Comments for Macy’s Holiday Parade, Grinchmas return for Christmas 2013 as Happy Hippo hops to Universal Orlando in new mini-show


  1. EricBF

    Yeah, I did see a giant Garfield balloon, but what about Odie?

    1. EricBF

      Also, the parade is kindda similar to Disney Christmas parade, don’t you assume?

  2. Dave

    I wonder how many of these people were dressed in much different costumes just over a month ago 🙂

  3. Ryan R

    It’s cool to have a Macys parade at UniversalFlorida. It would be cool to have it in California too, but I don’t think they have enough room for a parade.

  4. I love the parade!!! I especially love the blue ornament!

  5. Jim

    Saw this parade last week. They did a great job and put a lot of effort into it. I have a 2 year old daughter who will not sit still for anything and she loved it and watched the entire 25-30 minutes. Disney’s very merry Christmas party/parade was great too but they hit you with a $60-70 charge extra per ticket just to stay in the park for a few extra hours to watch it, ride less crowded rides, and see fireworks.

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