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  1. ridisneyfan

    Ricky: Thanks for the update. I’ll bet Universal uses this to force a “hopper pass” option so that guest will be forced to pay for both park’s admission. Maybe at a reduced price but still, they are in competition with Disney who has it down pat!
    Another option would be to allow both areas to be cordoned off so that with the purchase of one park’s ticket with a slightly added cost, you could get the other end of the train ride as part of the deal, but can’t go into the rest of the park without upgrading. Will wait to see what they come up with.
    Thanks for the coverage.

  2. Since1976

    I predict Universal will settle for the simplest option: park hopper tickets. I don’t see them making crew members verify people’s tickets to make sure they have round-trip or park hopper ones.

    I imagine the entry and exit points for the train will have to be huge — not unlike the monorail station or ticket gates at the Disney parks.

    I don’t envy Universal’s transportation managers’ headaches right now.

  3. Jayzen

    This is really simple to solve. I remember riding a monorail at Disney that was a split/stop train. Part of the boarding platform was for people bound for the contemporary resort, and the other half for people going to TTC. We were loaded into different parts of the train, which stopped in the contemporary, but only half of the monorail doors opened — so contemporary resort guests could depart for the hotel and board for the TTC. Then we continued to the TTC where the entire train was allowed to exit.

    Since this is a “train station” they could do some really neat themeing with conductors checking people’s tickets and herding them to the appropriate part of the station. Park hoppers could have their choice of one way or round trip. Single park tickets could only ride round-trip (essentially making it a full attraction instead of transport), boarding and departing in their park of origin. They could given give one-park guests a souvenir ticket that could get stamped for the trip. There could be some neat effects that happen as the round-trippers half of the train remains in a tunnel and experience something while the rest of the train departs and boards.

  4. EricJ

    Well, now I’m confused–If there’s going to be a Diagon Alley as well as a Hogsmeade, does that mean they’ll have to move Olivander’s Wand Shop, the Leaky Cauldron and the other faux-shops over to where they’re “supposed” to be? ­čśë

    1. Ricky Brigante

      They haven’t released those details, but it sounds like there will be an Ollivanders in Diagon Alley, where it belongs, and they’ll likely keep the location in Hogsmeade as well, as it is so popular. But I think you’re confusing the Leaky Cauldron (Diagon Alley) with the Three Broomsticks (Hogsmeade). And new stores will open in Diagon Alley as well.

  5. Mike

    It would be really simple if the ticket system was better, the current paper ones combined with finger scan seem to be way to complicated for many visitors, requiring staff to run each scan station.

    I can understand they don’t want you sharing your ticket but there has to be a better, quicker and more automated way.

  6. Anthony

    I go to the universal parks about once a month, and love seeing the progress they are making building Diagon Alley. Last night while in line for a house at HHN, I saw many of the Hogwarts Express train cars(they look awesome), as well as part of the train track. The Express is going to be amazing.

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