Comments for LEGOLAND California largely offers kid-sized entertainment with a few adult surprises, at a doable drive from Disneyland


  1. I’m from Germany and we have a Legoland too. I was there twice and I can remember that I had incredibly fun there. It’s not as cool as Disneyland but It’s really enjoyable especially for younger children since the attractions are not as “thrilling” as they are in other parks. Besides, it’s a loooooong trip from my place to Paris to the next Disneyland 😀

  2. Frostysnowman

    We went here a few years ago, when my younger daughter was about 5. It happened to be opening day for the water park, but we didn’t go. There is definitely a lot to see, and all of the Lego structures are amazing. The rides are definitely geared toward younger kids; my 5 year old loved everything but my 10 year old was underwhelmed by most things. I think your reviews of the attractions are right on the money.

  3. Greg Boaz

    Great review of the Park. My wife and I are Disney fanatics from San Diego, CA and have never been to Legoland. With a one-year-old, we are frequent visiters to SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo and have wondered if Legoland was worth the price. We’ll probably wait a few years, but it looks like it could be fun. One thing, Disneyland and Legoland are only about ONE hour apart.

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