Comments for Giveaway A Day: Win a Disney Infinity figure assortment – Jack Skellington, Woody, Syndrome, Dash


  1. Peter

    Elliot from Pete’s Dragon

  2. Zach Delph

    I want to see Mary Poppins

  3. Jaime Aguilar

    I wish The Mad Hatter was part of Disney Infinity
    But the Animated Classic one, not the Depp/Burton one

  4. Elise

    Robin Hood!

  5. Duke Midnite

    Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

  6. Elizabeth Owensby

    Jiminy Cricket!!

  7. Diana De La Rosa


  8. Sue Jeske

    Oogie Boogie? Or Tigger?

  9. Zach

    Darkwing Duck!

  10. Josh Riggs

    Madam Leota.

  11. Michael Miller

    Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas!

  12. Brandon Haberthur


  13. MiladyMacabre


  14. David


  15. Alex Cheek

    Donald Duck!

  16. Suzanne boggs

    Alice in wonderland

  17. Jordan

    Beast From Beauty and the beast

  18. Carley

    I would love to see the classic Disney princesses and Abu would be a fun one!

  19. Michelle A.

    Dory from Finding Nemo!

  20. Kristine Kretzschmar

    Lumpy from the Heffalumps

  21. Shaela Hadley

    Elliot from Pete’s Dragon. This is my husbands all-time favorite Disney movie.

  22. Bryce Kershey


  23. Tamala Mundell

    Would love to win jack skellington

  24. Rene Horton

    We love Disney Infinity! Play it often…

    1. Rene Horton

      Would love to see Aladdin

  25. Jamie

    Belle from Beauty and the Beast

  26. Rebecca Powers

    Peter Pan!

  27. Melanie Bryan

    I would love to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  28. John


  29. Jenn Mattox

    Perry the Platypus from Phineas & Ferb

  30. Carrie Shew


  31. Kate


  32. Seana

    Gurgi from the Black Cauldron

  33. Carole Biddle


  34. Chris P.

    Where to start! Roger Rabbit! Alladin! Darkwing Duck! Baloo (Talespin) !!!

  35. nancy

    Mr. Potato Head

    1. Patty streat


  36. Davee Spoto


  37. Cherlyn Latar

    I’d love it if Pocahontas was included in Disney Infinity!

  38. James Roberts


  39. Allison

    I would love to see Snow White

  40. Lisa Gonzale


  41. Chris Young

    Scrooge McDuck

  42. Amanda

    any of the Villains…..especially Maleficent

  43. The Horned King!

  44. Sherry Ranshaw

    Beast from beauty and the beast

  45. Brett


  46. Amanda D

    Pumba and Timone

  47. Melinda

    Simba I love the Lion King

  48. Scott Rivers


  49. Jerry

    Winnie the Pooh!

  50. Evil Emperor Zurg

  51. Eric Stephens

    I would love to see Basil from the Great Mouse Detective or Pumbaa from the Lion King!

  52. Tabbitha Manhart


  53. Brian Cagle

    Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

  54. Heather C

    I wish they had Beast!

  55. Danny Kidd

    I’d also like Elliot from Pete’s Dragon.

  56. Stefani


  57. Rudy klahr


  58. I would like to see them make Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for Infinity. He is my son’s favorite character and is so under used Disney since the got the rights back.

  59. Rachel V

    I’d like to see The Genie from Aladin

  60. Kim Riley

    Jack would be awesome!

  61. Ericka Rieckers


  62. Jodi

    We are new to this game. My kids are getting it for Christmas so we aren’t really sure who is out yet or what the characters need to do in the game. But I bet my son would love to see Stitch, Phineas or Ferb and my daughter would love to see Snow White.

  63. Terry king

    Thumper or Flower

  64. Karen Mosburg

    I would like to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as an Infinity character. I love that car, and it is my all time favorite Disney movie!!

  65. Yiotis Tsarnas

    Tinker Bell!! With a Neverland playset!! That would be awesome!

  66. Hilde

    Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. πŸ™‚

  67. Roddy Barros

    It’d be awesome to see Goliath from Gargoyles!

  68. Dayna K.


  69. Tiffany Wise

    The Beast!!! Even better would be Beast and Belle in a set πŸ™‚

  70. Maaike

    I wish Alice was a disney infinity figure!

