Comments for Merida Becomes 11th Disney Princess In Coronation Ceremony With First-ever Queen Elinore Appearance At Walt Disney World

Princess Merida


  1. Haley

    Elinor and Merida look absolutely perfect! I love that this ceremony seemed to highlight the things that make Merida & Brave so different from the other princess movies. Great shots Ricky!

  2. rebecca

    I’m disappointing at how sexualized Merida is, she doesn’t need to be thinner, have her shoulders showing, paler, and have obscenely ridiculous hips/bust/waist ratio! I realize they’re changing things a bit to “fit in” but what is done to the viewers, the little girls that see the changes? How did Merida have to change to become a 2D princess? How do little girls get the idea that THEY have to change to “fit in”?

    I just think we need to be sending women and girls the message that they are a “princess” and wonderful, and smart and talented no matter what they look like, and that changing to “fit in” to “be a princess” is wrong.

    1. Tom

      Don’t worry about our girls. Worry about our boys, who are bombarded with Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, all men with big muscles and who use macho force to achieve what they want. Not to mention they treat women like delicate objects who need to be rescued. Bash THESE movies, for God’s sake.

      Oh wait, you think these are realistic portrayals of men. I forgot.

      1. Ash

        Tom, I think you’ve gone a bit off topic. Rebecca is responding to the sexualization of young girls on a forum about a new princess being more sexualized to fit in with other princesses. You have no way of knowing her feelings about the over-masculanization of boys. Your comment seems unfair and inappropriately assuming.
        Unrealistic gender stereotypes are something both genders are struggling with and rather than playing the “who has it worse game”, maybe you should join in solidarity with people like Rebecca and try to end these unrealistic marketing schemes business keeps selling us. Ultimately, it’s up to parents and families to provide positive role models for their children of either gender and encourage them to be healthy, but not fictionalized and unrealistic.

    2. Logan

      “Sexualised”? That is something YOU are doing…tell me – are you worried about child pageants? How about you spend your energy on those things and perhaps actually parenting your child?

      1. Ash

        This is also a very assuming comment. A parent who is worried about the sexualization of the most well known children’s brand, Disney, is also likely concerned with child pageants as well. By voicing her concern, Rebecca is displaying her good parenting. If this had been an article about child pageants, she probably would have commented about child pageants. I think you’re being unreasonably accusatory and aggressive over the subject. You should apologize for holding her to a standard when you know nothing about her.

  3. Bella

    My daughter seen the New 2D Look & asked if that was Merida all GROWN UP?
    I said yes, what was I supposed to tell her, a 5yr old notices the difference. Now she wants to now when the New Grown Up Movie of Brave will be out!!!!

    1. Ash

      This can actually be a good thing. You now have a venue for discussing positive gender roles with your daughter and emphasizing that strength of character and personal achievement matters more than Merida new grown up look. Don’t focus on her body so much as what Merida represents as a positive role model for girls through her individualism and character.

  4. Lola

    Well if the new ‘2D’ look is only to match the princesses together and to sell merchandise, than we won’t be buying anymore Disney crap. If all the females are made to look same, then what makes them different?

    1. FLop

      Merida is a character that judged her suitors based on their looks before getting to know them better.

      Mulan and Pocahontas are much better role models for young girls. Merida is spoiled and shallow.

      1. Nikki

        Merida hadn’t seen her suitors when she argued with her mother about marriage. It had nothing to do with the guys. The fact that at the end, she admits her mistake, I think its a good example for children. Admitting your mistakes doesn’t make you any less and in turn, could mend a broken relationship.

      2. Bella

        You need to watch the movie again if this is what you think.
        It is about a girl that wants to command her own life, not marry like all girls are expected to do, it has nothing to do with the looks of the suitors. Mulan or Pocahontas was not changed to a older sexy version.

        1. Kitty

          I feel that lot of people are putting a modern interpretation on Merida’s actions which is why we praise it. Rejecting an arranged marriage is something we see as a sign of strength…. but we’re not actual Princesses in feudal Scotland.

          IF Merida were an actual person living in the culture depicted in the fictional film then, as royalty, she actually does have an obligation to do whats necessary to maintain her bloodline. King Fergus wasn’t elected, he inherited his position just as Merida will. So by making a choice to marry the local butcher or not marry at all does actually have consequences for her clans future.

          Sure, it sounds silly and disgusting to us to marry one of the rival clans dopey boys but we don’t live in that era so our ideas of right and wrong are inconsequential.

          [BTW. Merida’s attempt to “command her own life” isn’t something to be praised because of “how” she did it. She found a witch in hopes to use a curse that would force her own personal will onto her mothers. Thats pretty darn evil, and the ONLY reason she felt remorse is because it backfired on her.

          My little girl can watch the movie all she wants, but there’s no message in there that I feel is appropriate for her because her strength and independence will come from my teaching and not from a film intended to entertain.]

          1. ika

            actually, King Fergus was elected by the other clans after they have defeated their common enemies.

