Comments for Preview: Cabana Bay Beach Resort to give ’60s seaside fun a modern twist at new Universal Orlando hotel


  1. David B

    I still have trouble understanding this resort theme. Wouldn’t it be equally retarded if Universal Studios Hollywood builds The Hollywood Hills Resort themed to classic cinema or MGM-Mirage builds a casino on the Vegas Strip??? I mean… come on guys! This is Florida with ACTUAL beach resorts an hour away from the Universal Resort! Maybe The Hollywood Hills Resort idea would have been better suited here?

    Plus, the main reasons that I stay on property at a Loews hotel is for the unlimited Express Pass privileges. When you can stay at an Embassy Suites less than a mile down the road which includes a buffet breakfast and free evening cocktails, I think it is going to be a tough sell to get people in this resort without that benefit.

    1. Sean

      First of all, brilliant use of the word “retarded”. You must be incredibly mature.

      Secondly, the main inspiration was Wildwood NJ. He says it right in the interview.

      Thirdly, Disney’s flagship resort is called the Grand FLORIDIAN. Better knock it down!

    2. Jeff Lynch

      David B — my brother is special needs. When people use the word “retarded” it hurts my family. I love my brother Matty more than anything and when you use the word “retarded” you have no idea how many people with special needs family members you hurt. Saying this word is like calling a black person the n-word or calling a gay person the f-word. Please be kinder to your fellow human beings and stop doing this.

      1. mirza khan

        Please forgive anyone that offend you the do not mean any of it

    3. Anonymous

      “Retarded” is just a word. Leave the poor guy alone. It is not meant be derogatory. It merely means “Less advanced, esp. mentally, than is usual for one’s age.” David B is just saying that this project is a step backwards to what is being done.

      Jeff, I know your brother is a very special person and no one is showing him any disrespect.

      1. mirza khan

        This property is.very nice it a low budget hotel i walj this property it a vety nice property.

  2. Frostysnowman

    I don’t see any point in staying here if you don’t get the express pass option included. That’s a shame. It looks fun and I like how the bathroom is in three sections.

    1. Sean

      Well, there’s a reason why it’s 1/2 the price as the rest of Uni’s resorts.

      1. frostysnowman

        Right, but even Disney lets the people in the economy hotels have equal access to early park openings and such. A resort guest is a resort guest. Universal is being extremely lame here.

        1. Tryg

          Aye, just wait until next year when you staying at a Disney Value will give you jack squat, compared to a Deluxe.

          1. Frostysnowman


          2. TVsRobLowe

            MyMagic+, indeed.

            Everyone else gets their pick of fastpasses, you fight with the day crowds.

  3. CJ

    This is so cool!!! I drive by it alot and i knew it looked retro but now its confirmed!! I live here in Orlando and i dont need to stay at a resort but i am going to stay at this one!! I Love love love 50s-60s retro style and looks like they are doing this perfectly!!! Makes me want to watch “Ride the Wild Surf” with Tab Hunter and hang out at a Tiki Bar!!! I absolutely love it and it makes me very very happy!! Great going Universal Studios!! I am very impressed with how you have been pouring money back into your park from the profits of Harry Potter!! Makes me believe your a good company and one that cares about your customers!!!

  4. Letty

    This hotel needs to provide unlimited express pass or it will just be another hotel. The Loews chain can afford this and it will beneficial to the success of the hotel in the longrun.

  5. BW

    I agree with Letty. Cabana Bay needs to provide unlimited Express Pass for guests just like the other Leow’s properties on site do.

  6. mike topazio

    No Express….NO GO !!!!

  7. Matty

    Agreed. No express pass. No visit. It’s the reason we stay at the on site hotel. Shame on them. I won’t be visiting the resort till it’s fixed. Add 70$ a day, peak for the unlimited express pass. Cheap way to appeal to families.

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