  71. DEB

    The 7 dwarfs

  72. Christopher

    Simba from the lion king.

  73. Rindy Reeder

    Merlin!!! πŸ™‚ !

  74. Josh Bosley

    Oswald the Rabbit!

  75. How about Olaf? πŸ™‚

  76. Patricia Jacobs


  77. candace Bechtel

    I would love to see the Beast! Or, perhaps, Brier Rabbit?

  78. Richard Beyan

    Tinkerbell would make an awesome addition.

  79. Louella Laureola


  80. Zach Johnson

    Lefou…His power is his knuckleheaded cuteness

  81. Jessica


  82. Shandra Meagher

    The Gene from Adalidan

  83. Cathy Doriot


  84. Bill Evans

    Donald would be a hit with my family. Maybe Flynn to go with Rapunzel.

  85. Zara Birbeck

    The mad hatter from alice in wonderland

  86. Earl R

    Gizmoduck would be an awesome infinity character.

  87. Joshua Smith

    I would really like to see the genie from Aladdin

  88. Tammy

    I would love love love to see Genie or Jasmine from Aladdin!!!! a playset for Aladdin would be better, it was our wedding theme, what a great way to remember with my husband then to play it.

  89. Joe Murphy

    Tigger !!!

  90. Nicole

    Would love to see Belle & Beast!

  91. Having Kristoff would be fabulous! But since they probably wouldn’t add another Frozen figure… what about Aladdin? There’s a lot of potential there.

  92. Jacob Hicks

    TIGGER! πŸ™‚

  93. Judy Logan

    Would love to see Goofy

  94. Amanda F.

    I would love to see some of the classic Disney characters. Especially, Peter Pan characters πŸ™‚

  95. Cindy Powers

    I don’t know his name but the ape from jungle book

  96. Amanda McCollum

    Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore!

  97. kristin smith

    Jessie, Elizabeth from pirates, merida!!

    1. Wally O

      Peter Pan should be part of Infinity!

  98. Don Puckett

    I wish they would include Jasmine

  99. Bperez


  100. Where is my Donald Duck or Goofy? I also want my Kingdom Hearts level!

  101. Matthew O'Hern

    Lewis from “Meet the Robinsons”!

  102. Michael

    Donald should be in Infinity by now.

  103. Daniel Bauer

    Jack Skellington

  104. Suzette Havenbrook

    I really wish that all of the Disney Princesses were a part of the Disney Infinity family. My favorite princess is Belle, and she always wanted adventure, so she should definitely be in there πŸ™‚

  105. Shaunnessy Shaw

    My husband would freak out if Tigger was offered!

  106. Kristi

    Walt Disney!!!

  107. Cindy Cabrera

    Lelo and Stitch, my daughters favorite characters right now!

  108. Julie Ward

    Eeyor w/ tigger

  109. Stephanie Smith

    Tinkerbell, Peter Pan and the entire Neverland world!!!

  110. Stan Morrice

    Peter Pan

  111. Raymond Escobar

    Robin Hood!

  112. Melissa

    Mary Poppins!

  113. Bryan Tusick


  114. Trisha Hwang

    Jubileena Bing Bing and more of the Sugar Rush racers!

  115. Scott Anderson

    Beast – I can relate when she says, “But she’s (Belle) being so difficult.” I live in a house with four women.

  116. elva quintero

    Cheshire cat would be great:)

  117. Rebecca Mitchell


  118. Raymund Vocal


  119. Lindsay Coghlan

    Stitch! My daughter loves him!

  120. Derin Dopps

    I want Little Francis from The Swiss Family Robinson. Can you imagine how cool he would be, running around the sandbox trapping animals and throwing coconut bombs?

    1. Nicole Berg


  121. Lori

    I would love for there to be more princesses!!

  122. Paul Gomes

    Briar Rabbit

  123. Ernest powers

    Baloo from jungle book

  124. Nick Vazquez

    Mary Poppins!

  125. I wish there was Stitch! Also, Tinker Bell and her friends.

  126. Nicole Berg


  127. Nico Schmelter

    As much as I agree with everyone else. Hercules would definitely be a fun one to play as! Trigger object would be the bendy sword! And Pegasus to fly!

