Comments for Halloween Horror Nights 2013 house-by-house review at Universal Studios Hollywood, as surprises fill a night of frights


  1. star-w

    what’s so 3-d about about black Sabbaths 13 3-d it doesn’t look like anything 3-D-sh to me they should call it black Sabbaths 13 2-d haha

  2. Dpx

    You wear 3d glasses. It’s very 3d. Did you expect the monsters to jump right out of the screen at you?

    1. star-w

      actually i expect hallways of screens doing that you know like spider man the ride but you walk intead of being on a vehicle

  3. Pretty freaky. I love it.

    1. star-w

      love what my expectaions on black sabban 13 3d?

  4. Ivona Poyntz

    when can we book for 2014

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