Comments for Review & Giveaway – DuckTales: Remastered is classic gaming gold as new visuals, voices perfectly “rewrite history”


  1. Steve Howard

    Adventures in the Magic Kingdom. Never got to play.

  2. I grew up on the classics. Personally I’d love to see the original Final Fantasy remastered followed closely by Battletoads

  3. Lauren


  4. Chris Benton

    So many have already been remade but if I had to pick one that hasn’t yet I’d have to go with StarTropics

  5. Zach

    this might be weird, but pac man. maybe add some depth and plot to the story and add some new power ups and such, new maps. i dont know, its such a classic and well known game, i feel like they could add alot to the game considering its simplicity, for a new generation. i really think they could make a good story out of the game, and revive the pacman franchise. just my two cents.

  6. I’d love a remastered version of the original Ninja Gaiden, but with controls more like Mark of the Ninja.

  7. Jeremy

    Mickey’s Mousecapade was one of my favorites along with the Duck Tales NES game, but my number 1 game I’d love to see remade is Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers. I have an original copy of it that I still play, and I love it!

  8. Bobby

    Mega Man 2

  9. Jeremy Crittenden

    Super Mario 1, 2, and/or 3.

  10. D Eggert

    Darkwing Duck!

  11. Andy

    Adventures in the Magic Kingdom or Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers

  12. Monica

    I would love for them to do a remake of Adventures in the Magic Kingdom! I have the Disneyland Kinect game on the 360, but I’m a biased Florida girl and want to see some Disney world attention too:)

  13. Carson U

    Defineitly startropics!!!

  14. Kyle

    Super Mario Bros. 3

  15. Joe

    Dodgeball! or the original Batman, the cartridge separated from the case on that one and I can’t play it anymore.

  16. xavier mora

    Adventure in the magic kingdom

  17. Brian

    Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers or Baseball Stars

  18. Michael

    Little Nemo: The Dream Master

  19. Billy Mauer

    Walt Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour for the old Gameboy Color. I played that game for years and it is still a prized possession. I would like a 3DS remake of it.

  20. Jonathan Siregar

    Kung Fu!

  21. Robert Gipson

    As said, so many have been remade in some sort of fasion. But if we’re talking HD, original game play? Hmm.. Maybe Chip ‘n Dale. Going with the same style as Duck Tales.

  22. Ken

    Following the theme, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. I loved that game!

  23. Personally, I’d like to see the original Castlevania Part 1 get an HD facelift. That game is my all time favorite!

  24. Jason Davis

    Duck Hunt!!

  25. Jerry Daly

    Double Dragon for sure!

  26. Ryan Beardall

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Arcade Game (actually, it would be nice if they would combine the original and Turtles in Time into a new remake)

  27. Roddy Barros

    How about The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants? I was gonna say the old TMNT arcade game, but they remastered that for the XBox, I think.

  28. Dave Holland

    I would like to see a Fix it Felix Jr game, even though it never was a game

  29. Steve Hahm

    Hard to pick just one…but probably the best memories are of Spy Vs. Spy.

  30. Brian Nussbaum

    any super Mario games either 1,2 or 3

  31. Anthony Pelliccio

    I’d love for them to HD remake a lot of the 2D side scrollers just like this.. Imagine playing all the classics jut completely fleshed out. I’d like to see like 25+ games easily.. too many to narrow down, if I had to pick just a NES Disney remake.. Rescue Rangers

  32. Jon Chapman

    I would like to see Little Nemo: The dream master. Another Capcom classic remade.

  33. Erica Cameron

    Star Tropics!

  34. Joshua

    I would have to say The Legend of Zelda 1 or 2. I think that a new coat of paint would really make those games shine.

  35. Jeff Rogers

    I have to say Super Mario 3. For me, there is no other NES game ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Adam

    I would like to see Super Mario Bros remastered in HD. Scene by scene. Everything the same, just remastered. Such fun!

