolsB

            I did watch it. Its Michael Moore. Its provocation of an emotional reaction that gets the viewer to change their viewpoint, but its based solely on emotion. I like logic. I like animals too. But I think the positives of what Sea World has done, and is doing, isn’t represented. I wouldn’t want to comment on it either. Why give credence to a TV show that is misrepresenting your company? Be careful what you let think for you. Copying a Newt Gingrich quote (Which i’m still confused by) doesn’t make you an armchair activist. So yea, in that regard. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

          6. SteveX

            Tara do you honestly think that even if Seaworld granted the filmakers interviews that anything positive they said would be represented in the movie??? If my gaol was to make a movie about what a horrible person you were, would you grant me an interview? and if so would I turn it around to make you look worse? hmmmm!

        3. Laura

          It was not a single point of view, and I will say this though : anyone who comments on this who HAS NOT seen the documentary should just stop talking. You have no business in commenting on something you do not know. Because if you did know you would understand that the documentary had FORMER TRAINERS who were actually there and they said what they had done. So before anyone starts accusing people, and starts embarrassing themselves get your facts straight. Otherwise stop trying to place your input because its really inaccurate.

          1. Lindsey M

            I just want to put out there, the ex trainers you mention have previously filed lawsuits against SeaWorld and lost. I have a hard time taking everything they say to be truth knowing they have already tried in a court of law and lost so now they are trying to attack SeaWorld in the court of public opinion.

          2. Nate

            Your not the judge of what and what isn’t my business

      4. Spencer

        Sounds like ur singleminded urself

        1. brian

          Seaworld does a hell of a lot of good! Rescues and cares for lots of animals. The whales enjoy the shows and are well cared for. Don’t judge something you clearly know nothing about.

    2. Madi

      You’re an idiot. Did you even watch it? Lock you in a box for years and see if you don’t snap. The things Seaworld has had direct involvement in is horrible. My kid even knows that its wrong. She’s 6. Don’t say anything if you’re going to be ignorant.

  2. Since1976

    Visited SeaWorld for the first time earlier this year, before the Blackfish hoopla emerged. While I found the shows well-executed and entertaining, I couldn’t help feeling a bit sad for the animals forced to perform day after day. I don’t doubt they are well taken care of, but the monotony would surely drive some of them mad.

    1. DavidDax

      Let me put it in perspective: “Saw a WWE show for the first time earlier this year, before the Blackfish hoopla emerged. While I found the shows well-executed and entertaining, I couldn’t help feeling a bit sad for the wrestlers forced to perform day after day. I don’t doubt they are well taken care of, but the monotony would surely drive some of them mad.”
      See what I did there ? 😉

      1. Megan

        Wrestlers do that by CHOICE. Huge difference. Those whales were forced into that with no choice but to perform tricks for food. It’s disgusting.

        1. MongolsB

          So, animals bred in captivity are well equipped for survival in the wild? I feel more sorry for myself for not having the awesome setup these animals do. Wake up kids. This is a singular group playing on your emotions.

          1. Teresa Wagner

            “Throughout each day, guests can experience enhanced presentations designed to give them new and different glimpses into training techniques and the amazing relationships our trainers have with the killer whales.” Amazing relationships? What? To get eaten?

          2. Laura

            have you seen the documentary? have you read anything at all about killer whales? if the answer is no to these than stop talking. Stop trying to create an argument, because that’s what you’re doing. You’re only embarrassing yourself.

          3. Nick T

            Mongols , so which PR firm is paying you to back seaworld? Or are you just a seaworld management drone?

        2. SteveX

          does anyone on here have a Dog? a Cat? have you not made them do a trick for a treat? reeally people, everyone likes to jump on their high horse but they are really just hippocrates!

          1. Elle

            your comparison is as idiotic as you are…..sometimes there are just no words to describe the level of ignorance found in the human population. We all know SW’s side of the story….Blackfish was the Orca’s side of the story…SW has been telling their side for years so if Blackfish is one sided then it is about time!! No one disputes the good work they do but there is a point where all the good does not outweigh the bad. There are many organizations and facilities that rescue animals without enslaving some to perform tricks for humans…it isn’t friggin rocket science.

  3. MongolsB

    This is the most ridiculous thing i’ve seen in awhile. The liberal agenda’s, liberal agenda. No fun in this Orwellian society. I’m going to Canada (pavilion). Humans are greater than fish. Fish are food. Fish should be eaten, as well as enjoyed.

