Comments for MyMagic+ and MagicBand to reach beyond Walt Disney World to other parks, new details shared at All Things Digital show


  1. Eli

    I’m looking forward to trying a band! (Hopefully by this summer!) But really, couldn’t they have found some better people to discuss it? That lady couldn’t seem to care less about Disney Parks. Her cynical comments were really getting on my nerves!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      These two journalists are highly respected in the world of technology. They’ve been covering the topic for years. With that said, you’re absolutely right. She was rather grumpy about the whole thing, bordering on rude.

      1. Adam

        They may be highly respected journalists, but that isn’t a good enough excuse for them to conduct an interview in such an accusatory, negative and disrespectful manor. They spent the entire time making snarky comments which is a very unprofessional way for an interviewer to talk to a guest. Tom was clearly uncomfortable and their attitude towards him came across as nothing more than bullying, Piers Morgan would be proud.

        1. Steve

          I agree, it is one thing to be cynical and skeptic, but to keep making comments that Disney’s competitors are better is just rude, that would be like inviting Bill Gates and then discussing how great of a job Apple is doing, it comes of a snarky and rude.

  2. Ariel

    How could anyone hate disney?! =[

  3. Chris Keating

    That woman is so grumpy, I’ve been watching some other D11 videos and they would be better off without her.

  4. Jonah

    There are a lot of people in the world who are not Disney fans. Skeptical interviewers are good interviewers, because they draw out more information and help those people who don’t “buy in” to the Disney thing to understand why many of us do. I had my own concerns about MyMagic+, and having Tom Skaggs respond to this skepticism with such poise and grace helped me feel better about the program. It was the opposite of how Bob Iger responded to privacy concerns in his letter. Think of those people in your lives who do not like Disney. I bet that they would be interested in this interview and would come away with a better sense of Disney Parks than they had going in. That is why this is a good interview. (also, note that the target audience for this interview is not a theme park fan, but a technology insider)

    1. Jones

      Well, I do love Disney – but I strongly dislike the entire MyMagic+ thing…

  5. Brian

    Great interview with Grumpy, The Evil Queen and Tom Staggs.

  6. Daniel

    Disney is a marketing genius! That’s all I have to say! I know they paw at my emotions, and I fall for it time after time!

  7. michael stapf

    what i’m looking forward to is a chance to actually talk , and i mean talk with mickey mouse, he’s never been able to talk with guests until the past couple of years when talking mickey was tested both at Disneyland, and Walt Disney World, i’m glad that this is happening now 😀

  8. Steve

    I love the idea of the MagicBand and I feel that both Disney and its guests will see huge advantages for this. If this makes congestion in the parks better, who could blame them. With your personal information being completely voluntary, I don’t see the difference between this and your Key to the world card. The new key to world cards are already equipped with RFID chips and a lot of Disney Resorts rooms have already been retro-fitt with the new room key readers.

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