Comments for Universal Orlando sends a “heads-up” media invitation gift as Halloween Horror Nights 2013 opening night draws near


  1. Timothy Rogers

    Elaborate, but….. gross, Mr. Brigante. I will stick to the Not So Scary stuff if you don’t mind. I like my severed heads to be flaming pumpkins. 🙂

  2. Jaffa

    Nice! Gross! What do you do with all these “gifts” you get? Do you save all the severed heads from each year?

    1. James

      He is considered media so he is sent Media Gifts from Universal. He also gets to attend the Media Preview Events that they hold.

    2. James

      Oh, snap I thought you asked what does he do to get the heads and all that. Sorry!

  3. Ricky, have you ever seen those HHN USB drives to buy at Universal? I would love one.

  4. Stephanie

    …And how do we get our hands on the promo items every year? very neat set up!

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