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  1. Thanks for a great walkthrough of HHN23 haunted houses. We were able to attend this year and I deliberately avoided viewing any of your coverage or YouTube videos prior to us attending. I was thoroughly impressed with the level of detail that was achieved this year. The sets and props were truly impressive and were greatly improved over what I remember seeing probably 10 years ago the last time I attended a HHN event. I would have loved to take part in one of the daytime walkthroughs but decided since we were only going to attend one night, we would do the RIP tour which was definitely worth the cost. This will be the only way we will do it in years to come. The only complaint we would make of the haunted houses this year would be that we went through them too quickly. I would have loved to be able to slow our pace to really take in all of the details, I admit that there were definitely things I missed seeing now having seen all your great photos. Thanks again for all the coverage and the great work you do to bring us inside the magic.

  2. Eric B. Freeman

    I saw those three pictures that shows all the Disney stuff. I mean Disney stuff at Universal?! No way!!!

    1. Ryan

      The reason why they have Disney stuff in that scene is because in the film, when he is transforming to the Wolf, you see a little Mickey in the apartment in the movie. Just to show how much detail they go to for these mazes.

      1. Eric B. Freeman

        Oh, that’t explains everything. Well, would that be funny if all Disney characters and/or Disney-themed attractions would be at all Universal parks?

  3. Thank you so much for this! My husband and I went in early October for the sole purpose of seeing the Resident Evil house. It wasn’t until after that we realized they had walkthroughs during the day for a larger fee. So I greatly appreciate the pictures!

    We enjoyed all the houses, especially Cabin in the Woods, Resident Evil, and Walking Dead. (We had insanely slow people in front of us for American Werewolf so we missed ALL the scares and the line was simply too long for a 2nd run.)

    Again thank you! I know we won’t be able to attend next year so I look forward to another post like this then!

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