    1. Tara Green

      Killer whale- not a fish. Dumbass

      1. MongolsB

        Go look up the word “irreverence” there Tara. Google is very easy to use. Not too quick, huh?

        1. Saber

          Shut up you fat cunt. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    2. Wow

      OK, let’s put you in a tank with a wild killer-whale, and see who becomes the food…

      1. MongolsB

        Killer whales don’t eat humans, Einstein. Who let Canada in this convo?

        1. mrsrhoades

          Sad truth in this matter is that yes a “fish as you say” (Orca) did kill a trainer and ATE her armn Now in the wild, there has never been a report of an orca killing or hurting a human but yet it happens all the time in captivity but it is a good place for them to be in a tank to entertain the uneducated? If “fish” do not eat people then please explain this.. I would love to know your assumed logic on this fact MongolsB

        2. Dev

          Lets also put the concept in this perspective. I’ll lock you in an empty room and the only time I’ll feed you is when you perform tricks for spectators. Sound good? Go ahead and act all-knowing, but the truth is you’re too close minded to see the down side.

          1. MongolsB

            Youre close minded, to not see my point. You can suspend reality all you want.

        3. Really?

          Tell that to Dawn Brancheau, Tillikum ate her arm…. SWALLOWED IT. Killer Whales in the wild are not known to eat people. Must be a pretty ticked off whale to cross that line. Whales are mammals…as we are, not fish. We rule the land they rule the sea. If you think otherwise I suggest you put your own theories to the test and see how long you last in their world, because the only way we ‘master’ them is by bringing them into ours, a tedious hold, an illusion at best. “Want to eat?”, “jump and flip or starve”….I went to Marineland, the water was dirty, it was dark and depressing. I felt bad for the animals and I have never went back. Dogs and cats thrive in “captivity” their life spans are proven 2x-3x longer and have healthier lives than in the wild. Orcas live 50%-75% less in captivity and we cannot provide them with the emotional, environmental, physical condition they need to thrive and lead healthy lives. This includes their genetic family unit that they are born into and forever bound their entire lives. This is all proven. People who own pets but obgst to whale capture and display are not “hypocrites” as I read above. They are informed and intelligent enough to know the differences. Ask yourself if seeing an hour long show in a tiny tank is really worth this price. No one is saying people should not have access to these animals, they want access to them humanely. A sea pen would be a good step to prove how intelligent we humans really are. Just because we can cage these animals and make them do tricks, we are intelligent enough to know it is wrong and to let whales who have put their lives into these shows retire in a dignified manner in a sea pen, doing whale things closer to their natural behaviors, not an even smaller cage to die. Sea world has done great things environmentally but we cannot support negative acts as a trade off for positive acts. How is this any different then the way Sea World treats it’s whales? A treat for a trick…… Sea world can still do great things and make tons of profit without whale shows. The whales who participate are forced to, there is NO benefit to them. They live miserable lives. PROVEN fact. Please look at the film objectively and reasonably, Sea World declined to be part of the film, they have lost their court appeals…. It is clear these whales are top $$$$$ and nothing more, they don’t even value the safety of their trainers trying to appeal the physical barrier restrictions enforced on them and trying their hardest to hide the truth from the public and even from the trainers themselves about the history of risk they were facing with individual whales.

    3. Laura

      your comments are irrelevant, no one is talking about being “liberal” like really shows how little information you know. Go argue on someone else’s page will you? And come back when your common sense is correct.

    4. Sara

      Mong…Canadians don’t want you on our side of the border. Stay put with your self righteousness.

  4. Fiona henderson

    Its cruel! Seaworld will close! Maybe not imminently but people are wakening up… Slowly but surely! Keep up the good fight everyone… Deep down we all know its wrong.

    1. MongolsB

      I just bought my 2014 annual pass.

      1. Tara Green

        I’d be pissed if I bought an annual pass and they annouce closure of the biggest attration there for 1/3 of the year- I think they owe you some portion of refund

        1. MongolsB

          I live in California. 😉

          1. Tara Green

            That explains it all 😉

        2. Tara Green

          And whiile youre wasting money maybe pick up some of their stock – haha

          1. MongolsB

            Oooooooh! Good one! Im sure that will give you a great line for your disneyfanz facebook group.

          2. LewisB

            It would be great if MongolsB and Tara stopped this petty argument. May I ask how old you are?

      2. Saber

        Someone is butthurt about wasting money on a fucking whale attraction yearly pass. What a fucking moron.