  128. Donna B a nach

    Lady & Tramp, Thumper, Peter Pan, Cinderella

  129. Devin Jenkins

    I’d love to see *Evinrude* in a flying game.

  130. Scott

    The Mad Hatter, from the original Alice in Wonderland. Or King Candy from Wreck it Ralph.

  131. Adrian Viveros

    Jack Skellington I would love to be able to get him to give as a christmas present πŸ™‚

  132. Karl Rudock

    Captain Hook With Mr Smee and The Tick Tock Croc
    from Peter Pan

  133. Michele

    I wish they had Jasmine!

  134. Trista

    Ariel would be amazing!

  135. Sherry Freeman

    Stitch love the trouble he can get into.

  136. Brendan Sevin


  137. Mike Theo


  138. Kim Rogers

    Sorcerer Mickey

  139. Adam Alvarez

    Peter Pan

  140. Jennifer N.


  141. Anthony turner

    Roger Rabbit,Dark Wing, Gizmo Duck, Don Karnage or anybody from the Disney Afternoon.

  142. Chris Zaragoza

    Sora, Robin Hood or Oogie Boogie!!

  143. Wes

    I’d love to see some Jafar or Captain Hook!

  144. marlene

    I would like to see nemo and dory! Just because they are “different” it doesn’t mean they can’t be a part of the game!

  145. Wesley Clay


  146. Hilary bell

    I would love stitch and Mickey Mouse!!

  147. Mariah S

    Belle & Beast, Lilo & Stitch, Koda, Merida & triplet cubs

  148. Suzanne

    Elsa and or Anna from Frozen or Rapunzel.

  149. Cairon

    I’d like to see Tron from Tron

  150. Dan Morgan

    The Mayor of Halloweentown

  151. Danielle


  152. Gary Bradley

    Jack Skellington!…… Tis the season, of course!

  153. Matt Ash

    I wish Robin Hood was in the game. That was my favorite movie when I was little!

  154. Pam Dilbeck

    Would like mickey and any of the great infinity characters.

  155. Melissa G

    I would love to see Mickey or Minnie Mouse!!

  156. Rhianna U

    Who can I write to get them to add steamboat willie???

  157. Stacy Pergson

    Mad hatter & mallymkun
    Merlin & madam mim

  158. Paul F

    I would want to see Darkwing Duck.

    1. Would love to see Stitch and Mickey Mouse!!!

  159. Ryan DiMeo

    Stitch and Boo!

  160. Pam Carter

    Simba and Nala

  161. staci fox

    I wish that stitch was or tiana

  162. Jeff

    Stitch would be awesome!

  163. Nadine Barrett


  164. Trevor Strosnider

    Would like to see King Louie, Balou and Bagheera from Jungle book

  165. tammy shelton

    I would like to see Minnie Mouse.

  166. Steph johnson

    I’d love to see Sebastian & Peter Pan!

  167. Neal

    Man have said it, but the Genie would be an excellent choice!

  168. Jessica G.


  169. Phelan

    Vampire Hunter from Moms Got A Dat With A Vampire

  170. Joshua Cunning

    Would love to see Doug from Up or Roger Rabbit

  171. Andrew

    Stitch would be a great addition. Anyone from Tron would be fantastic too! But I think the key would be to have a limited edition Yensid character released that is the most powerful of the characters.

  172. Chad

    I would love to see the man himself, Walt Disney, as a Disney Infinity figure. What a great story to play! You could start at the bottom and eventually own your own Dynasty!

  173. Kim

    Maleficent, definitely!

  174. Mary Poppins and Figment!!!

  175. Martin

    The Genie from Aladdin!

  176. Rob

    I would love to see an Aladdin assortment including Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, and Jafar.

  177. Jovanny Sanchez

    Tron and Loki!!!

  178. Jennifer Stroud


  179. Martha A. Azarian

    Scrooge McDuck and Sora.

  180. Eric Warren

    The terror that flaps in the night: Darkwing Duck!

  181. Jenny DeSantis

    Mickey Mouse!!!

  182. Enrique Rocha

    Emperor Kuzco

  183. Ethan

    I wish they would add Robin Hood and Little John. Or maybe Pocahontas. Some more villains would be nice as well like Maleficent and Hades! Speaking of Hades, Hercules would be awesome along with all of the others.

