Comments for LEGOLAND Florida announces 4-story LEGOLAND Hotel to open in 2015, the fifth of its kind worldwide


  1. Wow, Legoland is stepping up to the plate and opening up their own hotel onsite. I wonder if their next step is to create a spot like citywalk or downtown disney.

  2. Frostysnowman

    Well, they need something like this to capture people for more than a day, because there’s not much else to do in that area of Floriida. I was so skeptical when I first read about Legoland being built in Winter Haven, for that reason, but I am pleased to read stories about their continued expansion.

  3. Matt

    I used to work at the Legoland Hotel in California, while granted it is a great idea, they do forget that they need to cater to the parents as well with the kids. I hope they learn from the California Hotel.

    They are not a bad company to work for, they are still new to the hotel side of the theme parks

  4. star-w

    they juast made 5 hotel just for little kids with an adult area they better give the teens/tweens there own area in this one they make a LOT of money if they did

    1. star-w

      by juast i mean just sorry for the dramatic spelling error

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