Comments for Talking Mickey Mouse makes official debut at Walt Disney World, now carrying on conversations daily in Town Square Theater


  1. Dan Gordon

    Is this going to be an everyday thing at magic kingdom now or just for today?

  2. Read the bottom

    “But today marks the first chance for guests to get one-on-one with this chatty character every day, now at the Magic Kingdom.”

  3. Angie


    1. Wild Ol' Dan Blasius

      Howdy Pards,

      This is indeed magical…and I predict that there will come a day when every Disney character in the park will be able to chat with guests. Wonderful things are ahead of us. Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail. Wild Ol’ Dan

  4. Reesie

    So cute!!! I was smiling like a kid when I saw that video. I can’t wait to finally talk to Mickey!!

  5. Margarita Rodriguez

    This is great. I am going to Disney in November can’t wait to surprise my young kids with this.. Amazing

  6. Jeff Lynch

    I wish I was friends with Mickey Mouse.

    1. Travis Buckley

      You are Jeff! 😀

  7. Mary grace Blake

    i dont like! it’s just nonono

  8. Katelyn

    I got to see this this past weekend. It was the coolest thing ever! I felt like a little kid again. Disney’s bringing the magic back!

  9. Michael Nolan

    We saw his this weekend. Our jaws were on the floor!

  10. Amy

    We just saw this yesterday….hated it! You can’t actually talk to Mickey. It’s preprogrammed…..and was just plain weird when I tried to first ask him questions not realizing that he would just continue on without answering….I hated it!


  12. Leandro Giglio

    Me and my partner had a chance to talk to Mickey this year during our visit to MK. We were hipnotically mesmerized with the experience.

  13. Beth Williams

    After 21 years of coming to visit Mickey at Walt Disney World I have to say, a voice added to Mickey completely ruins the character!

    Having a voice with Mickey takes away most of the magic, especially if you have memories of having Mickey Mouse using sign language to say that he loves you!!

    All in all I can’t say that I would be wanting to queue up for an hour to meet this new version of my most favourite Disney Character!

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