Comments for E3 2013 Wrap-Up: Hands-on with Disney Infinity, Fantasia: Music Evolved, Castle of Illusion, Kingdom Hearts 3 and beyond


  1. Roddy Barros

    I still don’t get why Kingdom Hearts, which has always been a PS exclusive, is now coming to XBone and not the WiiU. Neither is Castle of Illusion for that matter. Very disappointing.

    1. Welcome to the world of being a Nintendo fan 🙁 Buy hey, Ducktales is coming to the Wii U. So keep your chin up!

    2. Chris

      Nintendo consoles only support Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong games. 😉

    3. James

      Because graphically, the WiiU is not as strong as the PS4 or the XboxOne. That’s not me being mean, the WiiU is a wonderful console, but it’s just a fact that it wasn’t meant for “intense gaming” if that makes sense?

      Even though the PS4 is more powerful than the XboxOne, their specs are almost entirely the same, so it is easier to develop for both.

      And just as a side note: of the seven KH games currently out, FOUR of them are on Nintendo devices: Chain of Memories (GBA), 358/2 Days (DS), ReCoded (DS), and Dream Drop Distance (3DS).

  2. Jeffrey Hernandez

    I would say that most of Disney’s target demographics purchase Nintendo consoles, which is why most Disney games come out on them. As long as they keep making Smash Bros., Nintendo has my money. Now that I know Castle of Illusion is an entirely new game, I am a little more excited for it. Sega has done a terrible job of communicating that to the public.

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