Comments for Universal Orlando announces Transformers: The Ride 3D grand opening date as June 20, 2013


  1. Buckly

    Drat! I’m coming off a Disney Cruise on May 16 and I’ll only have a couple of days in the parks. It looks like I’m going to miss out on Antarctica at Sea World and now Transformers too!

    Ricky – what sort of soft open does Universal usually do? I imagine it won’t be running a month before, but what do you think…a couple weeks?

    1. Buckly

      You know, I should have kept reading to the part where you answered my question. Sorry!

  2. beretta51

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  3. Jaz

    For the last several years most parks including universal have had soft openings for guests in the park but the soft openings are surprises. They never announce them. So there’s a chance some people will get it but you won’t know when. Then they also do annual pass soft openings. Those they announce but only in certain areas.

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