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  1. Jeremy Crittenden


  2. Thomas

    Playing this will be the closest I get to swimming in a money vault. Naturally Scrooge is my favorite. Get money, get paid!

  3. Tracey hartley


  4. Davide L.

    Obviously Scrooge McDuck 😀

  5. Jack Robert

    Scrooge Mcduck of course!

  6. Jenny Touchstone

    I love Huey… they were always up to something.

  7. Dan

    Duckworth the butler

  8. Zach Delph


  9. John Ryan

    Scrooge McDuck

  10. Zach Schlundt

    Dewey was always my fave, made me feel like i was a part of Duckburg!!

  11. Tracey hartley

    Just had to comment again and say that my 14 y.o. son watches Ducktales through amazon prime ALL the time. He would LOVE this game!

  12. Jaime Aguilar

    it has to be Mrs. Bentina Beakley I loved her!

  13. Gizmo Duck but really to many to just pick one ^^

  14. lorie webb


  15. Michelle Garcia

    Scrooge!! Who else?!

  16. Sean D

    Ducktales Woo hoo

  17. Chris Nolin

    Huey, Dewey, and Louie

  18. Lynsey Ruff


  19. Brian Cagle

    Uncle Scrooge

  20. Ryan Turner

    Magica De Spell!

  21. jeremiah

    bubba clubba!

  22. Paul Marion Jr.

    My favorite is Donald Duck… he was in the navy and showed up a few times on Duck tales!

  23. Peter

    Gizmo Duck is my favorite.

  24. Brad Z.

    Scrooge, of course!

  25. Jeff stone

    Uncle Scrooge

  26. Scot robinson

    Uncle Scrooge

  27. Pedro Hernandez

    My favorite character will always be Scrooge himself. It is amazing that they were able to balance his stinginess and greed with genuine warmth and wit. He is far from the rich guy stereotype that’s for sure. Second would have to be Launchpad. I just love how he is always happy to do his job and is never cynical about it, even if he is the worst pilot ever. It must speak volumes if Scrooge and friends keep hiring him, even if they nearly die because of him :p

  28. Amy

    Scrooge is a star! I adore his accent.

  29. Scot robinson

    Gizmo duck!

  30. Jennifer Stroud

    The Nephews..Huey,Luey and Dewey!

  31. Ernest powers

    Huey,of coarse

  32. roger prater


  33. Gary N.

    I really like Duey!

  34. Launchpad McQuack!

  35. Tiffany Wise

    Scrooge McDuck!! All time fav character. I still.have the entire Duck Tales comic book collection 🙂

  36. Pana Thitaram

    my favorite? Launchpad…most definitely launchpad!

  37. Amy

    I ADORE Scrooge McDuck!!

  38. Daysi Sandoval

    I love Webbigail!!

  39. Danielle J

    I love Scrooge! I am still jealous of his vault of gold.

  40. Uriah Hodgson

    Launch Pad McQuack. The crash landings are the best, and one always wlaks away…

    1. Uriah Hodgson

      Spelling correction “Walks away” Sorry

  41. Jörg

    Hi, I’m Jörg from germany. I loved Duck Tales so much, when I was a child. Especially Scrooge (in german: Dagobert), his nephews (german: Tick, Trick und Track) and the inventor (german: Daniel Düsentrieb).

  42. Amanda

    Launchpad McQuack FTW!

  43. Josh Carr

    Launchpad, I have to say as a kid, this was one of my favorite cartoons. I used to come home from school and watch it everyday and I loved the original game. I would love for my 9 year old son and I to play this game together. It really is timeless.

  44. Jimmi Leigh Kladis

    My favorite DuckTales characters are Hewey, Dewey, and Louie.

  45. Zach Varnes

    Launch Pad MCQuack

  46. Chrissy

    Launchpad McQuack

  47. Scott cowan


  48. This is tough! I’d have to say Scrooge or Launchpad, but I do have a fondness for Webby too!

  49. Suzanne Medina-Fierro

    Scrooge McDuck of course!

  50. Kim

    Scrooge McDuck!

  51. Jovanny Sanchez

    Launch Pad Mcquack!!!

  52. Caitlyn


  53. Melanie Bryan

    Scrooge McDuck

  54. Erica

    Scrooge McDuck go course.

  55. Eric Stephens

    My favorite has to be either Launchpad or Duckworth!!!