          2. ginger

            Its about fighting for what you want in life and fixing your mistakes that is what the movie is about and that’s what life is about

      3. Fauna

        Merida is actually a very good role model, she is childish (little girls can understand her better), she made mistakes, realizes her mistake, fixes it and is better now. Marriage isn’t something you should talk that early to your child about is it??

      4. ashley

        So a cross dresser who doesn’t listen to her father and one who doesn’t listen to her father and then decides to leave with him (who isn’t even him) to another continent and change completely alright WAY better role models than a princess who took charge and change years of outdated tradition and admits she was wrong and loves her mother OKAY I completely understand NOT

  5. Kelly

    All I have to say is I am highly disappointed in Disney for how they are all of a sudden changing Merida’s innocents and sexualizing her. Just leave her the way she is in the movie. Young girls need this role model, it teaches them to love themselves as they are and except themselves and to love their family and keep their bonds mended because family is so very important.

    1. Kitty

      I have to say that I hate when people use Disney Princesses as the female equivalent of “Video games teach your sons to shoot people”.

      Yes, In Disney movies then Princesses are often depicted as gorgeous innocent teens who’s sole ambition seems to be to find Prince Charming. BUT, as a former little girl myself, the memories I have of those films were never sexual or even about finding a Prince of my own. And thats because they are nothing but entertainment.

      So in the same way that hours behind a Nintendo controller didn’t make my brother grow up to be a serial killer, my love for The Little Mermaid and Cinderella didn’t make me want to actually marry a prince. So all this worry about the dangers of “Party Mode Merida” to our little girls is just silly. IF they love Merida then its because of what she does and not only how she looks.

      1. EricJ

        I remember when the regime changed from Eisner to Lasseter, right while they were in the middle of producing “Enchanted”, public Disney princess-hate turned to nostalgic Disney princess-love, and Eisner’s Shrek-paranoid attempt to make a movie lambasting Disney princesses had to be turned into a movie in praise of them, to keep up with the times.
        So, in was inserted the running pro-princess jokes of the single dad who tried to teach his daughter good responsible female role models like Marie Curie (“She’s the dead one, right?”) only to find out, empower them all you want, 8-yo. girls will still want to meet Aurora. Or at the very least, Pocahontas.
        What worse is…they’re right. It’s something that goes way beyond our cynical grownup ideas of princes, white horses and committed relationships, and more into the ideas of why little girls want to ride horses and learn to shoot arrows too. Disney understood that a lot more than the director did; presumably that’s what they’ll be selling at the parks, as well.

  6. Ruth

    Did anyone notice how similar the faces of the princesses are. I look a snow white and she definitely is not a good snow white. She should have a much rounder face. I think Disney hires character actresses that can play different princesses. But it does not work. The all have a fairly same face outline. I looked at the pictures and this really stood out to me. Also Pocahontas looks white can Disney not find a Native Indian to play this princess. I really think this is important. Jasmine is does not look East Asian. Why have princesses of different cultures if you are not going to have a person from that culture play the part. As for Merida I do not think she needed these changes. I think they aged her and maybe that is how she would look older? We all chose a princess we like either by her character or how she looks. Growing up I liked snow white because I looked most like her. I am very disappointed that Disney does not do a better job at his.

    1. Don

      So when will Jessica Rabbit be crowned princess?

    2. MH

      Go to Disneyland. Characters there look much more like their animated versions. Disneyworld face characters are very second rate.

    3. Kitty

      “Why have princesses of different cultures if you are not going to have a person from that culture play the part.”

      Because its not that important. A little girl is 100x more likely to notice Jasmine’s costume is the wrong color before they notice that the face actor isn’t East Asian. And thats because Disney is fantastic at making unique costumes for their characters (Which is exctly why those vinylmations, POP figures or various toddler licenses are so effective. The costumes are so iconic that the face is inconsequential. And thats exactly why the Merida debate is silly. Even without the bow and the very slight alterations, we know EXACTLY who it is so whats the problem?

  7. Hannah

    I’m so excited that there’s finally a princess who doesn’t have the “perfect body” (thin, narrow hips,narrow face, high cheekbones, etc) I’m really glad that there’s finally a curvy princess who I can relate to!

  8. Bella

    You expect the Face Characters in the Parks to be different, BUT why change the 2D Image??? PUT MERIDA BACK THE WAY SHE WAS!!!! Whose idea was it?? A mans???

    1. EricJ

      No, a marketer’s, and likely someone in Legal’s as well. (Might’ve been a female marketer/legal at that, who doesn’t eat meat or start wars in Iraq.) 😉
      If you’ve ever picked up the children’s picture-books from ANY Pixar movie, you’ll notice the 2D images don’t really look like their 3D counterparts: The “licensed” 2D images of Woody, Jessie, Sully, etc., are often more stylized–the Toys are drawn to a 50’s-retro look, the Incredibles to a 60’s-action retro, Remy to a more Paris-jazzy abstract look, etc–as their “official” marketing image, as the CGI character would be a little too photorealistic to bring off. Pixar usually unveils the “marketing image” to be used in toys, books, clothes and anything where a “live” image of the character wouldn’t be used, it’s usually cuter, and just as copyrighted as the movie.
      Of course, this’s the first time Pixar’s had a face character, and it’s hard enough to bring Alice or Wendy off in convincing pre-pubescence.