        1. Lindsey M

          Seriously, you’ve got the worst language of any of the comments here. Your vulgarity makes it hard for most people to agree with you regardless of the position you are trying to take. Also, there are plenty of other things to do at SeaWorld and they are only closing the orca show for a few months to make renovations not all year.

  5. Nicholas

    You all do recall that a number of the animals featured are rescued from hazardous situations or are the offspring of them? If a documentary seems too one sided then I disregard it all together. Yes I think Seaworld can do things better but would you send a born in captivity Killer Whale into the wild? Maybe…if they could find a way too train them too hunt and survive on their own. Until I see that then I would watch and see what happens between Seaworld and the other parties.

    1. MongolsB

      Thanks, Nick. I was starting to think everybody was irrational.

    2. Nik

      The idea is that they should be released into open sea pens. There they do learn to survive on their own. They work on their hunting skills and eventually are capable of living in the wild with out any help of humans.

      1. SteveX

        who supplies those Sea Pens?

        1. DuaneL

          There is one out there (if they didn’t take it down) it’s off of Iceland and is where they put Keiko (ie. FreeWilly).

          All of the activist freaked out at the Oregon Coast Aquarium after the movie came out and said they should let him go. The fact is they rescued him from a horrible sea park in Mexico and gave him an incredible enclosure and life. Activists felt they should put him back into the wild; he was taken from his pod at a young age.

          There are positives to both sides but at the time it felt more right to send him back in the wild (at least to those of us living there and “on the fence,” after all he made a movie about exactly that.

          Well guess what? He didn’t live. The process of re-acclimating him took forever and other pods wanted nothing to do with him. He eventually died in Norway, within 2 years at the young age of 27, from Pneumonia after being found trying to hang out with humans in the Fjords (again because the other pods wouldn’t accept him).

          Part of me still thinks it was right to try but it seems that re-introducing them to the wild doesn’t really work. And yes, I know that is just one example but they (the Aquarium) could not have really done anymore and yet he still didn’t make it. Just an unfortunate situation all the way around.

          For the record, they turned his former pen at the Oregon Coast Aquarium into a huge walk through Salt Water Tank, it’s really awesome to walk through a huge tube walkway with sharks swimming all around you.

          1. Elle

            you should get your Keiko facts straight for starters….secondly do you actually believe he would have lived longer if he had been kept in that substandard aquarium in Mexico? News flash….we all die….what would you prefer? Dying free or in captivity?

          2. I AGREE

            Elle, you said it. Free on his terms. He CHOSE to visit people and give them rides on his back in the wild on his terms. People screwed up his life by capturing him, this was the best life he could get after we kept him from his home for years. A nomad but free. Sounds like he had a good last two years, if not for the pneumonia there is no reason to believe he would not have lived another 30-40 years happy. R.I.P. ‘Free’ Willy!

    3. John B.

      Nicholas–see my previous post. SeaWorld RARELY gets an orca that is a rescue. The most recent one, Morgan (who is at Loro Parque, which is a SeaWorld subsidiary) was a prime candidate to be returned to his pod (he got lost). But now he is stuck in a marine park where he has to perform for his food, and he is being abused by the other whales that are not from his ecotype.

    4. Emily

      The thing is that orca whales should not be born or brought into captivity to begin with. All of the facts we know support this. Orcas have tight familial bonds, great ranges of travel impossible to imitate, elaborate emotional capabilities, intelligence, self-awareness, etc. These FACTS are NOT “one-sided.” Blackfish truly educates people, and inspire them to do their own research.
      Seaworld mis-educates the general public about orca. They feed lies to their employees about orca. Seaworld gains profit from their exploitation of orca. Facts.
      True, Seaworld DOES rehabilitate and rescue wild animals, such as sea turtles. However, do orca need “saving”? No. As mentioned above, they are more than capable in the wild. Orca whales gain absolutely nothing beneficial in their confinements.

  6. Nik

    I have been to Seaworld, and I have watched the doc. Yes, it was one sided, but there was some truth that the staff at the park lies to you. I was told several times that Killer Whales only live to be around 20, and that in captivity they make it to 30. That is a lie. I have family that are marine biologists and they have tracked the same whale for over 58 years. Also I was lied to about Tilli ( the whale that started this whole controversy), I was told that he has several interactions a day with the other whales and that he has toys to play with. Well, I watched him the whole day and not once was he given a toy or let in to interact with the other whales. I could care less about the political side of all of this, but I would think that it would be safe to say any one with any true knowledge about these animals would know that he is being mistreated. They are POD ANIMALS! This means they need socialization! They are also highly emotional animals. They feel loneliness and sadness the same as any of you people. You can’t just isolate him like that and think everything will be fine. I don’t know what would be better for him at this point, to be released or kept, but something needs to be done or he is going to go completely insane in there.

