Comments for Giveaway A Day: Win a ChargeAll 3-in-1- Portable Power Bank to stay connected and charged up on the go


  1. Jeff Thomas

    This would be handy.

  2. Phyllis Demaio

    I would see saving mr banks

  3. Louella Laureola

    If I win, I’m watching Saving Mr Banks!

  4. Steven Crellin

    I will be seeing Mr. Banks

  5. Sean D

    Th Hobbit

  6. Tom Auel Jr.

    Saving Mr. Banks for sure.

  7. Saving Mister Banks

  8. Brookie Crawford

    Saving Mr. Banks

  9. Nick W

    I would see Frozen again.

  10. Josh

    Saving Mr Banks

  11. GDR


  12. Daniel Bauer

    I would use it in Epcot.

  13. Jessica

    I would like to use it at Disneyland!!!!! Day 2 giveaway!! Happy Holidays!!!! Christmas parade and fireworks at Disneyland 🙂

  14. Thomas

    I’d use it in Magic Kingdom since it’s my most frequented theme park!

  15. Cheryl Mantle

    I would use it at Epcot!!!

  16. Chris Larys

    The Magic Kingdom

  17. Jaime Aguilar

    I would use it in Disney’s Animal Kingdom as not that many power outlets can be found in the park

  18. Vicki Belyus

    Magic Kingdom

  19. Andrea Veneziano

    Epcot, for sure!

  20. Veronica Sheldon

    Would definitely have to be Magic Kingdom! Or Hollywood Studios…

  21. Heather Spencer

    Disneyland !!

  22. I would definitely use it at Disneyland since my phone battery tends to die while I’m visiting on an all day trip.

  23. Nicole Henneman


  24. Brett

    I really needed this on my last visit to WDW. We would definitely use it the Magic Kingdom but would use it at every park. So much to take pics, post, tweet, facebook, etc.. about in WDW that my camera & phone can’t handle a full day. 🙂

  25. Kevin Young

    I would use it in all of the parks since I’m ALWAYS on my phone on Facebook. My battery is always dying even though I do carry an extra wall charger in my camera bag. A lot of times I don’t have time to go and plug it into the wall to charge. 🙁 This would be AWESOME and I’m too lazy to go and buy one. lol

  26. Rene Horton

    Definitely Epcot…love travelling around the world.

  27. Denny Miller

    It would get the most use at the Magic Kingdom! Epcot would come in a close second, though.

  28. Tassie

    We are heading to Disney in October, I can’t tell you how much this would help, several times on our last trip our phone batteries died from taking photos and videos. I would use it in ALL of the parks!! 🙂

  29. Barbara Ryan

    I would use this at Universal as I watch Grinchmas and the macys parade

  30. Lisa Wilson

    I would definitely use it at the Magic Kingdom

  31. Kevin Cayton

    I would use this in Epcot!

  32. My battery always seems to run lowest at the Magic Kingdom! There are just too many pictures to be taken! 🙂

  33. David

    Disney California Adventure

  34. Scott H

    It would definitely be Disneyland!

  35. Eric Friedrich

    I would spend all day in the animal kingdom! Dinosaur 20 times, awww yeah!

  36. Wesley Clay

    Magic Kingdom!

  37. Jeff


  38. H.B.

    Definitely at EPCOT!

  39. Greg Hubert


  40. Melody

    Magic Kingdom!

  41. Kristin Wheeler

    ChargeAll would be great for Epcot!

  42. John Menjes

    The Magic Kingdom. Phone battery died pretty quickly my last trip thanks to all the pictures I took and Virtual Munzees I captured.

  43. Jeff Studdard

    This would be handy in Epcot

  44. Dinah G

    Disneyland, without a doubt!

  45. Rikki

    I would totally use it at the Magic Kingdom. Perfect for touring this park since I seem to share the most while in this park.

  46. sharon glovick

    I would use it in Animal Kingdom!

  47. Kevin

    Magic Kindom

  48. Edward Guerra

    I would definitely use it at Magic Kingdom. Just spending 3 hours in that parks kills my battery!

  49. Peter Barilla

    I definately would use the charger sitting at Coke Corner every weekend listening to the Piano players all day enjoying the park. My phone always needs a charge 🙂

  50. Steve B


  51. Kyle

    I’d definitely use it in Magic Kingdom.

  52. Josh

    I would use it at Disneyland because when i visit i take more photos then i do at any other theme park

  53. Patrick Billet

    I’d use it in the long lines at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. (Toy Story, Tower, Rock n’ Roller Coaster)

  54. Michael Bode

    EPCOT Center

  55. Fuskie

    There is so much to record at Epcot, that’s probably where I would need energy reserve the most !

  56. Mary

    Magic Kingdom all the way!

  57. Guillermo Rodriguez

    Would work great at the Magic Kingdom!

  58. Kristina Sprengel

    I would say animal kingdom. So many details to take pics!

  59. I would so be using this at Disneyland! 😀

  60. Mike Lonesky

    Definitely Magic Kingdom. Too many photos to be taken on my Iphone 🙂

  61. Vincent Bennett

    I would use it at Epcot.

  62. Michael jump

    Use is in the magic kingdom

  63. Ryan Pfannenstiel

    I would definitely use this at Epcot.

