Haunted Mansion Holiday gets high-tech update for 13th year of ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ overlay at Disneyland

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Twas the night before Friday the 13th and all through The Haunted Mansion, Disneyland cast members had an opportunity to preview the enhancements made for the 13th year of Haunted Mansion Holiday, the attraction overlay decking the halls with decor and characters from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

This year, the ride features some high-tech additions including new animation for the stretching rooms. It’s a rare occasion where vertical video is actually appropriate, featured below showing the full new effects.

This is the second projection-based update Disneyland has made to a classic attraction in recent weeks, also adding new effects to the Indiana Jones Adventure.

Zero the ghost dog also flies through the attraction’s changing portraits in the hallway just past the stretching rooms.

Video: Zero flies through Haunted Mansion Holiday changing portraits

Those new additions and the rest of the attraction can be seen in the full ride video below.

Video: Full ride on Haunted Mansion Holiday 2013 at Disneyland

(Thanks to Matthew Bowland, @EchoFifth & Instagram, for the two videos above!)

Continuing the 13th year theme, Jack Skellington (with help of Disney’s Imagineers) has scattered 13 surprises throughout the attraction. And this year’s ballroom gingerbread house is more massive than ever, a tower paying tribute to the anniversary.

Haunted Mansion Holiday makes its grand 2013 debut on Friday the 13th, remaining in place at Disneyland through early January 2014, throughout the Halloween and Christmas seasons.


  1. Marc

    Holy crap, that is awesome. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  2. Jacob

    I wonder what this will do for the non seasonal mansion, I will be curious to see that next time.

  3. Michelle

    Nice! Thanks for the update, cant wait to go see it!

  4. Michael

    Closing date of Attraction?

    1. Marc

      Usually, they close the holiday version of the Haunted Mansion at the beginning of the New Year and switch it back to the classic version. My family goes on Christmas day every year, and it’s still there, so you should have a few months to check it out before it’s gone and have to wait till next year.

  5. Misha

    hello friends, I am at Disneyland on January 7. Can anyone tell me if the Haunted Mansion is open or closed?

  6. Chaz

    My family has plans to go in October. I’m very excited to see the overlay this year.

  7. monon

    holy crap

  8. star-w

    what’s behind door 13? and what present did you get

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