    1. Laura

      for the last time, it was not one sided. For crying out loud, it even said that SeaWorld refused to be acknowledged so it was up to them, and former trainers spoke and it was more than one. They were there, they saw what happened, the wisest and smartest thing we can do is shut our mouths because none of us were there.

      1. Mandy


        Tili is given toys and does play with other whales. I have witnessed it and I have video of it. Last time I was there he was happily playing with Trua. They both were playful and seemed just fine…

        I have a pass to the park and for the past several years I have gone on a very regular basis. I also would like to know where you hung out to watch him all day and know that he did not play and was isolated…

  7. Dania

    Close it for good already! Fuck seaworld

    1. shay lowr

      If people did not dig into their pockets and bring their money to Sea World then Sea World would close. People vote with their dollars and the money of the people controls the outcome and actions of buissness

  8. Craig

    It should be noted that while Seaworld Orlando is not actually located anywhere near the “sea,” Seaworld San Diego does play an active role in the conservation and rehabilitation of local marine life.

  9. Terrif

    @Roddy Barros: You wrote, “…Maybe they’d be better out at sea…maybe not”

    I strongly disagree. An Orca belongs OUT AT SEA and NOT in a bathtub to entertain humans and push profits. How would YOU feel if you were an Orca?

    Just consider how terrible capture & captivity is for all wild animals…Just think how it must feel…Thank you.

    1. SteveX

      You missed his point, the point was realing captive animals in the wild can be more detremnatl to them then keeping them in captivity.

      1. Laura

        we are all missing the point, these animals were born in the wild in the first place!! and they were fit to live in it! it makes no sense that now we are saying that putting them back into their habitats will affect them. yes being near humans for years has made an impact but hello! that’s what “Rehab” is for its not like they’re going to place them in the water and say “have a good life” they go through rehab and they still have monitors on them once they get into the wild so they can be checking on their progress. Like really people do some research!

        1. Nat

          I cannot say much for either side of this situation due to a simple lack of information, as I am not an orca myself or a trainer for these killer whales. However, I know for a fact, that animals that are in captivity can rarely go back out to the wild due to them being used to being handfed by humans. This has been shown many times by, for example, Keiko the Orca that died after being freed, even though he was healthy beforehand. It is true that SeaWorld could do some things to make the animals more comfortable in their environment, but you also can’t exactly throw all the animals back in the wild after this “rehab”. If SeaWorld did this, the majority of the orcas they set free would die. Do you know where you would stand then? You’d be complaining and yelling that SeaWorld would DARE kill these poor killer whales and that they’re dumb.

          1. makes no difference

            free or captive these whales are all prone to disease and sickness. whales in captivity are not exempt from illness or injury, the real moral argument is how would you prefer to live your life if you were a whale, post capture? If a whale can hunt and feed itself after capture, defend itself against predators, rehab is a success. We run the same risk for pneumonia, do you plan to keep yourself in a bubble in your home to stay safe from illness? No you live your life which carries risk every moment. drive a car, take a lover, cross the street, swim in a lake…. freedom and rehabilitation are the only answer for these whales. even if ‘freedom’ only goes as far as a large sea pen. These animals are so beautiful, captivity is an injustice.

        2. Mandy

          32 of 45 orcas currently in captivity were born in captivity. Most were not born in the wild and would not survive. Put them in the ocean and they die. They will be exposed to so much that they aren’t accustomed to… New sights and sounds that will cause stress… Bacteria and viruses that they never built an immunity to in captivity. All of these people fighting for their freedom… But ultimately their death.

  10. The show will reopen once we finish the pool renovation, blackfish has nothing to do with it

  11. ted stryker

    The dumbass lesbo southwest “sister whales” who are pushing for Seaworld’s demise, are just pissed they are NOT the featured artists at the Shamu pool! GET A FUCKING LIFE!

  12. LELIOU

    We should not by any means imprison and torture wild animals for the entertainment of humans. Soon when no more wild life is available, we human will use each other . oops we already do. ( crazy circus , freak shows). I always wonder what excite us to train a dolphin, a whale or a tiger to do what we want them to do. Why are we so hungry for control ??? Waste a human being Melissa Bachman killing a lion in South Africa, shows our taste for blood and meaningless entertainment.

