Comments for New “Harry Potter” and “Jurassic Park” films announced, could spell even more theme park fun for Universal Studios


  1. Sean

    Goodbye, Lost Continent. You had a good run.

  2. Don

    Awesome, I think the New York part in USO would be a great place. If they remove the Bleus Brothers street (keep these guys they are great) and gut any store in that square it could be a great place for a new ride. I love the fact that the wizarding world is getting expended on movie.

  3. Jeff Lynch

    I think the remaining parts of Lost Continent should be rethemed to a kind of “Forbidden Forest” setting from the Potter world. They could have lots of fantastic creatures and monsters in there, as well as a Shrieking Shack that would be Universal’s answer to the Haunted Mansion. A dark ride based on the Fantastic Beasts could go in here when the movie comes out.

    1. Jake Sheridan

      they wouldnt do a forbidden forest because they already have a small version of the area outside of the dueling dragons ride

  4. Josh

    Another movie set in the Potter Universe, but dealing with magical creatures…. Ummm how is that gonna play out? I would love to see another J.K.. Rowling movie set in that world, but about magical creatures? We shall see where this goes…

  5. Jackson

    I am excited for another Potter movie– and that it’s going to be written by Rowling herself is a bonus! I can’t wait to see if they end up putting anything in the parks.

  6. I can’t wait for the new Jurassic Park movie. We’ve all waiting too long for this! 🙂

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