Comments for New Disney Infinity exclusives and pre-orders – Frozen, Jack Skellington, Tron, Toy Story in Space and beyond


  1. Hilde

    The Vanellope-one is adorable!
    I really want Ferb, too. I’d go for a set of three figures with Phineas, Ferb and Perry. Even if Phineas does look a little creepy in 3D. :3

    1. Guy

      Turning any cartoon into 3D is kinda creepy.
      Anoyone remember those Fairly Odd Parents X Jimmy Neutron specials?

    2. poop

      they should add Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Darth Vader, Kermit the Frog, Spider Man and Hulk, and Peter Pan

      1. DuDe

        This is DISNEY infinity, not EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER infinity. Peter pan is an option here, and I agree with you on it, but Oswald, Darth Vader, Kermit, Spider Man and Hulk are not options, just saying.

        1. that guy

          Disney bought lucas arts and with the marvel crossover on phineas and ferb all are possible

        2. DisneyFan

          Oswald would be an option. HE IS DISNEY. PURE DISNEY. Haven’t you heard of the whole Epic Mickey 2 game, WHICH Oswald is a main character. He was forgotten. He’s apart of Toontown.

    3. Hi

      I know right, does a little weird but I’m excited for Jack Skellington and his texture packs in series two

  2. Jason Knox

    The Tron Disc is still technically part of series 1

    1. jabsther

      Tron Disk is part of the second series. Look at:

      1. CKSpawn

        Original Tron disk is part of series two toysrus has the exclusive pack series one and that has the Tron disc in it so technicly it’s in both ex series one and regular series two

    2. Pickles

      ya because I have it

  3. Marlon

    I already have Violet, looks like I’ll have to do some trades lol.

  4. Don

    Reviewing a game is fine but now you are just giving a ordinary sales pitch to collect money for your next vacation.

    1. Because Inside The Magic doesn’t post news right?

      By that logic, the whole site and podcast is just one giant sales pitch for Disney products…

    2. Kenn Kitt


    3. Jeff Lynch

      Stop attacking Ricky! This site has great and in-depth news. I really appreciate all of Ricky’s articles and I think he gives information that’s not anywhere else. This Disney Infinity stuff is really confusing to me and the only time it ever makes sense is when Ricky writes about it.

    4. Craig Hargrove

      How do you collect money from posting release dates for upcoming merchandise that Disney sells?

    5. Carrie

      A website that reports on all things Disney is essentially a big commercial for Disney. So your point is moot.

  5. Matt

    I consider this news because I had no idea when any of this was coming out and I am into playing Disney Infinity, so this was actually very helpful. Thank you Ricky!!!

  6. Timothy

    Does anyone else think that Anna’s eyes are a little….weird?

    1. Michelle

      I agree. She looks cross-eyed.

    2. They look….. preoccupied…. >>;;

    3. HellLiddell121099

      I think she looks cute that way…

    4. Kaylee

      Yeah she looks like she is staring off. That set is probably going to be the only set I won’t buy.

  7. Ryan R

    I wish that there was an actual nightmare before Christmas play set.

    1. clinton

      Its garbage that they are not adding a play set for The Nightmare Before Christmas, because of that reason i will not buy the game but just the Jack figure.

      1. Ella

        Maybe the nightmare before Christmas set will come out with series 3. I’m holding off on wordy till the set comes out

        1. Eric G

          I don’t think there will be a Nightmare before Christmas playset. The code built into the game already is almost done. The last playset will most likely be Toy Story. However, I am sure all the programmers are working on a Disney Infinity 2 already, and hopefully it will be backward compatible with all the existing power discs and figures. And hopefully, with all of us screaming we are doing, they will put a NBChristmas playset in the second game.

    2. Kaylee

      I know! Of all characters they don’t have a set for! That would be like the best world ever made! I don’t see why the won’t have one!

  8. Looks like the Disney Store pulled the Frozen Play Set off their pre-order list for October. No explanation, so time for some detective work!

  9. Sam Freedman

    Why release a stand alone Woody and then 20 days later release the Toy story in space play set with Buzz lightyear and Jessie. Weird

    1. Dave Strohmenger

      Because they wanted to keep Walmart happy. For a brief period, Walmart can say ‘if you want a Toy Story character, we’re the only ones who have it’.

    2. Bob

      So that you purchase all three characters in order to get the playset piece. Kinda sneaky of Disney. Why not just put the playset piece in with Woody considering that he’s the main character? Im also miffed at Disney for not making a playset for the Jack Skellington character…could’ve been their best one. Instead you’re expected to lay out money to play a few crummy adventures.

