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  1. Tyler

    Orange Harvest could also be Disneyland because it was built on an orange grove.

    1. ANDREW

      Same here in Florida! Orange groves.

    2. Jordan

      I think the orange is a throwback to the Blue and Orange color scheme of Star Tours, considering Blie Harvest was the code name of ROTJ. There is definitely a cantina in our future. Bantha milk? Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes? I mean, come on. I’m not sure what “scooter” refers to, but theat fragment of a blueprint sure looks like the tip if a speeder bike. Thanks, Ricky! Those of us who can’t be there are depending on you!

      1. Scar

        Well tomorrowland in disneyland is mainly associated with the colors blue and orange

      2. Kenny

        Actually Blue Harvest was the code name for the original Star Wars in 1977, but that is not important. I am excited of the idea if a Star Wars Land.

        1. Randall

          You’re right it’s not important, but the pseudonym was for Return of the Jedi, as stated. The first in the series would have no need for a code name, which was used to keep out crazy fans/snoopers (which didn’t work 100% of the time, as some fans in Yuma, AZ, where they built jabba’s barge, figured it out) . The full name was ‘Blue Harvest: Terror Beyond Imagination.’

    3. Jen

      Disneyland in California was built on strawberry fields, not orange groves.

      1. GG

        orange grove is the street name. not actual orange groves. orange grove blvd.

    4. scifidan

      The Orange harvest is a reference to the “Blue Harvest” code name that ROTJ was filmed using.


    I think the Imagineers are finding it amusing to toy with us! Bravo you have just made every Disney nut go bananas over crates!

  3. @joeyintucson

    Those blue prints appear to be showing the front of a speeder bike! I don’t know why “scooter” would be in the name though. Although the JEDI is the same font from ROTJ. Cool! (Please replace the PeopleMover!)

  4. NB

    Anything based off of Return of the Jedi would make me a happy camper. And the Rancor references certainly suggest that, along with the look of those blueprints. Could “scooter” perhaps be a double hunt? Possibly referencing the location of the ride if it is indeed in Florida. Scooter the Muppet, as in bye bye muppetvision? I say this because the speeders were never referred to as scooters, so it seems like a very intentional word choice.

    Also, there’s a definite reference to Master Windu on the lightsaber box. Not sure if that’s just cute or if they are suggesting he may be in an attraction of some sort (year long meet and greet, perhaps?)

  5. Since1976

    Love the Orange Harvest moniker. It’s already driving me nuts trying to figure out whether that is a reference to Disneyland or WDW or both.

  6. Phill

    Seems to be a lot of Tatooine theming. Thanks for the news!

  7. jake

    To be quite honest, I think this Imagineering stuff is neat and exciting…. but where’s the news about Star Wars VII, (aka, what most people are interested in?)

  8. Kevin

    Orange Harvest could be a reference to either resort, since they are both in “Orange County.”

  9. JediStaceyB

    JEDI Scooter ? This is something that I have not read about but I have not real a lot of EU. Perhaps some EU item. I do know that a scooter ride might suggest a kids ride or a Dark ride vehicle. Perhaps something that could be sat in while cruising through a scene or scenes with animatronics or live actors. I will be there Saturday to mind trick the imagineers of information. Thanks for the coverage so far Ricky! You the best !

  10. Paul Hancock

    My guess is I see a replacement for pizza port coming our way out in Cali

  11. DisneyFan 223

    Radon-ulzer, Hyperdrive motivator- motion simulator that destroys the death star or podraces on tatooine
    R2 droid, c3po, droid with a bad motivator- droid factory
    Blue milk or bantha food/milk- Mos eisley cantina restaurant and bar
    Orange Harvest-WDW Resort

  12. Aquafan

    I’ve heard a few rumors of what they may be up to!

    -Disneyland will get it’s People Mover back Star Wars themed as lightspeeder bikes

    -Hollywood Studios will get the Cantina. Probably selling some form of blue milk ala Butterbeer (Harry Potter) and Lefraus’ (SP) Brew (Fantasyland)

    -Captain Eo will be a 3-D preview for whatever Star Wars product is about to drop

    -Tomorrowland (which of all the lands needs a huuuge makeover) will get Star Wars skinned. Whether or not that is permanent or just when the are in promo mode for a new movie, is unclear.

  13. Amy-Elizabeth (@brervixen)

    WDI are being the biggest trolls on the internet right now!

  14. Casey Ritter

    For the love of God send a videographer with him next year. in fact you have my email address contact me that’s what I do. Because while the questions were good I would like a steady shot with his head in it for the most part!!!

    1. Carly

      ^^^^ hands down the best comment on this thread

    2. Ricky Brigante

      Sorry about that. It was a brutally hectic night and I wasn’t allowed to bring anyone else with me for this preview. I had 2 hours to cram in as much as possible from the Parks pavilion. NOT enough time. Next time I will bring a tripod!

  15. Epic Chick

    I wonder if that means no more American idol (was lame anyways) and No more Indiana Jones (best show at Hollywood Studio) I know that the Light Motors Action are packing up. This is all very exciting

    1. Roe

      Yes, they have already said American Idol is closing in January 2015. The motor stunt show has just added “Cars” to the show – Lightning McQueen and others make an appearance, so it probably will be around a little longer.

  16. Bart

    Orange Harvest has to do with the colors of the rebel fighter pilot uniforms.

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