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  1. E.F.


    And speaking of Universal, I have three Universal theme park-related questions:

    1. Why aren’t there any attractions or character meet-and-greets based on the movie “The Land Before Time” at Universal Orlando?

    2. I know Halloween is over, but what’s your opinion if Universal would think of creating a horror feature film based on Halloween Horror Nights?

    3. What would you think if the “Woody Woodpecker Kidzone” area at Universal Studios Florida would someday be closed down (except “SpongBob StorePants” and “Animal Actors” which would be relocated at the Hollywood section)and re-themed into My Little Pony?

    1. Nicholas

      Land Before Time kind off fell into obscurity these days and really the only kids who know it existed is that their parents saw them.

      A Horror Nights feature film would be awesome! Best idea for a horror film in years!

      My Little Pony has a very centered market of mainly little girls. In a way it would be like Magic Kingdoms original Fantasyland plans if they did that. Families with boys would complain of the limited things too do in such an area.

      1. E.F.

        I wish Universal would reboot “The Land Before Time” because I know that people, such as myself and my sister too, who really adore that old movie since growing up.

        Yeah, it would interestingly awesome about HHN feature film. I bet they would get Rob Zombie as the director of that film.

        Yes, I know that My Little Pony is always aimed towards young girls, but I learned that there’re adult men and women who really loved My Little Pony so much too since the TV show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” debuted 3 years ago and it has a huge popular fan base. And even the adult fans of that show have their fandom names which are “bronies” and “pagasisters”. Don’t believe me? Here’s a link for you to find out what I mean: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brony

        1. Nicky

          I never doubted of the Brones or Pagasisters existence. Nor do I have a problem with that. But they are still a very select group much like the Potterheads. Guess because I never took much interest in the series myself I could never really see it having a place at Universal. Especially as a more of a classic film and behind the scenes oriented attraction fan.

          1. E.F.

            Well, if a My Little Pony-themed land would come to the attraction world of Universal someday in real life, it would may be included a summer nightly adult-oriented fan party event which would be created for Bronies by Bronies and even Universal and Hasbro would join the partnership to licensed the event. In my thoughts, the party would be called “Brony Fest”.

    2. EricJ

      1. And, which dinosaur would you like to meet?
      2. Instead of horror attractions based on films?
      3. It might if they owned it.
      (And bronies scare me. It’s like they don’t even KNOW the 80’s version ever existed, and think the license owner -made- the show to appeal to gushy college fangirls–Instead of reviving their marketing license for cheap Saturday morning flash-animation, like they did with the Care Bears.)

      1. E.F.

        Well, I have nothing to say, but we should focus on commenting about that Happy Hippo balloon for now because I have a feeling that we’re getting too carried away here.

        Can you explain the history about the Happy Hippo balloon and who just created it?

  2. EricJ

    (Uh, I’d give up the last-ditch attempt at “Loyal topic defender” thread-backpedaling, pony-boy; it’s already too late for that.)

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