Comments for Indiana Jones Adventure receives high-tech update as Disneyland gives a facelift to the icon of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye


  1. Chaz

    The new effect was just epic.

    Mara’s new voice I’m not sure what to make of. It will definitely take some getting used to. That’s for sure.

  2. Jared

    Me and my fiancee noticed the new effects this weekend when we went. While the visual effects were very cool, we found the audio very hard to hear. I could tell that Mara’s voice was different but not much else of what he was saying. I’m guessing it isn’t too far off from what he said before though 🙂

  3. Ryan R

    I don’t understand. What exactly was the point of changing the voice? Why didn’t they just leave that the way it was?

    1. Jeff Lynch

      The previous voice was actor James Earl Jones. The contract they had with him to use his voice ended. Disney did not renew the contract and hired a new voice actor.

      1. Ryan R

        I never knew that was James Earl Jones. He’s amazing.

  4. Dylan

    Each of the three rooms has a different effect. In the room of the future, there’s a weird rainbow strobing effect, and in the room of riches, the face melts.

    1. Jared

      I did not get to see the other two rooms yet, but that sounds awesome!

  5. Kira

    I just went to dland 4 day ago and it was awesome

  6. Marc Morini

    I love the new effects but…….Please James! Please come back! They could have at least found someone who could mimic his voice better!

    Thanks for the video and disney news as always Ricky.

  7. K. Angelee Montoya

    I have worked for haunted houses for 18 years and i have developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of going on this ride in 2000. As i was climbing into the ride i felt like i was going to my death and i caught the image of a buddha head with a blindfold and i was suddenly reminded of the movie RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. That Indy said to close your eyes and keep them shut when the Nazi’s opened the ark of the covenent. I then exclaimed very loudly, “at some point on this ride i am going to shout “DON’T LOOK!” Of course the ride went into the Temple of Destiny and saw the large Buddha head say, “welcome to the temple of destiny. I am Mara- Look into my eyes! I then screamed “Everybody Duck!” But i had a feeling that my best freind didn’t listen so i grabed her hair with one hand and shoved my other hand over her eyes. I managed to glimps the woman sitting behind her, the ride was not moving and there was some sort of light show and i cannot forget the look on the woman’s face in sheer terror. The ride is 16 minutes long, but i hardly remember anything because i kept my eyes closes. It wasn’t until we went around the skull pile that i was hysterically crying and screaming, “this isn’t funny anymore.” When the ride ended my friend plowed over me and took off running. Me on the other hand tried to act like nothing had happened, but the patrons in line were looking at me with horrorfied glances. I finally found my freind out of breath with a employee making sure she was okay. the employee asked my freind, “are you going to throw up?” and then asked, “are you going to cry.” and then she took one look at me and told me i had blood all over my forehead and needed to go to first aid right away. Well we could not find the first aid station but found the bathroom instead. I had beaded drops of blood all over my forehead. I had no pain and i could not see where a cut would be. My freind was so overwhelmed that she wanted to go home. We changed into our bikini’s to get into the hot tub when i noticed my best freind’s back was a mass of scratches. also my back was also covered in scratched and my right leg was covered in HUMAN SIZED bite marks! I honestly believe i was attacked by the devil that night.

    The name Mara appears in both Buddhism and Christianity. In Buddhism Mara tried to tempt the Gautama Buddha to try to stop him from ascending nirvana. For years i secretly suspected that Mara is the same entity that tried to temp Jesus in the garden of Gesheneme. This year was the first time i have gone to Stations of the Cross at my new church of Saint Peter’s Episcopal church. I was not exactly following along because all i could think about was that time at Disneyland where i got so scared i sweated blood. The 12th station is the death of Jesus. the 13th station is where his body is brought down from the cross and is held in the arms of the Virgin Mary. Satan was there in the form of a woman that formerly called herself “Naomi” witch is hebrew for pleasent. She says that she now must be called “Mara” witch is Hebrew for Bitter for the lord has dealt very bitterly of her and for her there will be no one to comfort her.

    When we tried to go on the Indiana Jones ride we could not find the entrance and when i talked to 3 different employees around the Jungle Cruise area they kept telling me that my freind and i should not go on this ride. we ended up jumping over the rope thinking that was the end of the ride. what i first thought was the entrance turned out to be the exist and i noticed something very unusual. I toke alot of photography classes in college and my mother did alot of geneology. I have noticed in some old photos of pioneers that some have this strange “vacant” look in thier eyes. It looks as if that person’s soul is gone. When i saw the people coming off the Indiana Jones ride i saw an alarming number of people with the look in thier eyes as if thier souls where gone.

    From 1994-1999 i worked at Rocky Point Haunted House (Ogden) my first year i was told that we really were haunted. that if you build stuff that can be considered evil or even Satanic that you will wind up attracting negavite spirits. Of course it didn’t helpt that the Orginal Rocky Point was actually built on Indian Burial ground. I felt that our producer sold out by hiring disneyland artists to build some of the rooms, and i had to hear the music that is played at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion for a few years.

    And then there was something that i found unusal. in 2000 i heard that Anahiem was the gothic capital of America. I found this strange because there were no gothic dance clubs to go to. On the day i went to disneyland i quickly noticed there were very few tourists and it seemed to be Gothic day at disneyland. But under closer look i realised these people were really not goths. They were occultist that were either in The Church of Satan, The Temple of Set, Necromancers or pagans and witches in every flavor.

    If i had the money i would go back to Disneyland to see if the “lost soul” look still appears on patrons faces since renovations have been made. My sister went to disneyland for halloween not too long ago and she told me the Indy ride was closed.

    I have a freind at my church who is a psychiatrist and i have asked her if she has ever seen the look in someone’s eyes- that vacant look like thier soul has been lost. She told me that in her work she sometimes encounteres a person like that and she says, “they never come back” sometimes she says, “thier entire personalities change and they become a completely different person”

    If you ever plan on visiting Disneyland please for heavens sake DON”T LOOK INTO THE EYES OF MARA!

    1. Mzup

      You need some serious psychological help.

      1. topher

        ^ LOL! Mzup

    2. Serena

      This whole review just made my day. Hilarious.

    3. Cam

      Meds, anyone? Meds for the needy?

    4. marshall

      I know what day it was at Disneyland. It wasnt Goth, witch, or satan day. It was retard day thats why you were there.

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