Halloween Horror Nights 2013 theme teased as evil takes root on Universal Orlando web site, tickets on sale

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As the clock hit midnight Universal Orlando last night announced the first haunted house for Halloween Horror Nights 2013, inspired by “The Cabin in the Woods.” Now this morning the official Horror Nights web site has gone live, not only making tickets available but also beginning to tease this year’s theme under the tagline “What evil has taken root?”

The story will unfold over the next few weeks featuring a “lone blogger” who is investigating “horrible” and “unexplained” happening in the woods that have “taken root,” providing evidence via video and writing posts EvilTakesRoot.com.

Video: Halloween Horror Nights 2013 “evidence” video #1

The video’s description read: “An unauthorized investigation into the unexplained disappearance of a group of friends. Some say it’s just a hoax, others say it’s a horrifying crime. Either way, I intend to find out. – PS”

The silhouetted figure (“PS”?) in the video states in a disguised voice, “I have to be careful about all of this. So I’ve altered my voice and removed any visual clues that would give away where I am or who I am. I need to show you what I discovered and tell you why.” He or she then takes a camera down a dark path and through trees, mentioning geocaching and GPS coordinates along the way. After discovering a backpack, hearing an unexplained screeching noise, and smelling something awful (an “overpowering odor of decaying matter”), the mystery figure fled the scene – with the backpack. Inside, several objects including a phone with a video, all of which will be revealed soon.

The social media element to Halloween Horror Nights 23 is strong this year, particularly on Facebook, home to a character who calls herself Goth Wackee furthering the story for those fans who are seriously interested in day-to-day happenings leading up to the event. (It’s possible that the mystery person in the video above is none other than Goth herself, who may even make appearances in the park at some point.)

Fans are being encouraged to check back to the site regularly for more of this evidence bringing the story of Halloween Horror Nights 23 to life.

And by purchasing a Frequent Fear Pass, guests will gain access Legendary Truth: The Collective, an interactive game experience.

Halloween Horror Nights 2013 begins on September 20, but Universal is promising bi-weekly updates from Legendary Truth online.

No surprise, the web site also confirms Transformers: The Ride 3D will be open during Halloween Horror Nights.

Tickets are now on sale here. Express tickets to be made available at a later date.

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