  184. Alicia gasser

    I’d love to see the snow white and Merida

  185. Christian Villarroel

    I wish they would make The Avengers into infinity figures!

  186. Zachary Metzger

    I would LOVE to see Orange Bird on Disney Infinity! I would be very, very surprised if that ever happened, but I’d be in heaven!

  187. Dana

    Ariel/Ursula would be awesome! or anybody from Beauty and the beast.
    What about Tinkerbell/Peter?

  188. Alan F

    They’ve got to make an Olaf figure. I would also love Lion King characters

  189. Mary Mihalco

    I wish to see either Lilo and stitch or figment become a disney infinity characters cause they are my favorite!! Oh I hope I win! This would be a wonderful birthday present!!

  190. Danielle King

    King Candy

  191. Nita Wilmott

    would love to see Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck as characters. I can only imagine the world you could create with these characters.

  192. Sharon Ellis

    Mickey and Minnie

  193. Maximus from Tangled!

  194. Dawn Torres

    I would really love to see Flynn Rider as a Disney Infinity character!

  195. Josh Carr

    Scrooge McDuck

  196. Miguel


  197. Shirley Avery


  198. amy olmedo

    I would love for stitch to be included!

  199. George todorovich

    Fab 5

  200. Caitlyn

    I would love to see Peter Pan characters with a never land playset! Or Alice in wonderland!

    1. Phillip Smith


  201. Cindy Bower

    any classic character

  202. Mike Lonesky

    The hitchhiking ghosts. Without a doubt. Should be a playset πŸ™‚

  203. Amy Burrows

    Peter Pan.

  204. Chris DeNoto

    I would love to see a Lion King playset that comes with the pridelands toybox, you include adult simba and nala with that. Also release Mufassa, Scar, and Timon/ Pummba as extra characters. I haven’t thought this through oranyting. Lol.

  205. mike van Mil

    I would really like to see Disney Infinity have Flynn rider!

  206. Garrick

    I would love to play as Aladdin and be able to throw apples at enemies. That out any other classic character.

  207. Dinah G

    I’m a Prince Phillip fan, so I always go with Prince Phillip – no matter the question. πŸ˜‰

  208. John Ryan

    Merlin and Archamedes

  209. Todd

    Goofy needs to be added. Donald would be great too

  210. Roy Mills

    I’d love for Sparky from Frankenweenie to be in infinity.

  211. Crystal

    The Mad Hatter

  212. Sandy M

    Would love Jack Skellington!!

  213. Sandy M

    Would like to see Dug from Up!

  214. Skip

    I’d love to see Figment!

  215. Nintendorky

    Simba! I would really like to see a playset with Timon and Pummba figures too!

  216. Angie B

    I think it would be fun to have snow white and the seven dwarfs!

    1. Tera

      Id love to see the 7 dwarfs!

  217. Heather G


  218. Austyn

    I’d love Jack Skellington! My son is a huge Jack fan!

  219. Jill S.

    Tinkerbell! Would be cool to be able to fly, and put pixie dust on things to make it fly!

  220. I’d love to see the Hitchhiking Ghosts as new playable characters!

  221. Kristi


  222. Tera

    7 dwarfs

  223. George Rapo

    All admin and his magic carpet would be a great addition to the Disney Infinity Collection

    1. George Rapo

      Aladdin (spell check) lol

  224. Michael Harris

    I would love to see Kevin “the snipe” from Up.

  225. Robin W.

    I would.like to see Mickey & Minnie!

  226. Robert Tharp

    Would like to see goofy

  227. I wish Mr. Potato Head would be included- his snarky ways would be awesome!

  228. George Rapo

    Malifecent would be a great villain for the Disney Infinity Collection.

  229. Justin Martin

    I would love to see an Oswald character!

  230. Patrick

    I would love to see Figment included in Disney Infinity. I think he could provide some interesting gameplay mechanics that would really standout and be so much fun!

  231. John Turk

    Merida and/or any of the Brave characters.

  232. Samantha Martinez

    Ursula from The Little Mermaid or Beast from Beauty & The Beast!

