Comments for Review: “Planes” flies past low expectations, lands in a more satisfying place than it takes off


  1. Roddy Barros

    I read some reviews that mentioned that Planes and Turbo are almost twins. Did you happen to see Turbo?

  2. Doctorbroadway

    I completely agree! I actually loved parts of the movie MORE than Cars!

  3. Frostysnowman

    I also agree. During the first part of this movie I could only think “This is almost exactly like Cars”, right down to the background scenery that took the shapes of planes. But then at about the midpoint, it became its own film and the ending was quite satisfactory.

  4. Teddy Leo

    Saw it Opening day at the AMC in DisneyLand (was there for D23 Expo) Im a 15 year old male I went with my twin brother and my best friend who is 16 Also my dad. We went to see it because we where just tired from D23 and we just finished dinner at Trader Sam’s. We left that movie actually liking it which we were joking the whole time before how bad it was going to be. So i was pleasantly surprised that it was good.

  5. Kaitlyn

    The arguments against things like Planes, Monsters U or Avatar Land aren’t about whether these projects are good or not, they’re about whether these are the best use of time for Disney’s talented artists.

    Monsters U didnt put me to sleep. Avatar Land will likely be visually stunning but lack the depth of the movies. Planes might be something I put on when it is airing on Disney Channel. But does that justify it’s existence?

    Disney is arguably the most talented pool of writers, animators and imagineers so you’d hope they’d be striving for excellence rather than “not disappointing”.

  6. star-w

    i love cars so planes is a thumbs up for me i guess the begining is sorta meh

  7. Jeff Lynch

    Does anyone think there will be a Boats movie too?

  8. Ryan R

    I actually started to make jokes about there being more cars spin off movies after I heard about this. Boats was one of them and there was also trucks, trains, rockets, and UFOs. It’s only matter of time.

  9. John

    I watched this movie with the kids and we all loved it!I pesonally don’t think it derserves all the flak it gets from critics.If you thought this movie was bad,try liongates ‘wings’ if you want something to hate on(now THAT movie was groan worthy!)

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