Comments for Custom Stormtrooper figure arrives from Walt Disney World, a stellar 3D printed Star Wars Weekends collectible


  1. Robert Dannenberg

    I was taken aback at first. Thought you got a haircut.

  2. Mark

    Like the hairstyle!

  3. Brandy C

    I like it! PS you look like the Prince Eric statute from the Art of Animation hotel!

  4. Jeff Lynch

    Can you post a pic of what you look like so we can see if the figure matches it?

  5. Cynthia W. Walker


    I ordered a stormtrooper during Star Wars weekend and have yet to receive it. The tracker says ‘ready to ship’ and then ‘picked up onsite’ but I never picked it up. Do you happen to know who I contact to see what’s going on?


    C. Walker

    1. Fernando

      I ordered 4 figures, I have the same problem just with one, in the invoice it appears 1-800-555-5555 what its not correct, until you have your tracking number in the status it was not shipped, they are backordered 9 weeks, call to 1-877-560-6477

  6. Katie Walczak

    My husband ordered both the Stormtrooper and the carbonite figures when we were at Star Wars Weekend back in MAY! They told us 6-8 weeks and here we are 14 weeks out and still NOTHING. When we try the order tracking, we get a “Server Error” message. Would think Disney would have done a better job vetting this company. Very disappointing. 🙁

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