Comments for Major Universal Orlando CityWalk overhaul announced with 8 new venues, expansion, new themes

Credit: Universal


  1. bryan hayes

    Maybe you meant “venues”?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Thanks. Fixed.

  2. Benjamin

    I can’t wait to see what it will look like.

  3. Dan Dailey

    Not one of these makes me excited in the least. You have to pay to park to even go to City Walk during the day !!City Walk is in desperate need of a full make over if they expect this area to be a draw.

  4. Frostysnowman

    I don’t see anything that’s very exciting here.

    1. Benjamin

      What did you mean?

  5. chris

    Nothing to exciting here for me personally but Cabanas
    Bay looks amazing.

    1. Sarah

      More places to eat. Whoop dee doo. Honestly it’s more like a Mall’s Food Court. I’d like to see more entertainment venues vs. food. I can go anywhere in Orlando for food. Why the hell would I pay their exorbidant parking fees just to eat? I would have been more impressed if they opened more music/entertainment/bars along with some interesting eateries. Chains? Whatever. It’s not very exciting asides from a facelift to the area.

  6. Ryan R

    It’s seems like they got the idea from Disney World, considering that they are redesigning downtown Disney

  7. Kelley

    I couldn’t disagree more! These are awesome additions to Citywalk and I think they captured the style of restaurants that the average person can enjoy most, which is a casual counter style restaurant with fresh ingredients and an open interactive floor plan. I believe the prices will be more affordable than the restaurants currently standing there and it’s perfect for families on the go who don’t have time to do fine dining. Home run!

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