“One Ocean” killer whale show debut makes big splash at SeaWorld Orlando, wetting guests with Shamu-size fun

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A very busy Earth Day 2011 at SeaWorld Orlando marked the debut of the all-new killer whale show, “One Ocean,” replacing the popular “Believe,” a killer whale show that enjoyed a five-year run in all three SeaWorld parks.

“One Ocean” will premiere at SeaWorld San Diego on Memorial Day weekend and SeaWorld San Antonio on June 10, but Orlando guests can enjoy the new daily fun-filled show beginning today.

Here’s a video summary of “One Ocean” offering highlights of high jumps and high energy:

“One Ocean” features a multitude of SeaWorld’s killer whales, including the massive Tilikum who recently returned to the waters. While the whales’ trainers are still not swimming with the whales, they do heavily interact with them along the water side, getting quite up close and personal. Between dancing, hugging, and kissing, it’s a fun show that almost makes guests forget the unfortunate past incident that prevent trainers from riding on the whales as they’ve done in the past.

In attendance for the grand opening of “One Ocean” were animal expert Jack Hanna and singer Spencer Lee, who has appeared on TV shows including “Glee.” The pair helped kick of and conclude the new spectacle, with many splashes and laughs in between.

The new show takes place in Shamu Stadium. In addition to its 3-story set and panoramic LED screens that are used prominently throughout the show, new effects have been added including high-powered fountains not only squirting large streams of water into the pool as show elements, but also popping up unexpectedly close to the first few rows of guests.

And it is those guests that will get soaked when Tilikum and the gang flap their fins with exactly that goal in mind.

Thirty-five programmable fountains, arcing up to 50 feet across the pool, ring Shamu Stadium and are synchronized to the musical score. The original score of “One Ocean” features three new songs: “One Song,” “Side by Side” and “We’re One.” Each has its own feel, with the first and last featuring fast-paced, high-flying fun while the middle offers a few touching moments.

“One Ocean” is performed multiple times daily at SeaWorld Orlando and will soon make its way to SeaWorld San Diego and SeaWorld San Antonio.

More photos from the debut of “One Ocean” at SeaWorld Orlando:
(Photos by Katherine McElroy)

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