Comments for Race for the gold in “DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot,” a new mobile game from Disney Interactive starring Duckburg friends


  1. Jeffrey Hernandez

    Woah! Awesome. Could this be a sign of a Ducktales Renaissance? I wish!

    1. EricJ

      I get the impression Disney didn’t expect that OTHER DuckTales-renaissance game to be as popular as it was, without their involvement.
      Here, looks like they’re trying to get in on a piece of it, a day late and a Duckburg dollar short.

  2. Alex J.

    Porcelain cannon… well now that sounds like a weapon of mass destruction. I am glad they didn’t go the easy route and make this yet another temple run rip off. Looks like it has some serious thought behind it and bit originality. (team fortress with a ducktales spin)

    1. Alex J.

      I certainly had more ammo in my toilet humor reservoir but I thought I would keep it clean.

  3. Lord Alfred

    Is there any voice-acting in this game?

    1. Jeffrey Hernandez

      Yes there is! It’s good too!

  4. I think it’s kind of ironic/cool that the day Toontown Online closes (so that Disney could “focus towards other online and mobile play experiences”), this DuckTales game launches. In the original beta version of Toontown, Scrooge McDuck was the main character of the game’s plot. Later versions left him out, just think it’s sort of neat that Disney would shift its focus but still have Scrooge at the center of their initiatives!

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