Comments for Leaky Cauldron restaurant announced for Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley expansion at Universal Orlando


  1. Kira

    We loved every inch of the wizarding world and cannot wait for the new expansion! Will definitely be there in the future….

  2. Benjamin

    Hey, Ricky,

    I know you can’t ever see that happening, but I have 3 future questions about Universal Orlando:

    1. Would that be interestingly cool if Universal would someday think of close down The Lost Continent area at Islands of Adventure theme park and re-theme into the works of the most famous surrealist and artist Salvador Dalí?

    2. When the Barney the Dinosaur-themed attraction at Universal Studios Florida would be closed down? My opinion is Universal should close it down because not only it’s kind of old, but there’s a lot of Anti-Barney going on today (I geuss).

    3. What if the Islands of Adventure theme park would be turned into an entire Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park?

    1. Benjamin

      By the way, I can’t wait for that new Harry Potter land at Universal Studios Florida soon.

    2. Jeff Lynch

      The Salvador Dali thing makes no sense to me. Am I missing an inside joke?

      I think all of Lost Continent should be eliminated and turned into Harry Potter attractions. Just turn the remaining portions of Lost Continent into the Forbidden Forest or the Hogwarts grounds. Or build Shrieking Shack and other things around Hogsmeade. Wipe out all of Lost Continent.

      Please explain the Dali comment. I am scratching my head at why Universal would build a theme park area based on expensive paintings in museums.

      1. Benjamin

        In my thoughts and opinions, it would be cool for me to see artworks created by masterpiece artists represented in a theme park, particularly Dali. Like for example, it would have a surreal-like-themed roller coaster after it would replace Mytho’s restaurant, and that Poseidon’s Fury attraction would be turned into a dark ride where you could explore the world inspired by Dali’s famous artworks, and that Sinbad attraction would be turned into, I don’t know, maybe a themed restaurant and with an interactive play area for kids and families.

        What else kind of the attractions or rides based on Dali would be that you think of?

  3. Alicia Stella

    Have you seen the Annual Pass blackout dates for next year? Usually one month is blocked out for Universal but Islands is open, but next year both parks are blocked for the entire summer. Never seen that before. Guessing they’re expecting a bit of a rush and want to save the room.

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