Comments for Review: “Despicable Me 2” brings more laughs, more Minions, more of the same – minus the heart


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    Jeffrey Hernandez

    The minions are getting their own movie. I can’t wait for it! This movie was fun and entertaining, even though it wasn’t as good as the first one.

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      anyomus vistor star-w

      well some parts in the film that have more iprovment than the others not that i seen the movie

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    yeah I agree Ricky. What made the first movie such a wonderful surprise was that it had so much heart in it and you cared about the characters with the minions adding moments of funny; overall giving a great movie. This whole movie felt like 5mins of story with 93mins of lets just put minions on the screen. Yes, they were funny, but they don’t progress the story and if anything they end up taking away from the ability of the story to really get going or be involved because that would take up valuable minion time; even the advertising is 99% minion based. Nowhere near as good as the first.

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    The first movie was pretty good, though it didn’t quite seem sequel-worthy to me. I might just wait and rent this one later.

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    I actually liked Despicable Me 2 better than the original, since my favorite part of the original film was the minions. The minions were much more prevalent in this one, as Ricky said, and, for me, that made the film funnier. I suppose it depends what you’re looking for from the film. If you want a heart-warming storyline, go for Monsters U. If you want something that will make you laugh til you cry, go for this.

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    Took both my girls (armed with stuffed a stuffed minion and a unicorn from the exit store on the ride) yesterday. I thought it was great. My wife and I may have enjoyed it minus the kids. Minions were very funny. The story of the catching of the bad guy is a side note and really didn’t need to be that big. Without giving away too much of the story, I thought there was enough emotional stuff in it, especially with the youngest daughter, and how that tied in at the end.

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    RJ Hall

    Having taken the kids to see it twice and myself another one time this is one I cant wait to own on blue ray and watch over and over again brilliant sequel thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish… There is not enough fun in the world and everybody has to put a downer and bring negativity into something that just works…loved agent wild and thought dave and kevin and stewart where great entertaining minions.

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    RJ Hall

    minions movie better feature gru though as to me he is the star !

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