Comments for Review: Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress surprises with classy comfort, astounding grounds just outside Walt Disney World


  1. Eric B. Freeman

    Beautifully cool and I did not know that hotel has exhibits of real Macaws.

    1. Jeff Lynch

      I think those birds are called parrots.

      1. Eric B. Freeman

        I know they are.

  2. frostsnowman

    Just wondering: is the bed in the room photo a king or queen?
    I think the pool table is in the laundry room so you have something to do while waiting for your wash to be done.
    Thanks for all the great photos of the view from your room. Stunning!

  3. Bridget Phelan

    Wow, this looks amazing! even though its outside Disney World, they always surprise me at how amazing their hotels are. I would love to go there.

  4. Bridget Phelan

    I also think that they should advertise the hotel more so that more people know about it. Its a shame that it goes to waste if no one knows about it. Its a really great hotel and it looks like Disney spent a lot of money on it. I would absolutely love the view from the top of the hotel-I love seeing all of the different parks from some place up high. That would be probably my favorite part.

  5. What is the quality and frequency of the the transportation they provide to the theme parks? Did you experience this? I would love to know what you thought.

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