  37. Rescue Rangers for 8-Bit.
    If I could slide a 16-Bit choice in there too, Talespin ! I loved the waterfalls! ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Juan

    I would like to see Ninja Turtles Turtles in Time

  39. Contra. Also you might be interested to know that Alan Young has an autobiography. Not sure if it’s out yet but he has talked about it on the Official Adventures in Odyssey podcast.

  40. Christopher

    Chip and Dale rescue Rangers Remastered plz

  41. Hilde

    Super Mario Bros 3. Exactly the same game, secrets, levels and so on, just with shiny new graphics and music and such.

  42. Kevin


  43. Jeff

    Bionic Commando

  44. Joeri Lamboo

    I would love to see Darkwing Duck getting remasterd :D.
    That would be so awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

  45. Erin V

    Adventures in the Magic Kingdom! Loved that game!

  46. Victor

    Chip n dale or adventures in the magic kingdom ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Bradd Gross

    Blaster Master

  48. Diane Sutton

    The Legend of Zelda

  49. Paul Gibson

    Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
    Or the Original Mario Brothers, and Mario Brother 3 in today’s console world.

  50. Lee G

    Blades of Steel! One of the most fun hockey games every!

  51. Adam


  52. Derek Mullins

    Definitely Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, just to try it in a different form… Such a crazy game.

  53. Nathan Hall

    The original Super Mario Bros. just because I’d love to see how they could update it.

  54. Julio Cesar Duarte

    Any Mario Bros game should be awesome.

  55. Kyle B.

    We NEED Darkwing Duck to be remastered – it only makes sense.

  56. John Betz

    I’d have to say the original Metal Gear. Update the graphics and you have a near perfect game experience.

  57. Robert

    Would it be wrong / too ironic of me to say Duck Hunt? I loved the original Nintendo Zapper!!

  58. Rob J

    Super Mario Bros. would be awesome

  59. Marissa Sieber

    I would have to say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2

  60. Andrew Olszewski

    Adventures in the magic kingdom

  61. Chris

    Definitely Super Mario

  62. Final Fantasy 2/4 (depending on which version you prefer)!

  63. Michael s. Arisohn

    I would say wild gun men.

  64. Jeff

    Not sure if it’s NES but Aladdin.

  65. Alberto Castaneda

    Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers

  66. Jazlyn

    I’d love to see Adventures in the Magic Kingdom!

  67. Martha Anoush Azarian

    Simpsons ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. Jovanny Sanchez

    Would love to see either animaniacs or Tiny toons adventures remastered use to love playing them both for hours on end!!

  69. Chris Dean

    Super tecmo bowl!!!

  70. shana martin

    Can’t wait for ducktales!

  71. Steven W

    Mega Man 2!

  72. Mike Davis

    Mega Man 2!!!! All time favorite

  73. Most certainly Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, so I can experience the magic ๐Ÿ˜€

  74. I would love to see the original Legend of Zelda remastered!

  75. Rob Fuz

    Has to be…Castlevania 3!

  76. Andrew

    I think that they should remake Tron: Deathly Discs or maybe Ducktales 2 or Ducktales quest for gold

  77. If it has to be Disney, then Adventures of the Magic Kingdom.

    If it can be something else, then Maniac Mansion! What a huge part of my childhood!

  78. Mike Pawuk

    I’d love to see RoboCop redone

  79. Craig T.

    Super Mario Bros.

  80. Stephen

    Megaman 2 would be a great remake.

  81. Bob Pritchard

    Adventures in the Magic Kingdom!

  82. Adam Alvarez

    Double Dragon

  83. Aaron

    I would love to see Battle Toads re-mastered!

  84. Joey

    SNES Aladdin! Loved the game play (especially that flip-bounce off the posts in Agrabah), loved the graphics, loved the music.

  85. ray toth

    i like to see Super Off Road – NES Game re done o fun

  86. Lynette Walker

    The original Super Mario Bros.

