Comments for Black Sabbath 13 3D to rock Halloween Horror Nights 2013 in new haunted house at Universal Studios Hollywood


  1. Malcolm I.

    You know, after two years of Alice Cooper, I thought “Well, at least we’ll never see anything more out-of-date and irrelevant than him!” Well played, Murdy. Well played.

    1. Just because you are completely unaware of the relevance of a band that has just scored #1 album world-wide and in the U.S. for a totally bad@ss record, ’13’, doesn’t mean the rest of the world has their head in the sand like you. Why don’t you try spinning the album – or go to Youtube and play it, in it’s totality, a few times before shooting off your piehole. 9 million fans (and those are just the ones who ‘like’ their page on Facebook, and doesn’t include the millions who want nothing to do with it) can’t all be wrong, and you right. Please. Equating Sabbath with Alice Cooper is like equating Michaelangelo with some really bad anime’ artist. Cooper is not even close to the magnificence of Iommi, Butler, Osbourne, and Ward/Wilk.

  2. Susan G.

    I loved the Alice Cooper mazes both years I was really hoping to see another one this year based on Brutal Planet/Dragontown, that would be amazing!!!

  3. Aaron Davison

    Why does Universal Hollywood ALWAYS get the better houses than Universal Orlando? It’s getting annoying year after year!

  4. I’m a huge diehard fan and I’m definitely coming. So are several others of my friends. Good GOD I can’t wait!!! I only wish you’d wrap in some of ’13’, the lyrics are really creepy. “God Is Dead” and “End of the Beginning” are just as creepy as anything earlier done by the band. That would wrap it in terms more contemporary.

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