Comments for Knott’s Merry Farm 2013 charms with classic Christmas entertainment, appealing across all generations


  1. Knotts Berry Farm looks awesome during Christmas!

  2. David

    Is Knotts no longer doing the Toys for Tots this year???

  3. Carol

    Does Knott’s still have the Christmas Crafts Festival?

  4. Benjamin

    Hey, Ricky,

    I know you can’t ever see that happening, but I have 3 future questions about theme parks:

    1. Would that be interestingly cool if Universal would someday think of close down The Lost Continent area at Islands of Adventure theme park and re-theme into the works of the most famous surrealist and artist Salvador Dalí?

    2. Would Cedar Fair (the owner of Knott’s Berry Farm) someday create a new theme park somewhere at Florida?

    3. When the Barney the Dinosaur-themed attraction at Universal Studios Florida would be closed down? My opinion is Universal should close it down because not only it’s kind of old, but there’s a lot of Anti-Barney going on today (I geuss).

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