Ducks make final march, ending longstanding daily tradition as Peabody Orlando becomes new Hyatt hotel - Inside the Magic

Comments for Ducks make final march, ending longstanding daily tradition as Peabody Orlando becomes new Hyatt hotel


  1. Hi Ricky. Such a shame to see an end of one of Orlando’s quirkiest traditions. I hope the ducks enjoy their retirement!

    Best wishes, Alex

  2. Warren

    I always thought this was a neat tradition. Its a shame that its ending and that I never had a chance to witness it in person.

  3. Laura

    Thats ashame. I was planning on getting married in the peabody in 2015 but im not a fan of the hyatt :$

  4. It’s truly a shame that the Hilton can find the time or money to continue such a wonderful, wonderful tradition. Buying the hotel is one thing, dropping a long standing tradition frankly…stinks.

  5. Child Advocate

    October was truly the kick off of the end of good reasons to visit Orlando. We used to stay at the Peabody 4 times per year & go do the Disney Parks. Now that Disney has turned its back on visitors with special needs & the Peabody Ducks are gone, we will be looking to spend our money elsewhere.

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  7. If the Hyatt were smart, they would keep this long standing tradition. People come to that hotel just for the ducks, it is what makes them unique. With the hospitality industry fighting for customers, I would think they would want to keep this jewel in their crown.

    I know I had it on my “bucket list” to visit this hotel, just to see the ducks. I have no desire to go stay at the Hyatt, I can do that anywhere; however, if they kept the ducks, I would go. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

    1. Spike

      Eliza’s comments are exactly what my wife and I were saying. The ducks were a unique feature that gave this hotel a special charm all of its own. We had planned to take a holiday there but now it’s just like a million other hotels, albeit a bit more expensive.

  8. Chris Thomas

    No more ducks? No reason to ever stay at a Hyatt again. The Peabody was a great hotel with that unique difference the ducks made that made it worth paying the price to stay there. No ducks?. Find a JW Marriott. No more Hyatt ever. Sad to lose such a magnificent and unique tradition.

  9. mr .s.f.marley

    what a shame the ducks our leaving, my wife and I have seen the ducks in Memphis and was looking forward in seeing the ducks in orlando in November this year….

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  12. Sam

    We came all the way from England to see the ducks. We missed the parade but was able to see the ducks and tell our story to the duck master. We were kindly offered to visit in the future so we’re hoping to return.
    Our parents visit previously and at a family gathering told my sister in law about the ducks. She then visited with her family. Unfortunately both my mother and sister in law passed away way to premature. We had the chance to visit so we grabbed the opportunity. So pleased we did visit with our then small children. Quite honestly gutted they have stopped this daily routine. Would expect it’s effected the hotels business. Shame.

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