Comments for “Tomorrowland” films in Tomorrowland as Walt Disney World welcomes movie studio crew to shoot in Carousel of Progress


  1. jamie clelland

    Anyone want a bet that defending the stairway in the final scene will detour from the progress city model into a secret club entrance.

  2. Angie

    Calm down, ladies and gents. It’s only for a day.

  3. Jamie Symons

    I was there last week! 🙁

  4. ke2alto

    I remember seeing it at the World’s Fair in 1964-65!! “I was there when…!”

  5. I guess I shouldn’t be upset about this… but I am. Not just upset, but angry. I mean like gritted-teeth, red-faced angry. Why is it that I have to learn that a film I’m SERIOUSLY psyched for was filming, TODAY, at the place WHERE I WORK from a shared link on FaceBook instead of from the company intranet? There wasn’t word one about this today at work. I’m furious.

    1. Nick

      Do you seriously think they would post information about filmings? It’s difficult to maintain crowd control for planned events and unannounced filmings, I can only imagine the chaos if they announced it on the Hub. It would take only one CM posting on Facebook for all chaos to break loose. The more under the radar the better! It’s nothing against the employees just to maintain the sanity and integrity of the filming and the poor CMs working crowd control.

  6. AnotherCast

    I work there, and I knew. Of course unlike you, I had the NEED to know. You didn’t miss anything. The trucks were in Park One, and the entire shoot was done within Carousel of Progress. Even if you DID know, you would have been kept back at the same distance as the rest of the people in the park.

  7. One of the prop guys came in and bought stuff from my army store, GEAR-UP on Hwy 50, in Tiusville today! So COOL!!

  8. Eric B. Freeman

    Pretty nice. I wonder what’s that going to be about.

  9. Ryan R

    I was so upset to read that the movie is moving back to 2015 and in December. I really want to see it.

  10. Little Bird

    There are a couple of unofficial trailers on YouYube.

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  12. Dean Luke

    This wasn’t featured in the movie. Only the 1964 world’s fair version of “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.” I am disappointed. I hope they might release some deleted scene or in an extended version.

  13. Andrew nelson

    Some day i hope Disney will reslease more tomorrow land speacil featchures of a tomorrow land blue ray dvd. I wish Disney world resort whould exspan the monorail to i_4 and celibration Florida.

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