  56. Melanie Bryan

    Scrooge McDuck had to be my favorite

  57. Deloris Flowers

    Scrooge McDuck

  58. Michael S. Arisohn

    Gizmo duck.

  59. Michael jump

    Gizmo duck

  60. John McPhillips

    Launch Pad McQuack!

  61. Erin VanAuken

    Webby is my favorite!

  62. lauren yazujian

    Magica De Spell!!1 I love her!!

  63. Jose Milton


  64. Dorothy Radunske

    Scrooge McDuck

  65. Brian Stanley

    Gyro Gearloose

  66. Shandra Meagher

    Scrooge McDuck

  67. Stephen Parker

    Scrooge, because he’s the only one who doesn’t have a duck related speech impediment.

  68. Nicole Berg

    Duckworth all the way!!

  69. David Derflinger

    Launchpad!!! and Gizmoduck!!

  70. Joshua

    Launchpad McQuack! HA HA!

  71. Raymond Escobar


  72. Steven Ozer

    Magica De Spell!

  73. Robert McKay


  74. Crystal Baker


  75. Enrique Rocha

    Scrooge McDuck!

  76. Bobbi Meister

    I love all the characters, but Scrooge cracks me up!

  77. Franklin Wu

    Launchpad McQuack!

  78. Robert Budd

    Scrooge McDuck!

  79. Gary

    Scrooge is always a favourite 🙂

  80. Pat Schellhorn

    Scrooge McDuck, of course

  81. Derek M

    Definitely Gyro Gearloose; Gizmoduck was always awesome too… And Launchpad; Scrooge… Bah!

  82. Ryan

    Huey Duck!

  83. GoofyJames

    Scrooge McDuck

  84. Jason Adams

    Gyro Gearloose

  85. george todorovich

    Scrooge McDuck

  86. I can’t decide between Launchpad or Gizmoduck.

  87. Kyle


  88. Natasha


  89. Christopher Brunette

    Scrooge McDuck

  90. David Zarczynski

    Gizmo Duck

  91. Patty Adams


  92. Keith

    Scrooge McDuck

  93. Greg Hubert

    Scrooge McDuck

  94. Jeff


  95. Brian


  96. Meg

    Huey, Dewey and Louie!

  97. Karen

    My favorite is Webby! She’s so cute:)

  98. Faith C

    Scrooge for sure! 🙂

  99. xavier mora


  100. Mike

    My Faviorite is always Scrooge McDuck!!!!! FTW

  101. Jill Schneider

    I have so many, but probably GizmoDuck!

  102. Dana

    I’ve always liked Louie 🙂 I had a little action figure of him that I would play with at my grandma’s house

  103. Celestine Ventura

    Love Gizmo!

  104. Paul F

    Launchpad McQuack is my favorite.

    1. Vincent Bennett

      Scrooge McDuck!

  105. Jamie F

    Launchpad McQuack FTW!!

  106. Roddy Barros

    I gotta go with Scrooge too. I grew up reading Carl Barks comics, and then to see so many of his stories adapted in the series was simply awesome. 😀

  107. John Long

    Gizmo duck FTW!!

  108. Dustin Kitchens

    Scrooge most likely. But gotta say Launchpad has really grown on me lately

  109. Julia Latza


  110. Brenda Yepez

    Louie !!! My favorite !

  111. Kenny M

    Gizmo 🙂

  112. Cathleen King


  113. Coby


  114. Travis Trickett

    Magica De Spell

  115. Jason Nickolay

    Hands down it was Launchpad McQuack! I loved when he was on Darkwing Duck!

  116. Sven L.

    Quack der Bruchpilot is my choice. He may also be known as Launchpad McQuack, but because I watched the german version as a kid he will always be Quack der Bruchpilot for me 🙂

  117. Kristen Eby

    Scrooge McDuck

  118. Katherine

    Definitely Scrooge!

  119. Daniel M

    scrooge mcduck

  120. Jonathan Siregar

    Uncle Scrooge!

  121. Andrew

    Flintheart Glomgold because Hal Smith is such a phenomenal voice talent. He also voiced Gyro Gearloose and was also a good number of other notable Disney characters for quite some time as well (Pooh, Owl, Goofy).

  122. Jaclyn Reynolds

    Gizmo was my fav!!