  10. Alex J.

    Thanks for the coverage Ricky. I was all set to purchase violet but now that I see she is coming out in a 3 pack I think I will save the money by getting her with the two other girls and make my girlfriend really happy.
    I too wish there was a nightmare before xmas playset. One question I have is do the stand alone characters unlock anything in the game other than new textures?

    1. Dave Strohmenger

      Each figure has a specific adventure, for example Sulley has a paint ball game.

      1. Alex J.

        Yes I understand that the figures that come with the starter have a stand alone adventure however… do the extra figures like Mike, Barbosa, Dash…etc (that play in those worlds) unlock anything extra in the game or have quests or mini games all to themselves

        1. Dave Strohmenger

          I’ve only played with Sulley so far, but there was a message in one of the menus saying that each character comes with their own adventure. I have a few of the extra figures, so I’ll have to try them out.

        2. Jay

          Yes, each character has a stand alone adventure – whether from a Starter, Playset, or stand alone figure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Robert

    Just a heads up, Woody is exclusive to GameStop as well. I went into GameStop yesterday to pre-order Jack Skellington and was told that Woody was available to pre-order through them as well, so I pre-ordered both.

    1. Alex

      When is Woody coming out at Gamestop? I forgot to ask them and it is not posted on Gamestop.com.

    2. Kaylee

      I’m getting jack like right when it comes out! I wanna preorder him though!

    3. dean

      The story said Woody was exclusive to walmart but would be available from others later. Means gamestop will sell them when everyone else gets them.

    4. Bob

      Be aware that neither Woody or Skellington come with playset pieces. To play Toy Story’s playset you will still have to wait for, then purchase the Buzz and Jessie combo that includes the playset piece. Jack Skellington does not have a playset. No Nightmare Before Christmas game. Pretty lame, Disney.

  12. Tom

    They never even mentioned Wreck-it Ralph be coming out as well,they just show Vanellope as being apart of the toy box when she will be with Wreck-it Ralph and I’m assuming that Disney would make a Wreck-it Ralph play set

    1. James

      according to Disney Infinity’s Facebook page, you can pre-order Wreck-It-Ralph at Best Buy, but his release date is November 22nd

  13. Cheri

    I heard at toys r us that they have a trade in where they offer guests the option to trade the power discs for disney infinity, does anyone know where to can find out dates and times for this.

    1. Dave Strohmenger

      The first one was this past Saturday. They set up a plastic picnic table and had plastic promotional bags and a checklist of the Wave 1 discs and the two Toys “R” Us discs (Mike’s Car and TRON). They also had a coupon sheet. It had discounts like $20 off the starter pack, 30% off figure sets and play sets and 40% off accessories. I got the Lone Ranger play set and the base protector.

      1. Andrew Cornman

        We went to the swap as well. Only three people showed up at our Toysrus. Likely I was able to trade for Mike’s car. I still need Cinderellas Carrisge and Buzz’s blaster.

        1. Jake

          you mean stitches blaster

  14. Helga/QQ

    Our local TrU- just let us know that the “princess pack” is supposed to be in their next Infinity shipment- pretty sure he is talking about Frozen… anyone hear if they are getting the exclusive? Disney.com has closed the preorders.

  15. Richard P.

    Ricky, thank you so much for passing this information along. My son was super excited to get the Tron power disc and I would not have know about it if had not been for ITM.

  16. NickyR

    Will venelope and repunzel get playsets

    1. Jay

      As far as I’m aware, the only other playset rumored for the remainder of 2013 is the Toy Story In Space playset with Buzz and Jessie. The Frozen 2-pack comes with two of the hexagonal power discs, a terrain update and a and skybox update. After that, we’ll have to wait until 2014 for more Playsets.

  17. Jay

    Ricky, thanks for consolidating all the Infinity info into one post – truly appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚ The game is a blast to play – my 4 year-old son and I both love it – and to see what’s coming up, with excellent high quality images, to boot, is incredibly helpful.

  18. Fire Ball

    Jack sounds awesome, but I would like to know about the world figure for him too.

  19. will

    they need sets

    1. Brandy Cooke

      Did anybody else get the gold packs for the power discs from TRU? We purchased 12 of them, the max allowed. All of them had the same “special” disc & the 2nd were all duplicates of the ones we had from the regular packs.
      Makes it kind of hard to collect them all when all the packs have the same thing in them.

      Also- I know it’s bad & kind of cheating, but we found that the figure pad can read the disks through the package, so you can find out what you have without opening them. Making it returnable so you can get other packs & save some money that way.

