Comments for Creative cosplay and first-ever Disney costume contest bring out fan favorite characters at 2013 D23 Expo


  1. Carson U

    The Jack Skelington costume is amazing!!! Props to them!!

  2. Jeff Lynch

    I just have to ask: where do the people find the money to make things like this? I love looking at the costumes, but then I feel really bad about myself because I could never afford to do something like this and would never even know where to begin to make something this beautiful. I get really jealous of these people because I wish I could have a costume as beautiful as theirs and every Halloween I want to do that but then I never know how so I never end up dressing up and then I am just mad at myself some more. It gets worse every year.

    1. To answer your question, Jeff, we dedicate every spare penny and every free moment we have to our craft. It’s our passion and what we love to do so it’s worth it in the long run. I hate to hear that you feel defeated by the expense and time constraints of costuming. Cosplay is great fun and you don’t necessarily have to make your own costume. When I first started I put my costumes together with found items from my own wardrobe and thrift stores. You can also buy costumes from costumers online or commission custom orders. If you ever need help or inspiration, please feel free to reach out to me via my facebook page (facebook.com/angiviper) or email (angi.viper@gmail.com). I’m very passionate about helping people get started making their cosplay dreams reality 🙂

  3. I’m so glad I found this! I’m the Ariel in the pink dress && I was also the Taffyta ((not pictured)) in the costume contest. Thanks for snapping my pic. Hope you had as fun of a time as I did this year! <3

  4. Wow!!! Beautiful cosplay costume collection…It really creates a magic in your heart…I am really impressed with the stack of images shown in your blog….Thanks for sharing the post with us…

  5. autiful cosplay costume collection


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