  123. Adam

    Scrooge McDuck 🙂

  124. BLATHERIN’ blatherskite! I always loved Gizmoduck episodes!

  125. Rob Wilson

    Magica De Spell

  126. Derin Dopps

    Uncle Scrooge

  127. Joshua Byrne

    Scrooge McDuck 🙂

  128. Paul Wojtysiak


  129. Jason Spaeth

    I would have to go out there and say gyro gearloose!

  130. Lora McPherson

    I love Huey

  131. Oscar

    My Favorite is Scrooge McDuck.

  132. Amy Wonsil

    Scrooge McDuck for sure!!!!

  133. Ryan Beardall


  134. Heather W

    Fenton Crackshell / Gizmoduck

  135. Luke S

    Scrooge McDuck

  136. Daniel Horne

    Always loved it when Gyro Gearloose was involved, and Darkwing Duck (when he came on the scene later) was cool, too.

  137. Carl Krickmire

    My favorite was always Launchpad!

  138. Ariel Buckingham

    My favorite character in Ducktales HAS to be Launchpad McQuack! 😀

  139. Dustin

    Uncle Scrooge!

  140. Seana

    I love Huey, Dewey, and Louie!

  141. Kasey

    Scrooge McDuck, of course

  142. Paul Gomes


  143. Jaren

    Launchpad McQuack

  144. Shawn

    Always Launchpad!

  145. darcel margliotti

    This would be a great gift for my family

  146. Matthew O'Hern

    I loved Duckworth!

  147. Catherine


  148. Crystal

    Gyro! Love all the contraptions he makes!

  149. Erik

    Launchpad McQuack

  150. Patricia Ojeda Gardner

    Uncle Scrooge McDuck is my favorite.

  151. Kevin

    Launchpad McQuack

  152. Caleb

    Fenton Crackshell (aka Gizmoduck)

  153. Brent

    Launchpad McQuack is mine!

  154. Heather Dawn

    My favorite character is Duckworth!

  155. Chris Hofer

    Launchpad McQuack!!!

    RTed here: https://twitter.com/PriusGuy2004/status/411336038682865664

    Xbox 360 version if I am picked. Thanks for the chance!!!

  156. sarah

    Scrooge & Webbie!

  157. Ben Wendel

    Scrooge McDuck, a classic but yet he is one of the best parts of my childhood

  158. Linda Maimone

    Uncle scrooge

  159. Andrew Berardi

    Launchpad McQuack, for sure!!!

  160. William

    Launchpad McQuack. The flying duck form of Goofy.

  161. Chad Walters

    Uncle Scrooge!

  162. Jason LeFebvre

    Scrooge McDuck

  163. Kenn Kitt


  164. Cairon

    Uncle Scrooge

  165. Victoria Stangarone

    Uncle Scrooge is my favorite!!

  166. Paul


  167. Jeff

    The nephews.

  168. Mike P


  169. Josh Darby

    Josh Darby, favorite characters Huey, Dewey and Louie (you can’t pick just one!!!)

  170. Jarrett Bigelow

    Scrooge is always the best. Can’t beat the best character.

  171. Casey

    Launchpad 🙂

  172. Sean Williams


  173. Louella Laureola

    Uncle Scrooge

  174. Mia W.

    I have always loved Scrooge, but Magica is a close second!

  175. Kurt

    Magica De Spell

  176. Samuel

    Launchpad McQuack. Loved him in Darkwing Duck too! 😀

  177. Brandon

    Hope it’s not too late. Launchpad McQuack

  178. Andy H

    As a professional engineer myself, its got to be Gyro Gearloose!

  179. Pete

    Dewey cause he is the middle Guy.

  180. Alex Johnston

    GizmoDuck!! (360 please)

  181. Martha A. Azarian

    Scrooge 🙂

  182. Kyle Linder


  183. Hi there! My little guys & I think Scrooge McDuck is hilarious! Thanks for the chance… Santa’s putting an XBOX 360 under the tree this year! ;D

  184. Anthony Donofrio

    Magica De Spell – a great forgotten villain in my opinion

  185. Jamie Greene

    Magica de Spell!

  186. Jen Gottschall

    I always liked Webby Vanderquack. She was so cute!

  187. Andrew Gallagher

    Scrooge McDuck!

  188. April Davis

    Scrooge McDuck is the best!

  189. Rebecca Powers

    Webby! (I was Rebby as a kid) Just went as she and Dewey to Not So Scary – got engaged while dressed as DuckTales characters!

  190. M. Rogers

    Uncle Scrooge McDuck

  191. Kersytyn

    Scrooge Duck

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