  233. Danielle Brooks

    Belle and Beast

  234. Cathy Welsh


  235. Paul Apel

    Luke skywalker

  236. Robert Ramirez

    Tron,dipper pines and Mable pines

  237. Gina

    Snow White and the seven dwarfs!

  238. Stephanie

    Lilo & Stitch!

  239. Rebecca Hughes

    Cheshire Cat! Could you just imagine?!?

  240. Andrew C


  241. angie koehne

    Would love woody!

  242. Michelle Henretta

    Already have my fave character…Jack Skellington! But my 2nd would be Sully from Monster Inc πŸ™‚

  243. Fern

    Would like to see the Cheshire Cat from Alice in wonderland

  244. Jenny Cherven

    How about Elliot from Pete’s Dragon as a figure? Or Brer fox, bear, and rabbit from song of the south?

  245. Amy Knoche

    I would like to see Captain Hook

  246. Jason Bourgeois

    Hades from Hercules

  247. jason


  248. Brian Thompson

    I would love to see EVA and Wall-E

  249. Adam Cocio

    I know his ride vehicle is in the game – but I’d like to see Dumbo and you could fly around and shoot peanuts at things. That would be COOL!

  250. Billy Mauer

    I really want to see Pinocchio appear in the game.

  251. dusti salisbury

    This would be great stocking stuffers.

  252. Alan Ng


  253. michael mallozzi


  254. Ana

    I think it would be great to see Kermit as a Disney Infinity character.

  255. Steve

    JosΓ© Carioca

  256. dusti salisbury

    Pete’s DRAGON this would be great stocking stuffers!

  257. Thomas Gorham

    Scrooge McDuck πŸ™‚

  258. Lisa Hosey

    I’d like to see Mary Poppins

    1. haha no

      Mary Poppins no?! Spiderman 3 characters and playset k:-)

  259. Bobbi Meister

    It would be awesome for the beast to be included in disney infinity! He would be so strong and be able to tear down buildings. Also his roar would be able to sweep people right off their feet! Love the beast!

  260. Tim baker

    Chip n Dale from the Rescue Rangers, you could do some cool mini games and even a play set.

  261. John Bell

    I wish that Oogie Boogie would be a figure in Diseny Infinity. Why? Because then my dad and I could roam one of the HalloweenTown toy boxes! I would be Jack Skellington and he would be Oogie Boogie! That would be soo cool!

  262. Heather wood

    I want to see Pasquale From Tangled !

  263. Sue Wills

    Jack Skellington

  264. Lisa Landis

    Would love to see Ariel and the rest of the Little Mermaid cast.

  265. Jason Spaeth

    I would love to see figment bring in a little imagination!

  266. I love Ariel! Time to have and under the sea adventure!

  267. Pana Thitaram

    Robin hood. The most clever and suave Disney hero ever!

  268. Patricia Williams

    I wish they would make Simba.

  269. Wayne

    I’d like to see WALL*E and EVE. There is so much they could do with those characters.

  270. Kim Becht

    Stitch or Hades

  271. xavier mora

    I would love to see Minnie mouse.

  272. Amber Faille

    I’d love a classic black and white mickey!

  273. Dan Cunningham

    I would love to see them go back to the park more, from that i think the best would have to be my favorite park character and have a Figment infinity figure, then maybe can continue to make more for the parks and even have the parks as play sets

    1. Karen Cole

      Dopey and Goofy – My son’s two favorite characters πŸ™‚

  274. Andy Turner

    Captain Hook, other toy story characters and any older characters

  275. Amanda

    Slinky Dog from Toy Story or Gopher from Winnie the Pooh.

  276. I would love to see Stitch as a disney infinity character and play set!

  277. Jill Ladd

    I would love to see The Beast or Genie!

  278. Jennifer Torres

    I would love to wall-e & Eva
    As a Disney infinity characters.

  279. Matt

    It would be mint to see Basil from The Great Mouse Detective

  280. lorie webb


  281. Donna


  282. meagan kohlenberger


  283. Pete

    Mowgli and other Jungle Book characters…

  284. Scott


  285. inez loria

    i would like to see marie from the aristocats. or beaker and animal from the muppets.