  64. Braedon Godin

    I would definitely use it at Gatorland.

  65. Victoria Stangarone

    My favorite theme park is the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World!

  66. Craig Treichel

    Definitely EPCOT!

  67. darcel margliotti

    I would use this in all the parks as we take alot of pics for family and friends back home

  68. mike van Mil

    I would def use it in Magic kingdom! That’s our fav. We always spend 3 of our 7 days on each trip at that park!

  69. Beth

    I’d use it at Disneyland! I take so many pictures, my battery dies before the parade, haha.

  70. Matt

    I would use it at Disneyland!

  71. Kevin Southwick


  72. Patrick L


  73. Julian Gonzales

    That’s easy, Disneyland in California! By far my favorite theme park!!!

  74. Dayna K.

    I would use this at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom while waiting in long lines.

  75. sharon rozanski

    Magic Kingdom

  76. Pima Derk

    I could use this at Animal Kingdom. The long lines are battery killers!!!

  77. Deloris Flowers

    Magic Kingdom

  78. Zachary Ott


  79. David Zarczynski

    Magic Kingdom for sure!

  80. Brittan C

    Universal, for sure.

  81. Dave holland

    Hollywood studios! I always tweet so much when in that park, my phone dies!

  82. Craig

    I’d use it at MK on a 24 hour day if they do that again.

  83. Kim Holt

    I’d use this in EPCOT

  84. Tamijane

    I would most definately need it when I visit the Magic Kingdom this Spring!

  85. Susie Herring

    I would definitely use it at Magic Kingdom – my favorite Disney place to be and I am a photo queen!

  86. Bob Pritchard

    I borrowed one like this for Disneyland and boy, did it come in handy.

  87. Danny Kidd

    I’d use it in Disneyland.

  88. Liz

    Hands down, the Magic Kingdom!

  89. Benjamin Smith

    Magic Kingdom

  90. justin

    Would use it at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!!!

  91. Teresa Scavette

    I would love to use this at my favorite park… The Magic Kingdom!

  92. grozZzni


  93. Steve

    Gotta be EPCOT.

  94. Andrew

    I’m typically a hopper, but if I would need it in one park more than another, it’d probably be Magic Kingdom as I would probably be arriving there later in the day when my phone would be on the downward slide of it’s charge.

  95. Carson U

    Definetly the magic kingdom!!!! I LOVE MK!!!

  96. Austin

    I would use this at Disney or Universal (CA or FL)

  97. Roger

    At Disneyland and DCA [I’m there every month anyway].


    Animal Kingdom!

  99. Sparky Parker

    I would probably use it at Lakeside, the small themepark in Colorado. I kinda love those dinky little theme parks. But I have never been to a Disney park…

  100. virginia madrid

    I would probably use this at Idewild when we take our kids again.

  101. Tyree

    My favorite park to use this at would be Hollywood Studios.

  102. Jose Cadena

    I’d use this at Disneyland of course! Haha they should sell it inside the park.

    1. Luke

      I would use it in Warner Bros. Movie World, Australia!!!

  103. James

    Dreamworld Australia

  104. Chad Walters

    I would use this at Blizzard Beach. Ok…maybe that is not the best idea…well…how about Magic Kingdom? 🙂

  105. Jason LeFebvre

    I would it like to use it at Epcot because it is technology of the future!

  106. Brittani Harman

    I would use it in Magic Kingdom.

  107. paul t

    I would use it at new orleans great theme park jazzland, if we still could r.I.p. 2005 thanks Katrina

  108. Andrew

    So hard to choose just one. But I would have to say Disneyland.

  109. Jennifer

    I would use it in Epcot for sure. My phone battery gets a lot of use there. I take a lot of pic w/my phone pot World Showcase, and then post the for my friends to see.

  110. Phelan

    Disneyland! (:

  111. Omri Avital

    My favorite park to use this at would be EPCOT.

  112. Wendy

    First park up is Magic Kingdom in Orlando. But all the Disney Parks are on my list, so I would love to use this in Anaheim, or Tokyo, or Shanghai, or….

  113. heather

    I would love this at Disneyland.

  114. Michelle Garcia

    I would use it at Disneyland!! I think that The parks drain the life out of my iPhone battery! I never seem to use it much but it always died before dark! Weird huh?!

  115. Clare Tea

    I would use it at Six Flags california!

  116. Jerry Daly


  117. Mike S

    I would you it in Disneys Hollywood Studios

  118. Dana

    WE always go to Magic Kingdon, Disneyworld first. The magical first sight of the castle as we walk through the gates and down Main Street…that’s where we would use you!

  119. Brandi

    I would totally use this at the Magic Kingdom so I could be able to take more pictures in the park before my phone completely dies!

  120. Cynthia Parks


  121. Chris


  122. Donna Lee C Lowis

    Hi ChargeAll ~
    What a great device! Would definitely come in handy at my home away from home ~ Disneyland Resort (& Disney California Adventure) for sure!
    Make it a Magical Christmas! Luv D xo

  123. Shandra Meagher

    I would use it on our many trips to Disney World

  124. Kenn Kitt

    EPCOT!!!!! I always kill my phone battery at Epcot with all the perfect photo ops

  125. William

    I would love to carry this one out with my RavPower 14000mAh.

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