  9. Roddy Barros

    My own two cents, for what it’s worth:

    Disney recently revamped the whole Princess line. They look younger, their bodies have less “features”. They’re almost clones of one another now. So if Merida is joining the line, she has to “fit the merchandising mold”, so to speak. It’s simply following the pattern. Compare Snow White in her movie to how she looks today; and yet no one is making a fuss about that. It seems to me people just NEED to complain about something… Brave, the movie, is still there, untouched, to serve as a “model” for whoever feel girls should aspire to that nowadays. And if they ever make “Brave 2″, you can be sure they’ll use the original model, not the “Disney Princesses” model.

    Personally, I’d rather my daughter “looked up” more to the traditional princesses. Actually, Jasmine seems to me the perfect example of a princess that fought the norm without disrespecting her family and still looking forward to finding someone to share her life with. The way the “message” seems to be going now, it feels like they’re trying to teach young girls they’ll only be happy in life if they’re fighting, lonely tomboys. You know, like those “my body is my own” feminists that have been protesting naked everywhere? My wife, who’s an elementary school teacher, tries very hard to go against the grain on this daily with her students, tries to show them there’s nothing wrong with dreaming with a prince while making a life for themselves.

    1. EricJ

      It’s only our own grownup bitterness about bad dates or longterm commitments that make women in their 20’s and 30’s project “Cinderella poisoned my mind!” onto kids who would normally “eww!” at the idea of a kiss. The fact is, 8-yo. girls who idolize princesses are NOT doing it because they’re looking for boys…That won’t come till a long time later.
      Boys don’t idolize superheroes because they want to go on wanton testosterone destruction–My own 9-yo. nephew had a preoccupation with Dash Incredible out of all the human Pixar characters, just because he was the “coolest”. The little girl who wants to wear her Cindy dress to the castle breakfast isn’t telling the world “Males, take away my future ten years later!”, she’s just doing what every child does–Dreaming of the moment, usually in a fantasy scenario, where they’ll get the chance to escape their nameless grind and show their Inner Stuff, whatever that stuff is. It might be the princess who gets to do really cool things like Jasmine, who gets to be with animals like Pocahontas, or who just gets to have the right dress and hair at the tea party like Aurora. In other words, they want the princess that already resembles THEM, as they see themselves, only at the age and in the right place when they finally get to do things.
      Back in the 70’s, Disney had a monopoly on kids’ culture and looked twenty years out of date; that made it part of the Establishment, and feminists learned how to blame it for everything. That was a nice symbol back then, but we’ve got the movies on disk now, and kids have a chance to see the movies and KNOW why they like their character.

  10. Glowrin

    I honestly cannot believe that Merida was officially initiated into the line up. She is completely different from the other princesses. So every princess character in every Disney branch is going to join now? Shameful. Rapunzel didn’t even join that long ago. Now Merida. Apparently, there is this upcoming disney movie ‘Frozen’ and it will have a princess character named Anna who will also join. Slow down! Almost 12 princesses already and 4 have joined in only the last 5 years.

    1. Spiffy

      Glad we’re fighting over a redesign of a Digital character when we have two little girls, RAPPING at the Ceremony. And parents get pissed at a redesign? Oh Bloody Hell.

      1. justhere

        Spiffy you are soooo true!!

      2. Fauna

        That rap was really UNNECESSARY. I didn’t pretty much care about the 2D redesign, I didn’t really think it mattered, but when I read their opinions, I became just a bit worried about that as well.

    2. Fauna

      I can’t remember where and when I read it or where and when I heard it, but I think after FROZEN they’re not gonna be making anymore of the Princess movies

  11. John

    Is all that serious???
    You people are in need of real life problems…

  12. Fauna

    AHAHAHAHAAHHA!!! Am I the only who’s laughing at how the princesses are walking with arms defying gravity??? I know it’s supposed to be like that, it looks magical, Disney-like, princess-y and sweet. It just looks hilarious.

    Merida could have eaten apples while she’s walking, or have Snow White carry some apples and Merida snatches and eats it; or let Snow White give it to her and let her eat it. OH but then again, Snow White is famous for POISONED APPLES, not a very good idea after all :\

    They SHOULD HAVE invited little girls who sings in theaters and sing Disney songs that WOULD BE, AND UNDOUBTEDLY MORE ENJOYABLE AND MAGICAL than rapping little girls.

  13. ashley

    It’s easier to have one mold for all than a new mold for each princess its less expensive and still gets the point across calm down or decide to pay way more for each princess then think about the children who want these dolls see no problem in it but their parents can’t afford to pay extra for a doll that didn’t need to be change in the first place everyone needs to calm down and realize that CHILDREN don’t think the way they do and sexualize EVERYTHING she’s just a princess to entertain children that’s it so stop medaling in the affairs of children and buy them their toys

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