  286. Christina Adkins

    all the disney characters. i can’t just pick one lol. but i am doing this for my daughter and i think she would say princesses.

  287. Rachel Spore


    My boys are getting this for Christmas – I am so excited!

  288. Jeff stone


  289. Michelle Garcia

    I would love to see Ariel!!! And under the sea view or even her on land would be awesome!

  290. Jim Chamberlain

    Id like to see Robin Hood. Now that would be a cool addition.

  291. gert

    I would like to see the planes movie as character and world set, so we can sore though the infinite skies

  292. Tara A.

    Merida! Best princess ever!

  293. barbara

    Peter Pan

  294. Gloria

    Would love to see Merida and a Scottish highlands play area!

  295. Phyllis Demaio

    LILO and stitch

  296. Jeff Swoish


  297. Amanda Flock

    Some classic Pongo or Patch from 101 Dalmations

  298. Christian Williamson

    My top three wishlist would be Wall-E, Stitch and Simba

  299. patricia simmons

    I would like to see Cinderella as a character on infinity……she could sick her mice on the bad guys.

  300. Chris Gronde

    Wall-E and Eve…Definitely better be in the next Infinity Game!!

  301. Chris Z

    I would love to see Beauty and The Beast! These would be awesome characters to add to your availability.

  302. frank


  303. I would love to see Jasmine and Aladdin! πŸ™‚

  304. Magee

    Lock, shock, & barrel.

  305. Blake

    I wish they made an Ariel and Ursula Disney Infinity figure!

  306. darcel margliotti

    Merida and Mickey

  307. Allison

    I would love to see Mulan and Ariel!

  308. Gillian A


  309. Michael Utsch

    Belle and Beast with a story mode so you can go to the castle and her town.

  310. James Ross

    I would like to see the Gargoyles or Marvel characters in Disney Infinity

  311. The Genie from Aladdin…I want those powers!

  312. David Garrett

    Pegleg Pete

  313. Dave Chudy

    Aladdin would be my vote

  314. Sandy O'Hearn

    I would absolutely love to see the Mad Hatter

  315. Chris Schenck

    My choice would be mickey mouse!Love the game though. They should add a Marvel Playset also.

  316. Angel Monjaras

    Donald Duck!

  317. Roman Sohor

    I would buy Infinity in a second if Roger Rabbit was a character in it!!!

  318. Genette Irlbeck

    Donald Duck! He makes the best noises and is scrappy. πŸ™‚

  319. Vern Tennis

    Would love to have Dash, I’ve got all the others that your offering. But the characters that haven’t came out that I would like to see is the “Original Fab Five” Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto. and all the villains that go with them. And use Mickey’s Toontown for the land to play in.

  320. Julie Bannwart

    Nemo and Dory

  321. Jennifer

    I’d love to see lady and the tramp.

  322. nathan

    peter pan

  323. Chris Morgan

    Gotta be Figment!

  324. Daniel M

    jessica rabbit!

  325. Ruth Mcgee

    Cinderella or any of the Princesses

  326. Kristen

    Olaf!! There has to be an Olaf!!!! πŸ™‚

  327. Andrew C

    Peter Pan!!

  328. ELI


  329. Shane O.

    I’d very much like Hunchback of Notre Dame figures. Get Quasimodo, Esmeralda, and maybe even Frollo!

  330. Judson West

    Mary Poppins.

  331. Lori

    I would love to see peter pan or tink in neverland, but alice in wonderland would also be amazing!

  332. Stacey Bertran

    I would like to see ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or ‘Wall-E’ and for the dark side I think ‘Jafar’ or ‘Darth Maul’ would be wonderful fun.

  333. Brandi

    I think Pongo, Goofy, Donald, and more princesses!

  334. Scott H

    I really really wish that there would be a Mr. Toad and or Cyril character. I think that would be awesome!

  335. Steven Lewis

    I want Figment!

  336. Krissy Rust

    I would love to see Belle

  337. Greg

    Donald Duck.

  338. Daniel Power

    I would like to see robin hood and Eliot the dragon.or tron

  339. Elizabeth Steinbach

    Bullseye the Horse from Toy Story 2 and 3. He’s such a sweet hero.

  340. Tim Wisecup


  341. Linda Mills


  342. Linda Mills


  343. Penny GIakos

    We would love to see ARIEL !
    Thank you for the contest !

