Comments for First-timers face fears for Halloween Horror Nights 2013 as Universal Studios Hollywood debuts more of “The Walking Dead”


  1. Jeff Lynch

    I’m not the target audience for the Universal Halloween offerings either. It’s too gory and scary for me. I much prefer the “spooky” offerings at Disney over the “scary” of Universal.

    But, I LOVE that there is the choice available. Let some people have their scary and I can have my spooky. It’s nice that the two parks didn’t try to both be scary or both be spooky. Diversity is wonderful!

  2. Nick

    I love this report it shows another side of the event. It really shows this is a scary event and can scare others. When Ricky does them it seems like them same thing each year and non scary this time i felt the fear in what was reported back keep up the good work xD

  3. High Five

    I was reading this thinking the reviewer’s taste couldn’t be further from my own. Then he goes and recommends a Bioshock maze.

    Soul brothers, dude.

  4. Writing about Halloween Horror Nights without going into the mazes is like reviewing a movie by only watching the trailers.

    Next time, please get someone who likes these kinds of things, or is at least willing to go through them.

    1. Ha. No trouble there. Won’t be a next time for me. 😉

    2. Ricky Brigante

      As stated above, I will be adding reviews of the mazes in an upcoming article. Consider this a preview of what’s to come, from a different perspective. Not everyone is as big of a fan of horror as I am, so it is nice to get a different perspective once in a while. Sometimes folks who aren’t keen on the idea of stepping into the darkness are dragged by others to this event, so this should help them know what to expect.

  5. Kelly M

    I think it’s great to hear HHN from this perspective. I was terrified the first time I went (Orlando’s Sweet 16), so completely sympathise. I got trapped in one of the NY alleys with about 10 zombies – intense. Then I decided I had to embrace it and accept my fate 🙂

  6. tyklayman

    The audience becomes locked in a cage set on wheels, and is brought into a dark room with blood stains covering the walls. A crackling voice is heard over the loud speaker, ” You have ten seconds to find a way out of the cage or else you’ll become our cannibal creature’s meal for the evening.” Just then a 15 foot man who has the jaw structure and teeth of a crocodile appears from the shadows. As the being takes each step closer he counts down all the while his giant naked body and grotesque face being cast by the light, 10, 9, 8, 7 , 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. “1”, says a deep voice from above the cage. A grappling hook gets thrown into the eye of the beast known as Killer Croc as Batman jumps from atop the cage, his cape elegantly displaying its’ full length as his boots land upon the ground.

    Joker’s Asylum, a Batman Haunted House. Coming Soon.

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