Comments for Ihu’s Breakaway Falls water slide to drop into SeaWorld Aquatica in 2014 bringing tallest, steepest ride of its kind to Orlando


  1. Craig Hargrove

    Don’t support Sea World – Watch Blackfish!

    1. Justin

      Craig, I saw Blackfish as well which was a very sad film and it did really open my eyes to how SeaWorld’s orcas are handled and how they got to be where they are now, however despite the misunderstanding SeaWorld may have for the needs of an orca, they do indeed do a great job of getting the general public more interested in the care and conservation of our world’s oceans and its animals/mammals. So although I agree it seems wrong on some level to support the company that does this kind of treatment to such a majestic creature, I can’t help but feel i’m also learning more everytime I visit and the other attractions they have make for a great theme park. Besides, if you’re going to go on record saying you’re boycotting Sea World because of the Orcas you are, I assume, also going to boycott Disney because of their Animal Kingdom theme park or any other “Wild Animal” park for that matter. Don’t be stingy now thinking that an Orca is somehow better than any other Animal being raised in captivity and put on display for human entertainment.

      1. Craig Hargrove

        Justin, I appreciate your comments, however I don’t see how you can feel you are learning when at SeaWorld when the information they are providing it’s guest is fabricated to further support their own personnel gain. I also do feel the Orcas are different then other animals, and their behavior in captivity is proof. Their brain size relative to body size is second only to humans. As far as being put on display, Disney is not using it’s animals as circus acts, who only get fed when they complete a trick!

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