  87. Josh

    Top five that i world like to sse

    Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    Nintendo World Championships
    Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

  88. Adventures of the Magic Kingdom!

  89. Nicholas Tedesco

    Give me a new, HD Ice Climbers! I think it has a lot of potential!

  90. Jaffa

    The original Legend of Zelda!

  91. Jeffrey Hernandez

    One little thing I they they overlooked is that the names of places and people were often parodied or “animalized” (like Collie Baba in Ducktales the movie. It would’ve been cool if they renamed the Incas to the “Thinkas” like in the show or renamed Genghis Khan to “Genghis Condor” etc. Otherwise, fabulous game. Give us Chip and Dale next!

  92. Matthew O'Hern

    I definitely have to go with the favorite game from my youth. MEGA MAN 3!!

  93. Ariel Buckingham

    The Lion King ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. Jake

    Shatterhand, definitely

  95. Adam

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the original Legend of Zelda with an HD remake.

  96. Chris

    Mike Tyson’s Punch Out !

  97. Jon

    I would love to see an HD version of the original Legend of Zelda. Keep it just as cryptic, same layout, same perfect controls and the same difficulty. Only it would look pretty. Also, if I do get randomly chosen to win, could I get the poster. I have a Mac, which Ducktales Remastered wasn’t made for.

  98. Ryan

    Hmm, hard decision… I would have to pick adventures in the magic kingdom. If they made the park look more realistic, changed the main character from indiana jones, and polished the mini games, it would be AMAZING!!

  99. Jaclyn

    I’m jumping on the commenter bandwagon and saying Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, for sure!!

  100. Cathleen King

    Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

  101. Justin

    Being the huge Roger Rabbit fan that I am, I would love to see Who Framed Roger Rabbit for the NES updated with modern-day graphics.

  102. Travis Trickett

    I would like to see Final Fantasy 3 remade for the next generation of console’s.

  103. JediStaceyB

    this one is Easy – Indiana Jones – ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ thanks so much for the cool contest!

  104. Victoria Watson

    Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. I’d really like to see an HD remake of castlevania I or III but done not in the style of the modern castlevania games, but more in a tribute style to the old universal monster movies. And in 2D of course.

  106. Andrew Quiroz

    Ghost n’ Goblins was the best!

  107. Kevin Chhay

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game!

  108. Anthony Markham

    I’d have to go with Roger Rabbit too!!

  109. Marlon

    Adventures in the Magic Kingdom was my first choice, but Kinect Disneyland Adventures is very similar to that already…

    I’d have to say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtes. I never could get past the underwater level! Haha

  110. Bryce Kershey

    Absolutely the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! What an awesome game!

  111. Nichole Moore

    I would love to see Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers remastered! Great game and wish I had kept my original cartridge.

  112. Zach Brady

    I need Chip and Dale!

  113. David Zimmerman

    Battletoads for me! It’d be cool to play that as a modern remake. Imagine the background art in HD~

  114. Robert Lauer

    Nintendo Baseball was my game in the day.

  115. Carlson

    Probobly the original ‘Legends of Zelda’ it would be great to play a updated version of that.

  116. Andrew

    It’s easy to choose such classics like Zelda, Metroid, Contra, etc, but I think an updated version of Ghosts N’ Goblins or Rush N’ Attack would be awesome, just so long as they stick with the original music (even if it’s a modernized version), the music was sometimes just as important as the game itself.

  117. Mike Ippolito

    A remake of Spy Hunter would be great.

  118. Dustin Kitchens

    That’s a tough question…but gotta go with River City Ransom. Couch co op was never better.

    1. brenda howt

      Castlevania was my favorite…I used to play it after my kids went to bed ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. There are so many games I’d love to see remastered from the 8-bit NES system. I’d definitely go with “Adventures in the Magic Kingdom.” It would be so great to get the voice actors of Bill Farmer (Goofy), Bret Iwan (Mickey) and Tony Anselmo (Donald) to talk to you during the trivia questions.