  344. John Ursoleo

    The Genie from Alladin!!! How much fun would that be? He could Morph into all different types of things. Would be awesome!!!

  345. Christina B

    Alice and other Wonderland characters!

  346. Alma Gann

    Would love to see Lilo and Stich, Ariel, a whole Princess level

  347. Jamie Greene

    The Horned King from The Black Cauldron….mainly because I think it would make an awesome figure.

  348. Jen Gottschall

    Stitch would be awesome. Because to me he is bad/good. So he coluld have a crazy side and you can surf with him. Oh the possibilities to even have Hawaii added to the toybox.

  349. Brian Nussbaum

    The Genie and Roger Rabbit

  350. Teresa

    I would love to see the princesses come to Disney Infinity. Especially Cinderella, since she is my favorite. πŸ™‚

  351. erik schonsett

    I think they need to do peter pan and a neverland playset. That would be amazing!

  352. Phillip Johnson

    DarkWing Duck

  353. Tom Frey

    I really wish they had Donald Duck!! He’s my favorite character. Close second is Olaf. I know he’s new, but he would be such an interesting character to play as with the ability to control his body and head separately!

  354. Melissa Bailey

    STITCH would be totally awesome!!!!!!!!!

  355. Cristina P.

    I would love to see Flynn Rider or Olaf in a Disney Infinity game!

  356. Christopher Spooner

    I would love to see tigger and piglet!!!

  357. Dale Dixon

    The mayor from Nightmare before Christmas

  358. jodi mcdonald

    Slink from Toy Story.

  359. Michael Foster II

    I would like to see a variant figure of Oogie Boogie glowing green, like in his first on screen appearance. Maybe something like the Crystal series figures?

  360. Allison B

    I definitely think they should add Simba and Scar. Throw back to the Lion King game from the past.



  362. Heather Estrada

    I would like to Maleficent or Mother Gothel. They would be great or even the Evil step sister’s from Cinderella

  363. Kaylene R

    I think they need another classic Disney villain, how bout Maleficent?? (Since the new movie’s coming out soon)

  364. Yanet Roche_Behar

    I would love to see Marie from Aristocats

  365. Emery

    Buzzlightyear From Toy Story

    Thank You

  366. Jeffrey

    Mary poppins.

  367. Kim

    Robin Hood

  368. Shane

    Sven from Frozen.

  369. Jake Zamira

    Sally, Oogie Boogie, and other various denizens of Halloween Town!

  370. Wesley Bealla

    Either nemo or peter pan

  371. Linda Hallman


  372. Marissa Hadavi

    Peter Pan! Please,Please, Please. What’s better than exploring Neverland! Mermaids, Pirates, Indians! Yahoo! Tinkerbell and all her friends. I’m a huge Peter Pan fan! I’d love to go to fly off to the second star to the right and explore.

  373. Sarah

    Olaf, fix it Felix, Rex and timon and pumba

  374. Travis

    I would like to see Chernabog

  375. Natasha

    Lady and Tramp!

  376. Sonja Hadavi

    I wish they made The Little Mermaid princess Ariel a figure then we could all visit her undersea world. Down where its wetter its always better under the sea. We need Sebastion, King Triton, Flounder and Ursela. Wow!

  377. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, or Scrooge McDuck.

  378. Tony Mariella

    Stitch would be the best

  379. Dave holland


  380. Pete Gonella

    I wish Dr. Facellier were on Disney Infinity!

  381. Greg Hubert

    I would love to see a Tron based character!

  382. Erica Best

    snow white

  383. Tabitha


  384. Marc Doller

    How about Bianca (and Bernard) from The Rescuers. With a power disc of Evinrude as a vehicle. Perhaps their own playsset

  385. Gus Cervantes

    Pete the Dragon with the Main Street electrical parade theme.

  386. Terri B

    I would love to see the Main Street Electrical Parade floats!

  387. Matt

    Roger Rabbit would be awesome! But I would want him to have a portable hole or something.

  388. Theresa M.

    Gertie the Dinosaur should at least be a ride vehicle option.

  389. Carson U

    Probably oswald the lucky rabbit! And the whole Mickey Mouse gang!!

