Avatar Land details teased at 2013 D23 Expo as Imagineers “visit” Pandora to prepare Walt Disney World attractions

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Details for Avatar Land coming to Walt Disney World have been hinted at tonight at the 2013 D23 Expo during a press preview of the Walt Disney Parks & Resorts pavilion. Walt Disney Imagineers apparently recently returned from Pandora, having spent plenty of time researching with the Na’vi to obtain ideas for the land of Pandora set to be built at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.

Since it was first announced in September 2011, less than a month after the last D23 Expo, much secrecy has surrounded the “Avatar” project. But this year fans attending the 3-day Anaheim event have a chance to get up close to elements from Pandora and talk to Imagineers who are telling their stories from a first-hand perspective.

Among the interesting items sitting on a recreated desk area in the middle of the Disney Parks & Resorts pavilion are a glowing plant and a floating shard of Unobtanium, along with a laptop playing a slideshow of Imagineers exploring Pandora and interacting with the Na’vi.

Imagineer Brandon Kleyla talked to me about the Imagineers’ trek to Pandora and what they brought back to inspire them for the upcoming theme park addition.

Video: Interview with Imagineer Brandon Kleyla about Avatar Land for Walt Disney World

The 2013 D23 Expo is sold out for Saturday, August 10, but tickets are still available for Friday and Sunday, both offering an opportunity to explore the world of Disney Parks through the eyes of Walt Disney Imagineering. And fans visiting the Avatar section of the Disney Parks and Resorts pavilion can have their picture with Imagineers working on the project while wearing their choice of a expedition backpack or oversized Na’vi boots.

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