Princess Fairytale Hall to make royal debut on Sept 18 as Walt Disney World completes new home for Cinderella, Rapunzel - Inside the Magic

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Two Workers at Princess Fairytale Hall


  1. dumurin

    Where are Ariel and Belle?

    1. CC

      I guess since they are featured in their own new attractions, they are not included.

  2. Ariel and Belle are not included because they have their own locations in New Fantasyland. The grotto, and Enchanted Tales with Belle.

  3. uhmm mmm


    ariel = ariels grotto
    belle = enchanted tales with belle

  4. huh

    Well, that only took FOREVER for Disney to finish, while Universal cranks out high quality thrill attractions. How hard was it to remodel an existing building?

    1. Stargazer

      Long enough when you think about it. They have to maintain the “disney look”, completely dismantle an entire ride, and convert the small space into something completely different. Everything is double and triple checked

    2. Jeff Lynch

      I’m laughing at the “high quality” part of your comment about Universal. You’ve seen the Transformers building, right? It’s a cheap-looking, ugly, giant box.

      That’s the thing that always gets me with Universal fans…how they deliberately overlook things like this. Universal has never cared about sight lines or other pesky details like that. And if Disney installed painted statues around Fantasyland (like Universal did with Simpsons characters) people would be outraged…but they love it when Universal does it. If Disney put up a simple spinning ride with minimal theming, people would be mad…but they love it when Universal makes the Kang and Kodos spinner.

      Universal fans are amusing to watch because they are true contortionists. In their hatred of Disney they will bend in all directions possible to take a swipe at Disney while ignoring the cheapness of a lot of Universal’s efforts.

    3. Thais

      I have to agree with Jeff Lynch, because in my mind Universal Studios just runs on the “good enough” standard of amusement parks. Granted, I haven’t been there in a few years, but my last visit to the park was nothing to sing about. The audio on some of the rides was poor to the point where you could barely hear the muffled words, the paint on the buildings was incredibly washed out (something Disney would never let fly), and the last time I was in the Orlando area I remember watching a news report where they were claiming the park was FINALLY repairing the Hulk ride after months of customers complaining (even then during the article the news anchors pointed out that UNIVERSAL OFFICIALS said the reason they were repairing the ride was only because it was scheduled maintenance.)

      And seriously, I don’t care what anyone says, the Transformers ride is just the Spiderman ride all over again. Universal knew they’d have to gut the Mavel area eventually, so they just copied and pasted their best ride into the other park, slapping on another big name to draw people in.

      1. Mark

        @Thais You should visit the parks now, they look amazing and their staff is rivalling WDW in my experience. Also you assumption about Marvel is wrong. The theme park rides are forever for Universal in this part of the land due to an agreement with Marvel and a former owner of Universal. They only should have to let it go when they want to and they probably at one point will when Disney is offering them a ton of money and they have a new franchise for that land.
        For me, and for many theme park fans Universal Orlando is taking the place of WDW. Delivering cutting edge rides, food, drinks and experiences Disney once did.
        Know that I was a huge Disney fan and will be as soon as they are on the right track again but a nice queue and ride building doesn’t cut it when the inside is mediocre and lame.

        1. Does the Jurassic Park at Orlando work? When I went on the one in Hollywood, the T-rex at the end was broken. All they did was cover over the hole with a black garbage bag.

        2. disneyphilip

          Sorry, but Thais, Stargazer and Jeff Lynch are still right.

          1. tehehe

            From what I am reading, it seems those extremists are forgetting what theme parks are all about. Disney and Universal are very different and both are great companies! Universal is under new parents that are working hard to build upon and renovate their parks. You have to give Universal the credit for making the changes….just appreciate what is being done and the increased (healthy) competition between companies. Untimely, it is a benefit for Orlando and families of all kinds…stop the hate!

      2. Disney AND Universal Passholder

        “Universal fans are amusing to watch…” – Seriously? This doesn’t smack of a different kind of snobbery and elitism?

