Comments for Review: “Lilo and Stitch” & “The Emperor’s New Groove” Blu-ray releases take Disney originals (and their sequels) back to basics


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    Fun reviews. But I think there’s plenty in TENG to relate to! Several awkward social situations that everyone has experienced, which makes them hilarious in the movie.

    Also, I think it’s funny when people are disappointed with Disney sequels. Who ever said they would be better or even as good as the originals? They’re not even produced by the same studio. It’s all about managing expectations and they’re just fine.

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      And the Kronk “sequel” isn’t so much a sequel, as a string of failed TV-pilot episodes from when the Disney Channel decided to pass it over for “The Emperor’s New School” instead.
      So, like Atlantis II, if you -know- you’re getting Disney Channel reruns that never were…

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    I think Lilo and Stitch is hugely relatable due to its heart and its story aboit family.

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    Great news, above all these Blu-ray releses have great quality, been waiting for Lilo & Stitch release, but as there is The Emperor’s New Groove, I will be buying it as well for my son. Many thanks for great news

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