  13. Gina

    How can they afford to remodel. Check out Sea World stock its under SEAS. Even their own CEO is dumping his shares. Sea World is going DOWN and I for one couldn’t be more happy about it.

    Corporations who claim to provide education are full of it. They sell entertainment to the same kind of people who would have probably loved gladiator fighting back in the day.

  14. tammy johnson

    Well lets see…. if we gave the whales the choice….would they stay??? Im guessing…NO!!!

    Says it all!!

    And what happens to the whales while the stadium is closed….oh yes thats right…left in small dark pools to rot. way to go seaworld!!

  15. Please stop the pain, release these wonderful animals, this is madness..

  16. Brenda Ramos

    Sea World should close their doors forever! This is sad, depressing and should not be done! Animals need to stay in the wild!
    Close your doors Sea World!

  17. Laurissa

    I believe that Sea World does some very positive things, however, the training and keeping of these intelligent animals is not one. I don’t want to see SeaWorld close but would rather them figure out how to do good work but not include the orcas or dolphins in their programs.

  18. Alexandra

    I don’t understand why SeaWorld hasn’t emptied their tanks yet. There’s NO WAY they can EVER come back from all of the negative attention they’ve endured. Animal rights activists won’t give this issue up. It’s only a matter of time….

    Start saving your money SeaWorld. You’ll be out of business soon enough.

  19. Noel

    Those who honestly believe Sea World is being slandered by an “emotionally” driven documentary needs a reality check. We humans DON’T even have FACTS ON OUR OWN EXISTENCE. We need “facts” to see the benefits of FREEING ENSLAVED WHALES. Wake up! Was logic needed to free human slaves? Was logic needed to stop child labor? Maybe another species will come down to Earth and enslave all the humans, want a nice juicy cheeseburger? Do a back flip for it. Maybe another species will want to free the poor enslaved humans but the other half will fight against it saying the humans need to be in captivity, Earth is a wasteland and they are saving us. Sad really, the poor humans can’t even say their point of view, their is a language barrier after all.

    1. ha ha ha

      I loved this post, made my day. I agree completely. I am surprised it hasn’t happened yet actually :)We may be intelligent but to another species in the universe we may one day be considered a primitive joke, thinking we are all that as a species only to be shown how wrong we really were. Cheers.

  20. Grant

    Can we all just get one thing straight… an orca, though called a “killer whale”, is actually a dolphin.

    Sorry, that’s just been bothering me..

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  22. orca74

    The pool is closed to put rising floors in so that they can resume water work with the orcas

    1. free orcas


    2. Shaun

      Rising floors? to strand the Orca? presumably to pry open mouth’s using special SeaWorld machinery, to free Trainers/Tormentors. Doubt that’s save too many lives, although it should make body recovery faster.

      1. ME

        Preparing for the NEXT appeal. We can raise the floor, the whales will only be able to inflict minimal damage to the trainers. They will say they’ve taken the appropriate steps to prevent employee serious injury and death because they can raise the floor an immobilize the fish. Then the contact shows with deep water work will resume as before. That wont solve a thing, the whales will just figure out how to take a head off in one swipe to get their point across. They are not stupid. What a joke.

  23. Jar

    Arguing is a waste of time. Some people point out that this movie is one-sided. Acknowledged. Agreed. Every reasonable person on this page knows the following, however–whales don’t want to be in tanks just like bears don’t want to be in cages just like people don’t want to be in cells. Intelligent animals want be free. When they aren’t, they lose their minds. Case closed. Now everyone shut up.

    1. lulu

      Arguing is a wast of time? Yet here you are, arguing….. Debating is not the same as arguing. Most of us are debating, setting out facts, the arguers throw insults and tell others to shut up. If everyone shut up some of the good changes in society would never of happened. The last thing people need to do is shut up…in fact we all need to get LOUDER! FREEEEDOOOOOOM!!!!!!!

  24. Christy O

    Come on people!!…these animals didnt ask for this. No one in their right mind would. Its like having one of your children kidnapped and made to do things they don’t want to do while the mother mourns to have her child back!! Seaworld only cares for the money. Great job helping with rehabilitate animals…,but thats how you justify making these animals do tricks for food while you make money? Of course these trainers love these animals thats what they are there for!! But they signed contracts when they start these jobs too! But making billions a year buys you big lawyers and judges and politicians and buys quiet from anyone saying anything negative. Its time somone came out and challange them. These poors animals have suffered enough and for too long. But seaworld will crumble, but some other crooked $$ lover will let the negative pass and be there to take its place. Just because sea worlds and other places of America stops..other places like them around the world are up and running.. Governments have to stop these places from running…lmao yea right!! thats a whole other can of tainted worms!!