        Disney is hardly without flaw and above reproach – have you *seen* some of the cracking and faded paint in some of their attractions – Small World, Epcot’s Mexico Ride, and the Tomorrowland People Mover immediately come to mind. Prior to the redo of Country Bear Jamboree, there were YEARS that half of the electronics were out of sync and the sound quality was muffled.

        Heck, when was the last time EPCOT had a new RIDE? Test Track was updated, true, but that’s about it. Soarin’ is amazing – but borrowed from the Disneyland park. Ellen’s Energy Adventure is over 15 years old and dated as all get out – there have been no attempts to update.

        While the new Fantasyland is beautiful, save the new Ariel ride (again, borrowed from it’s California counterpart), it’s basically become an elaborate meet-n-greet area – Ariel’s Grotto, Enchanted Tales with Belle (photo op!), Fairytale Princess Hall. While I love the princesses as much as something else, there isn’t much to DO. I’m sorry, a kid’s coaster, no matter how cool, shouldn’t take 3 years to complete.

        Nor is Disney’s revered “show quality” always up to snuff. Many of the Enchanted Tales with Belle shows feature ‘actresses’ that are so awful you can barely hear them – in a room that seats about 30 people.

        I do love Disney, but there are some pretty noticable park flaws there as well.

        You can knock Universal all you’d like, but in the past 5 years, they’ve added Disaster, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (with one original dark ride, two rethemed coasters, and 3 shows/live entertainment), Transformers, Despicable Me, the Nighttime Spectacular show, re-hauled SpiderMan completely, added the Rip Ride and Rockit coaster, new Simpsons ride which has flushed out (very nicely) into a well-themed area of the park with absolutely stellar themed food. Not to mention the entire new Harry Potter area which will feature yet another brand new ride – two if you count the Hogwarts Express.

        Yes, the Simpsons area has painted characters/statues. However, they have additionally added animated walk-arounds. It’s not a substitute for quality or live entertainment – it’s a different experience.

        Both have their pros and cons, but this snobbery that insinuates that Disney is perfection ‘Disney would never let (improper park care, show quality) fly’ (sic), is both elitist and rose-tinted. To say that Universal can’t theme properly or that Disney WOULD NEVER let park appearance fall below standard implies that you may not have really been looking around you.

    4. Thrill attractions are usually my least favourite ones in any given theme park. The ones I tend to like are those that give a sense of place, with great immersion into a fantasy world. When I went to Disneyland Paris, Space Mountain was okay but I LOVED Adventure Isle.

      As for Universal, I grant that all their renovations and additions of late – like Harry Potter and Springfield – elevate them to the status of an also-ran… You know, something extra to do while on your Disney World vacation. Until IOA starts getting 10 million more visitors each year, the Magic Kingdom has nothing to worry about.

  5. Chaz

    Not bad. I’m loving all of the detail.

    I’m still somewhat sad that this had to take the place of “Snow White’s Scary Adventures,” though.

  6. frostysnowman

    What?! No Esmerelda?! (Just kidding!). This looks nice. I think it’s finished just in time for my younger daughter, almost eight, to still want to see the Princesses there.

  7. Mark

    I was hoping for some crystal chandeliers but they went with the gothic once and I don’t think that’s appropriate for this location but it’s sure cheaper.
    Anyway I can only hope they give the whole princesses stuff a rest for the next decade and turn their attractions less to focus groups and back to the whole family again like Walt intended.

    1. disneyphilip

      Stop abusing Walt quotes and stop taking them out of context!

  8. Ashley

    Umm if Pocahontas isnt in there, I will be so mad!!

    1. Chaz

      Did I miss something, or is Aurora being left out? I don’t recall seeing a portrait of her like most of the others.

      1. Sienna

        Aurora is in there!! She’s in the first photo, on the right side. There’s no close up of her though…

        1. Chaz

          Ah! I see now.

          Thanks, Sienna.

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