Comments for Disney shows off all to fans across 2013 D23 Expo convention floor, from merchandise to movies and more


  1. Tracey Brown

    Omg, the merch.

  2. Otto

    I saw you had Disney’s Castle of Illusion also in there. Just want to let everyone who has a PlayStation 3 know they are going to have an amazing exclusive pre-order deal:
    It’ll give you the following (very cool, extra) items:
    Original Genesis version of the game
    Pre-order exclusive dynamic theme
    Three Avatars

  3. Jeff Lynch

    Is that puzzle really for sale??? It looks like you can make a 3D model of Disneyland with the puzzle, and it it has the attractions and buildings as plastic pieces that go on top the puzzle.

    Please someone tell me if that is real and if we can buy it because I want to save up to get my sister that for Christmas if it is real because she loves doing puzzles and she loves going to Disneyland so this is a perfect gift for her!

    1. Lyndie Barker

      I bought one

  4. Craig Hargrove

    Thanks for all the photos Ricky. The merchandise looks awesome!

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