  390. Colby Laramore

    I wished that Goofy was a part of Disney Infinity!

  391. Erik Fowerbaugh

    I wish Nemo,Marlin,and Dory could be in the game as playable characters. They could bring a cool swimming mechanic to the game, and a playset for them would be fun to explore!

  392. Tennille Ritchie

    Tinkerbell that way I could have her with peter Pan or with the other fairies

  393. Michael Gervase

    I would love to see the hitch hiking ghosts as part of the disney infinity universe!

  394. Eric Dunnett

    Darth Vader he’s sorta kind of Disney now!

  395. donnie

    need sally from nightmare b4 xmas to go with jack

  396. Daniel Mason

    I would like it to be either Goofy, Donald Duck, Luke Skywarker, Darth Vader, Sally, Tinkerbell or Darkwing Duck.

    Because to me there the best characters to be added to the game, including the old classics like Darkwing Duck and Tinkerbell, and since Disney now have the rights for ‘Star Wars’ I think having the two popular characters in the game will also be a great choices. As for Sally from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ would be an added bonus to the game, and finally both Donald Duck and Goofy are the two best lovable characters in Disney right next to Mickey Mouse, I mean who wouldn’t want those two in Disney Infinity? Anyway these are my choices.

    See ya real soon! πŸ˜€

  397. Micheal Cupples

    Awesome gift for my nephew!

  398. Luke

    Indiana Jones or a Disney Afternoon Playset

    1. Rich Kluse

      I would like to see a whole Jungle Book set.. King Louie and Baloo would be cool.

  399. Linda L.

    Peter Pan….because you should never grow up!

  400. Monique Clark

    Bowler Hat Guy!

  401. Michelle Cunningham


  402. Kathy DeBoer

    Would love to see Goofy!

  403. Brack Thomas

    The muppets…. Kermit /Miss Piggy… How cool would it be to play in the band with Dr Teeth and Electric Mayhem or cool with the chef or be in a side show with gonzo!!!!!

  404. Pat Coffren

    Mickey Mouse would be my choice of characters

  405. Michelle Zelten

    Peter Pan or Steamboat Willie

  406. Darlene Royer


  407. Kelsey

    Ariel because I have always wanted to be a mermaid lol and I think her world would be awesome and really unique!

  408. Joshua Byrne


  409. Steve Drumheller

    I think it would be cool to see the Aladdin crew… Genie, Aladdin, Jafar. I know we have Abu already as an elephant but the rest would be pretty sweet!

  410. Ryan McSheehy

    Olaf the Snowman

  411. Goofy, because, well, he’s Goofy!

  412. Jodi Padgett

    Bruce from Finding Nemo would be my choice. Remember, “Fish are friends, not food.”

  413. Daniel Horne

    Bring in Sally (to go with Jack), plus Robin Hoo, Maid Marion, and Little John. Maybe add in Davey Crockett, too.

  414. bridger bauman

    I really wanted to see dumbo and his mouse and also olaf from frozen he is my favorite

  415. R. Vinson

    WALL-E!! My son’s favorite Disney movie.

  416. Cynthia Parks

    Peter Pan!

  417. Jason LeFebvre

    The Mad Hatter!

  418. Chad Walters

    Captain EO!

  419. James Hickson

    The Rocketeer!

  420. Kristine Shelley

    I would say Tron. It has so many hints at Tron already that I think Tron would be cool…if not him well then Kingdom Hearts.

  421. Ryan R

    I would like to see darkwing duck.

    1. James Hickson

      This would be my second choice. Could you imagine a Rescue Rangers pack w/ Chip, Dale, and Gadget? That cult in Russia would be happy.

  422. S Davison

    Indiana Jones would be a good choice as well I’d say!

  423. Josh DeCerbo

    I would vote for the characters for Finding Nemo or The Little Mermaid, because I think that the underwater play sets would be the most different and interesting.

  424. Andrew Roth

    The Muppets! (Kermit, Fozzy, and Animal are my favorites!)

  425. Tena Thompson

    Mickey Mouse for sure!

  426. Steven Brunton

    Benny the Cab from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. He could race with Lightning McQueen and the other characters from “Cars”.

  427. Melissa K

    Zero to go with Jack!