Comments for “Monsters University” scares up new meet-and-greets and parade entertainment at Walt Disney World and Disneyland


  1. Chaz

    Is it just me, or does Walt Disney World ALWAYS get the better Meet & Greets instead of Disneyland?

    Either way, both areas look really nice.

    1. anyomus vistor star-w

      seriously that’s what you have to say Disney land’s exterior building building looks less cheesy as our interior in Orlando you should apericheate what you got

      1. Chaz

        What you and I really need to do is trade places it seems.

        1. anyomus vistor star-w

          fair deal i guess

          1. anyomus vistor star-w

            um i almost forgot you guys got better events and shows like world of color and got better areas like cars land while our stuff is just for little kids like new fantasy land although i apericate what the chariters look like in orlando our new mike is like old one wile yours is more creepy than the orginal

          2. Chaz

            Hey, I know plenty of teenagers and grown-ups (myself included) that would LOVE to go to New Fantasyland.

    2. Al D

      it’s just you 🙂

  2. Albert

    awww Sully. Won’t ever forget my days being friends with you. Love you big guy!

  3. Mitchell

    Where exactly is this taking place?

    1. Ellie

      Someone else will have to reply for Disneyland, but in Walt Disney World it’s at Hollywood Studios to the left of the Backlot Tour entrance. (Across from Studio Catering Co.)

      1. Chaz

        It looks like the one in California is in the Hollywood Land in California Adventure, roughly in between the street with the Animation Building and the Monster’s Inc. Ride.

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