    Darkwing Duck would be another awesome game to remaster. And I’m sure Jim Cummings would be more than agreeable to return to voice his character.

    Now, since “Shadowgate” seems to be getting a lovely upgrade, I’d really love to see “Uninvited” get some TLC next.

    Oh, and just to toss this in: “The Great Mouse Detective” from Commodore 64 needs a serious remastering too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. Sara Roswell

    Adventures in the magic kingdom!

  121. Kenney

    I would like to see the game Bayou Billy or even Battle Toads

  122. Patrick Pedneault

    Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers for SURE.

  123. Eric Ramocki

    I would love to see Ducktales 2, the sequel to this game, be remade.

  124. Umm definitely Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 the arcade game.

  125. Matrk

    I want to see the NES Felix the Cat game remade. It was a fun platformer which took up much of my childhood. I would also love to see Ducktales 2, Chip and Dale and Darkwing Duck remade in HD.

    1. Mark

      Whoops how did that ‘t’ get in there?

  126. Christopher D Johnson

    Chip ‘N Dales Rescue Rangers. That game was awesome and I think Disney should redo all their classic titles like they did with DuckTales.

  127. Drew

    I gotta go with Bubble Bobble. I used to play that all the time with my sister. It’d be great to play it again with her!

  128. Brandon Hughes

    I would definitely want to see Battletoads get remade.

  129. Austin Baroudi

    Zombies Ate My Neighbors!

  130. Austin Baroudi

    Following on Twitter and tweeted @Austieb7

  131. Scott Morgan

    Maniac Mansion!

  132. Too many to just chose one! Adventures of the Magic Kingdom, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers! My brothers and I played those games for hours! Updated versions would be so fun!

  133. Elizabeth Wilson

    Roger Rabbit all the way!

  134. Rene

    Rad Racer!

  135. i would love to see the original megaman made into a hd port. it would be interesting to see how kids of today would react to it

  136. Yariv

    I really liked Duck Tales so.. Duck Tales 2!

  137. jon

    do we have to choose 1? Strider! Double Dragon!

  138. Andre

    Zelda 2 – Adventures of Link would be awesome!!

  139. Billy

    Aladdin. I think it would sell well and then we would get to see even more remakes. Adventures in Magic Kingdom would be neat, but a totally new WDW sandbox game would be even neater.

  140. Geren

    As a non Disney title, I have to pick Kid Icarus. But of course, I would love to see a new Rocketeer game or one for Dick Tracy as well. Man, I reallky need to dig out my NES from my parent’s garage! Time to download an emulator! Hope I win! Thanks!

    1. Geren

      Funny enough, aside from PC, that’s the only game system I ever had. Would love the PC version of the remastered game. Hoping! By the way, Ricky, the Optimist epilogue with Tanya at the Main Street Cinema was mind boggling. Thanks so much for your work on keeping us going on that journey. Come join the facebook group.

  141. Hmm… Either the original Donkey Kong or Dragon Warrior…

  142. Rick

    Adventures in the Magic Kingdom!

  143. Andy

    I think Gremlins 2 should be remade. Loved that game as a kid along with the movies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  144. Craig

    Blaster Master! Come on!

  145. Michelle Martin

    Paperboy!!!! I learned to play the system with this game and spent hours trying to top all my brothers friends at it! Eventually I did :). Would love this for my kids now.

  146. Matthew Leonard

    I’d like to see Capcom do Darkwing Duck. Replayed it recently and it practically begged for it. Darkwing was always about parodying and playing off of comic and pulp action mysteries. With the surge in superhero games and movies, there’s a lot of fun to be had with a DW: Remastered.

  147. Ahmar

    Blaster master from nes

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  149. JAron

    Super mario would be awesome that would be the best day ever

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