Comments for DuckTales: Remastered release date set, boxed version with collectible pin and Comic-Con money bin announced


  1. Jeffrey Hernandez

    Thanks for the update. I was just wondering when this was coming out. That box art is really cool. It looks like Scrooge is gonna whack the crap out of that snake. It’s kind of weird that the Beagle Boys are hanging onto Launchpad’s helicopter though. Only one thing is lacking from this artwork. We need more Gizmoduck!!!

  2. Ducktales Fan

    PLEASE release a physical copy of “Ducktales Remastered.”

    I’m sure you guys at Capcom/Wayford will make a TON of money if a disc version was released.

    Not to mention, a boxed disc version will look very nice on the shelf next to the original Ducktales NES version.

    Think of the (retro) fans. Make it happen guys.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      As noted above, there will be a boxed copy of the PS3 version with a collectible pin.

      1. Ducktales Fan

        No hard copy release of Ducktales Remastered for Wii/Wii-U.
        It’s download only.

        After all, Ducktales was originally released on NES.

        No love for Nintendo fans. :'(

      2. Spenser

        I am confused as heck about this. Ok retail boxed version. Great! So am I paying for just a box with a Pin & a PSN download code? Or will This be a traditional PS3 case disc version with a download code for the “Duckumentary” along with the collectors pin topped off inside a classic NES-like box? Or will this just be a box with a slip of paper with the download code for the game on PSN with collector’s pin included. These descriptions I am reading everywhere are misleading… Please clarify what I will be getting as a retail release. Thanks so much! 🙂

        1. Spenser

          Ignore my last “Or” sentence. I accidentalky wrote the same scenario twice. Sorry my bad.

        2. Ari159

          No disc will be included. Just a box, download code, and collector’s pin.

  3. What about a PC release? Will it be boxed?

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