      Kind of a bummer Violet will be in the girl power pack since we already got her.

      I’m so glad I got all of the figures they had available for free at the D23 Expo. When you’ve got a 7 yr old nephew to spoil, that saved some on the wallet.
      Now to get my hands on a Tron disk ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. dancemomto2

        Our TRU had list up with the SKU# for disc packs that told you what was in each pack so you could simply purchase one of each sku. I thought that was awesome.

  20. Carrie

    I did some shopping around and found the following:

    Toy Story Pack: Available Oct 22, Preorder now at Walmart.com, Toys R Us, Gamestop, & Newegg.com

    Frozen Pack: Available Nov 19 through Newegg.com, Available Nov 26 preorder at Walmart.com, Toy R Us, Gamestop, Target.com.

    GirlPowerPack: Available Nov 26, Preorder now at Newegg.com

    Jack Skellington: Avail Oct 5 at Gamestop, Released Oct 29 to other stores. Preorder at Newegg.com.

    Sorcerer Mickey: Avail Dec 31 preorder at Newegg.com

    Agent P: Avail Dec 31 preorder at Newegg.com

    Phineas: Still listed as “coming soon”

    Ferb: Still listed as “coming soon”

    Wreck it Ralph: Avail Dec 31 preorder at Newegg.com

    *Worth mentioning: Preorders from Newegg.com ship free.

    1. LindaA

      I usually dont comment on these websites but i have to say thank you for sharing that helpful information Carrie ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Its hard for us families to find these toys for our children before the scalpers get to them. On Saturday I waited in line at my local GameStop to get the Jack Skeleton for my child but when they opened the employee announced that there were only three Jack Skeleton characters for sale and only one person preordered… A lot of people left upset! I was one of the lucky people in line that got a character but I felt the others dissapointment to have waited all that time with their little children only to leave empty handed. ๐Ÿ™
      You saved me a lot of time, money, n stress!
      You are fabulous! Thank You Carrie ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. 314159

    The Disney Infinity figures seem to have two flavors of exclusive: a product exclusive (specific retailer is the only source of that item), and a “pre-release” exclusive (specific retailer sells a specific character 2-3 weeks before it’s available everywhere).

    Product exclusives have retailer specific packaging – the Toys ‘R Us discs and Crystal Lightning McQueen, for example.

    “Pre-Release” exclusives include:
    *Oct 1 Wal-Mart Woody
    *Oct 5 GameStop Jack Skellington
    *Nov 22 Best Buy Wreck-It Ralph
    *Nov 24 Target Vanellope Von Schweetz
    None of these have different packaging than their competitors have, but are available 2-3 weeks earlier.

    Availability also varies by country. Toys ‘R Us Canada had crystal Sulley and Mr. Incredible available via website, now are store only items. The crystal Buzz Lightyear and Lightning McQueen set still appears online. Amazon.co.uk may be usable to predict US release dates; they generally accept preorders before items are shown on US sites (note: Amazon.co.uk only ships video games to European Union region).

  22. Katie

    I really hope they come out with a princess playset or Frozen for that matter. My 6 year old daughter is a little upset the only female characters right now are Violet and Mrs. Incredible. And none of the current playsets include a female lead.

    1. Eric G

      You forgot Holly is a female, and she comes with the cars playset. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Eric G

    What I would like to see in Disney Infinity 2:
    Nightmare Before Christmas playset: Sally and Boo figures! Yay!
    Tron playset: Tron, Sam, Flynn, Quorra, and Clu figures.
    Neverland playset: Pan, Wendy, Tinker Bell, Tiger Lilly, and Hook!
    Enchanted Forest playset: Bring out the princesses! Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Arial, etc. Make it like the “Once Upon a Time” TV show but cartoony.
    And Wonderland playset: Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire cat, and Red Queen!

    1. Maleficent

      I really would like to see two great Disney ladies: Merida and Maleficent!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Wish to get Perry Stand Alone, in Australia. Is it easy to do so?

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  26. Simone

    Hi, I bought the Disney Infinity pack for my son for Christmas and was just looking online to see which new sets were coming out soon, when I stumbled upon this site.

    I’ve seen a couple of times while reading through the comments something about a Disney Infinity 2.
    Does this mean that there is a completely new game coming out? And what about all this money spent on Disney Infinity and all the characters?! Does anyone know whether these will work on the newer version?

    I thought the whole idea of Disney INFINITY is that their ideas were endless and would just update the game?!

    Thanks in advance!

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