  25. Nichole

    The whole thing about Blackfish that i don’t understand is WHY the trainers of SeaWorld waited so long to come forward? Excuse the pun, but that’s a little fishy. The death and injuries are facts. They are indeed documented. But what REALLY did happen? Trainers at SeaWorld have to have common knowledge, they ARE WORKING WITH WILD ANIMALS. There is ALWAYS going to be a HUGE risk. There shouldn’t be shows with trainers in the water with the whales, period. I don’t go to the zoo and see the zoo keepers rolling in the pens with the tigers, do i? No. There needs to be common sense when working with WILD animals. So the deaths of these trainers SHOULD fall under SeaWorld. And yes, they gave false information. They lied about lifespans, how they got the whales, and so forth. They have proven with that they’re shady. Should they just release captive born whales in the ocean? No. They need to STOP breeding, and let the whales die and stop. Huge animals such as whales shouldn’t be locked up in a little pool (yes, it’s pool sized to a 1,000+ pound animal).

    1. Natalie

      The trouble is, a lot of them are scared of retribution from SeaWorld, and also I think probably ashamed of the things they believed as fact which are obviously false. Furthermore I think they didn’t think anyone would believe them, since SeaWorld is a well-respected company with documented cases of animal rehabilitation. People don’t want to believe hard truths, they would prefer to say ‘but look at the good SeaWorld does, they can’t possibly be bad’.
      And there have been exactly 0 reported cases of an orca killing a human in the wild, so yes they’re wild animals but they are compassionate and interested in us when we sail in their waters. They don’t kill because they don’t have to, they don’t want to. But being in a box makes you crazy, with very little activity all day and nothing to think about except the walls of your cage and the other orcas you can’t communicate with.
      You’re right when you say they should stop breeding. Poor Tilikum has been used as a breeding bull for far too long now, it all just needs to stop. The madness has to end.

  26. Mo Williamson

    We visited SeaWorld in 1999 and we all agree that all those animals should be in their own environment and with the ocean is their home. The unfortunate thing is you fat cats in your big suits will have a real problem one when some catastrophic happens in your park and JUSTIFY THE SIZE OF THE POOLS THAT THESE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES ARE IMPRISONED IN????

  27. Stef

    I am a bit too late to comment but I fully support that Sea-world needs to be Shut Down and find it heartbreaking how after all these years we have still put money in their pockets for the show to go on. Yet again everything I want to say on this has already been said so there is no need for me to voice my opinion too much. I have worked closely with many wild animals and if there is one thing I have learned it is they like to be kept wild and if only you could imagine what it would be like to be a prisoner forced to entertain for the rest of your life then I too would drive myself to insanity and probably kill some people. Screw there breeding programme and screw the people really behind it all because if they really gave a shit and watched the film Free Willy over and over again they would realise what they have done. Seaworld is very Quick to put the past behind them and even carried on with the show on the day of funeral of Trainer that Sadly died in a horrific death. They need to be stopped and Punished for there crimes and Yes In my books it is a Crime for everything they have done and are still doing!

  28. rps abq

    Reading these comments makes me think that 1) americans really are incredibly self centered and greedy. or 2)are trying to explain away the guilt that we all feel either deep down or on the surface that we ALL feel anytime we go to a place like Sea World or a Zoo. We know, all of us just know it’s not right. THE WHALES MAKE MONEY. THIS IS NOT ABOUT “SAVING THE WHALES.” WE ARE INHUMANELY TREATING ANIMALS FOR OUR OWN SELFISH AND MONETARY GAIN. REALLY SICK. CLOSE DOWN SEA WORLD! NOW, YOU BASTARDS!

  29. Referring to the video at the top of the page. How does killer whales performing tricks for entertainment purposes produce education and conservation? There’s nothing conservational about having these highly social, intelligent and emotional animals in captivity. Its absolutely appalling how SeaWorld are miss-educating their visitors.

  30. rhonda

    I am appalled at the immoral behavior on the part of each and every CEO at SeaWorld. Your history is disgusting and on par with the Nazi’s that were running the concentration camps. There is a special place in hell for you all and you should close your chamber of horrors and spend the money to reintroduce he animals back to the wild. God help you.

  31. kari

    All marine life parks should be forever closed for. Life and never reopen.!!!!! Return all animals back to the wild where they can live out there lives naturally!!!!!


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